I'm writing a novel!

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  • punkofnice

    HeyThere - I am PMing you thx

  • punkofnice

    Thanks for the PMs and support you guys.

  • Terry

    It took me about 9 years to actually release my book (I Wept by the Rivers of Babylon) because I

    didn't understand how important it was to finish the damned thing BEFORE I went back and rewrote and edited it.

    In other words, I kept trying to re-read and perfect little things as I went along.

    I introduced an impossible strategy: make-it-perfect-as-I-go-along.

    With the book I'm just finishing (THE MONORAILS OF MARS:almost 400 pages) I wrote every damned day no matter what.

    How? I found a routine that really worked.

    I had one person to bounce ideas off of. I would write and let him read it and we'd discuss it.

    I got so many ideas and realizations out of that routine---I ended up with 130,000 words.

    I figure I've got another week before I publish.

    I had no idea I was capable of this. You'll probably find a thousand reasons to doubt yourself, too.

    The best advice I ever received was this: MURDER YOUR DARLINGS. (Get rid of the crap you love and stick with the story, story, story . . .)

    I wish you much success in finishing and editing and publishing.

    Self-publishing is the ONLY WAY TO GO.


    Read this:



    98% of manuscripts submitted to agents never get published at all. They don’t sell a single copy. Nobody mentions this when they deride self-publishing as an option. The false premise seems to be that you can choose to self-publish, or you can choose to have your book on an endcap in every bookstore while you are sent on a 12-city tour by your publisher. That’s not the choice. The choice is to self-publish or submit to an agent. This is the choice.

    If you self-publish, you can immediately move on to writing the next work. You don’t have to look back at all if you don’t want. You have the rest of your life to promote that work, if you decide to promote it at all. If you are one of the 1% to secure an agent, the earliest you might see that work in a bookstore is a year. More likely, it’ll be three to five years. And you’ll be asked to rewrite that work, not based on any artistic vision, but based on what’s currently selling, what publishers are currently looking for.

  • punkofnice

    Thanks Terry that's brilliant.

    Would you say that there is an element of not taking everyone's word to the letter of their critique? What I mean is that people have different views but I don't want to sacrifice my vision or style for the sake of someone elses.

  • Oubliette

    Hey Punk,

    That's great news. Give your creative mojo a workout.

    I'd love to read an excerpt or two if your up to sharing.

    Titles are tricky, they need to give a hint of what it's about without giving to much away. They need to grab your attention and leave you wanting to read more.

    'Boomshot' is much more intriguing than 'Carew and the Dangerfield Affair' IMHO.

  • punkofnice

    Oub - Boomshot. Thanks. That's then working title for now then. I wanted Killshot but I think that was taken ages ago.

  • punkofnice

    36500 words now and I have rejigged the beginning by taking a retrospective scene of violence at the very start in order to bung action in there straight away.

    I am considering a kindle KDP upload for it. I've given myself 6 months.

    I am thinking of a pen name (Max Raven? Max Ravenschild? Ray Wray?)

    Also I am considering a cover design and title.......working title 'Boomshot' as it features some West Indian culture too.

  • Terry

    punkof nice asked: Would you say that there is an element of not taking everyone's word to the letter of their critique? What I mean is that people have different views but I don't want to sacrifice my vision or style for the sake of someone elses.

    No writer wants to sweat bullets and hear what a piece of crap they produced :) But--constructive criticism lets you see where to improve.

    If you know why you're writing, and you have a goal to achieve-- finishing is a big reward.

    How effective the writing is--is another matter.

    That's one thing you can't control. It is like writing your girlfriend and begging her in breathless prose to come back. It may be the best thing

    you ever wrote--but, if she doesn't come back--well, you're ineffective. See?

    DON'T SHOW YOUR WORK untill you are finished. Then, be merciless on yourself. Stab, slash and burn as you weep over the quivering bodies

    of your favorite paragraphs.

    Don't show friends and family and ask their opinions. Trust me--don't do that to yourself :)

    Show your work to people whose intelligence you admire--but, whom you don't normally necessarily agree with. Frenemies are good.

  • punkofnice

    Frenemies? Hohohoho. OK thanks Terry. I have just the folks in mind.

    I am sometimes of the impression that people want to put 'their stamp' on your stuff possibly for narcissistic reasons...or they want you to be a clone of their favourite writer....some of whom I find hard to read with any interest.

    Anyway, this is a very interesting journey.

  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    Punk my modesty has prevented me seeking publication on a book i wrote.

    Punk " honestly your modesty stopped you seeking publication?"

    Me " Yes"

    Punk " Honestly"

    Me " Oh all right then no it wan't my modesty"

    Punk " Well thants more truthful"

    Anyway i saved it on a pdf file. I also sent copies to variouse friends, to which i received this reply " i think you are deeply disturbed and never want to hear from you again" this i regarded as the greatest of compliments.

    Anyway if you someday see a book titled " ONE SIX AND SIXTY- NINE" on the best seller list, dont me a cheap ass and borrow a copy from friends, family, or work colleges, but your own copy....or order a signed copy from me.

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