I'm writing a novel!

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  • punkofnice

    NH&H - Kindle KDP upload for free and see what comes back? Tha't what I'm planning.

  • forest heathen
    forest heathen

    Getting published by a reputable publishing house and becoming a bestseller is about as easy as becoming a famous hollywood actor or rock star. Much of it is the same lucky break and being at the right place at the right time.

    My novels (young adult fantasy series) are also all things the society frowned upon: magic, dragons, witches, elves, and fairies. I did get published by a good independant publisher. They paid me in royalties. I didn't give them a cent. Made a little money. But since they were a smaller press, promotion and marketing by them was limited. I got a few book signings and my books received good reviews. They were in print for about 6-7 years. I didn't make enough to quit my day job though. They were available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other book sellers ... as well as Nook and Kindle.

    But my publisher took a beating with the economy and finally closed their doors. I was let out of my contract and they went out of print. I finally ended up using the Kindle KDP to keep them in circulation. Keep in mind that with self - publishing all promoting falls on you.

    I still write, I have two other manuscripts I am working on and am seeking a new publisher. It is adult romance. Yes, the hot steamy stuff. I am hoping that once I get in with a new publisher I can see about getting my series back in paperback and/or hardcover.

    My suggestions are: learn about how the publishing world works. The traditional publishing houses receive tons of manuscripts. There are untrustworthy vanity presses that only want your money. If you are okay with self-promotion and aren't looking for instant fame and fortune, there is nothing wrong with self-publishing.

    Edit your work and then edit it some more. Learn proper formatting of manuscripts. Make sure your grammar, spelling, and sentence structure is excellent. Readers do catch mistakes and get annoyed by them. Be open to suggestions, advice, and criticism on your work.

    My sister, who loves me, but is brutally honest gave me some suggestions that were tough to listen to but made a lot of sense. I am glad I listened to her because in the end I was happy with the changes to the scene based on her advice. You need to have a certain amount of thick skin. If you ask opinions be prepared to hear not just the good.

    Don't give up. I received five rejections (many writers get many, many more) before my first novel was accepted.

    Good luck! I am excited for you!

    ~ Forest Heathen

  • forest heathen
    forest heathen

    By the way, regarding the title and you pen name, don't work too hard on those things ... especially since you still haven't actually finished the manuscript.

    I made list after list of both .. and then "boom"... one day the title of the book just came to me and it was perfect. Same thing with my pen name.

    If you sit back and wait, they may just come to you.

    Best wishes!

  • punkofnice

    forest - Thanks for the heads up. I think initially I'm more interested in getting something out there. I have some level headed folk that can critique my stuff and the idea of self promoting enthralls me.

    I hope your dreams come true

    Regards Paul

  • punkofnice

    75500 words so far and just about coming to the end and setting up for a sequel.

  • new hope and happiness
  • punkofnice

    I just found this thread. I did finish the novel 80k words. Well, well. There you go.

  • Brock Talon
    Brock Talon
    Good for you Paul! Nice reviews too. I hope you sell a million.
  • punkofnice
    Thanks Brock. I have no delusions though. Sadly, every man and his dog is a writer these days....too many fish in the sea. As someone said...I've gone from being a 'publisher(tm)' to being published. It's good to know we exJWs can get stuff out there. Well done you too.
  • Vidiot

    From the description in the OP, I'd have though it was was gonna be poorly disguised Game of Thrones fanfiction.

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