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  • eyeuse2badub

    Did the "great flood" not make jehoba the greatest mass murderer of all time? What the hell did the domestic animals do to deserve drowning?

    just asking!


  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    "The tort of intentional infliction of emotional distress is a relatively new tort; however, it is recognized in a number of jurisdictions.
    A plaintiff may recover damages if he or she can prove that the defendant intentionally inflicted the emotional distress. The tort is used most often in situations where the plaintiff was threatened with the use of physical force, but never actually suffered physical injuries. For instance, if the defendant threatened to assault the plaintiff, yet never actually did, the plaintiff may still have suffered considerable emotional distress damages as a result of the threat. In order to receive compensation for any of the emotional distress torts, a plaintiff must first file a lawsuit against the defendant. Once the lawsuit has been filed, the parties may be able to work out a settlement for emotional distress damages outside of court. If a settlement is not agreed upon outside of court, then a trial will be necessary. At trial, the plaintiff will need to present evidence that he or she was emotionally traumatized by the defendant's conduct. Witness testimony, medical records, and diary or journal entries are often good sources of evidence to prove emotional distress."
    "How to Sue for Emotional DistressTo file a lawsuit, you generally need to show “damage” of some sort. First you prove that you were harmed by someone else, and that they should be held responsible. Then you attempt to set a monetary value on the harm you have sustained (compensatory damages), and in some cases, to show that the defendant should pay an additional amount as punishment (punitive damages).
    As we all know, others can harm us both physically and emotionally; and sometimes, the latter can be worse than the former.
    Can you, therefore, sue for emotional distress? The answer is yes. However, such lawsuits can be tricky. If you are suing only for emotional distress, you will probably have an uphill battle. First of all, recoverable damages in such cases are usually relatively low. Because bogus claims in this area are common–and difficult to prove–courts are generally suspicious of “stand alone” emotional distress claims. This doesn’t make them impossible–only difficult.The situation becomes easier when physical harm or illness has been caused. When a visible physical impairment can be shown to be the direct result of someone else’s action or product, it is much easier to then convince the court that emotional distress has been caused as an outgrowth. Also, you may be able to demonstrate, and collect damages for, loss of earnings or earnings capacity as well as for physical pain and suffering."


  • Focus

    Excellent work, defender of truth.

    Many or most will not be aware of how much the law has progressed on this front. Even a decade ago, the idea would have been considered preposterous.

    Furthermore, this isn't principally a US- or even a US-led phenomenon.

    in states subject to the European Court ("EC", i.e., EU/EFTA ones) and to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR - a much wider grouping, including Russia), IMO the law is in advance of the status quo in North America. And look at France!

    Where law itself is developing in favour of Mr/Ms Little, Courts are often reluctant to use the statute of limitations (aka Limitations Act), and to find ways of getting around it. There is much case law available in different countries to illustrate the interpretations a Court may place on the exceptions.

    I do not underestimate the "gradient" (as tim hooper eloquently put it) - it is worse than perpendicular to our flat earth of the Bible.

    But... nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    A very sharpened stick shall, if I can, be inserted deep into the nethermost aperture of the Great Whore, and we will feed her exactly the disgusting filth she has , in the commission of her endless harlotries, perpetrated upon her tens of millions of past and present victims.

    At the least, she will be scared into some changes. New light will arrive to extinguish the old light.

    Anyone have an archived copy of the Quotes site, please, that is better than what's available via the Wayback machine (i.e., archive.org)?



    ("Awake!" Class)

  • Kenneson


    I just saw recently at http://www.topix.net/forum/religion/jehovahs-witness/ someone who posted there as AlanMF. He is responding to Thirdwitness on a topic entitled "Evidence indicating Egypt's 40 Year Desolation." The title of this topic is approaching the end of the page you will be linked to. Click "Evidence, etc." Alan's response is on page 3. He has made some 3,800 posts or so at topix. I presume this is the same Alan F.

  • defender of truth
  • Black Sheep
  • Caedes


    Still fighting that strawman I see, still can't answer any questions either.

    So you thought that if insulting my mother didn't get a rise out of me you would try the same tactic with my wife. As to the pickup comment, yeah, people meet online,welcome to the twenty-first century.

    So a new wild assertion, care to back it up with some facts, evidence? No, didn't think so. (And you claimed I was a liar!)

    Is that a vague threat at the end there? Keep it classy Focus.

  • M*A*S*H

    Hey great argument guys! I want in...

    I think the point Caedes was trying to make is... by putting "Copyright Focus" on a little diagram posted on a backwater internet forum full of users very familiar with the Epicurean paradox without so much as mentioning the great thinker himself (or the raft of thinkers that have developed it since) grates a little on the sensibilities.

    As we all know copyright is designed to protect intellectual property, especially to ensure financial security for the originator. The fact Focus placed "c Focus" on it suggests he believes it was somehow elevated above the status a 30 minute click-fest on gliffy or similar and has produced something with originality worth protecting and potentially with a financial value.

    These diagrams are two a penny e.g. http://i.imgur.com/CRLq0Y8.jpg and (this is my personal opinion) the diagram Focus produced looks like an octopus falling out of a spaghetti tree. I seriously doubt Focus is at risk of intellectual property theft and suffering financial loss by the unauthorised recreation of this diagram.

    Apologies to Brainfloss for continuing to deviate from the authorised list of topics allowed on JWN.

    Now, with all that said… clearly we should not really pay any attention to Caedes. He comes from Cornwall and as all UK residents will admit and studies show the further from London you are based, the lower your IQ is likely to be. I know he eats too many pasties too; there were pasty crumbs on his first and second and fourth post.

    I am pretty sure I know who Caedes is, but I will not shop the docs. All I will say is in the 70’s he removed all the 19’s from year dates causing the millennium bug. In the 80s and 90s he put the CFCs in aerosols in a master plan to destroy the ozone layer. Recently I am pretty sure he has been putting horses in beef burgers.

    Oh and the post below this one is probably wrong.


  • SuperBoy

    I love your chart, however, as it's "higher reasoning" I have of course dismissed it as worldly words.

  • Focus

    And the two of you ARE the same, raca, as shown by your lies, deceit and brown-nosing work for the Watchtower, the Spiritual-Sodomizer of at least one of your birth-mothers - so, the two of you came from the same filthy place, the Spiritual-Womb of the same Great Whore of Babble-on.

    Shame on you for disrupting The Truth-Preaching, Kingdom-Proclaiming, Disciple-Making Work.

    WHACK ! . WHACK !!!



    ("Contempt" Class)

    "I retain copyright but permit indefinite and unrestricted usage, provided the cloudy attribution to me remains, and that all distribution is free and upon the same terms."

    A spare "WHACK!" awaits Ann, for feeding the "Evil Troll" Class of degenerate Spiritual-jWs.

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