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  • Old Goat
    Old Goat

    Wild, unfounded speculation (ie Rutherfor poisoned Russell) and abuse are what marked us as crazies back in the day. It still does. Claiming victory when there is none reflects Sadam's mentality. Good luck with that.

  • Focus

    Of course there's no suggestion that money is the motive for the action. DEPRIVING THE WATCHTOWER OF THE MONEY - or the threat that it will be so deprived - is the motive. That is the language it understands. Fear of this may prompt change, even if the main action hits some legal roadblock hitherto unforeseen.

    defender of truth, thanks! I am familiar with AAWA but only through their webpages. Only one (PG) on their board is known of by me. None of the old-timers seem to be associated (why?).

    "They" do appear rather more conciliatory to, or willing to negotiate with, the WTS, than I am comfortable with - but then we have Matt. 10:16 ("I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.", NIV).

    I'm sure if there's any overlap of objectives, we would liaise, and hopefully co-operate. We shall see.

    Now for some fun:

    Old Goat: Wild, unfounded speculation (ie Rutherfor poisoned Russell) and abuse are what marked us as crazies back in the day. It still does. Claiming victory when there is none reflects Sadam's mentality

    That you can't spell Saddam is one thing. That you can't spell Rutherford is rather more significant. At least I, as you rightly concluded, am tempered (trust you've looked up the meaning of "tempering" by now). Wonder what all that meaningless jumble of letters (after your name) you ejaculated meant, but I guess I should be impressed, lol. ;p

    That you twist light-hearted comments is also significant. The idea (R "X" R) actually came from the late Doug Checketts (Farkel) and I thought it was brilliant. I'm sure SEARCH will find it. "Syphilis" too, lol. The death certainly was manna - even Miracle Wheat - for Da Judge, and at the appropriate time too.

    You must evidently be well-known as I was warned about you prior to our interaction, OG. Fame, eh? Sic transit gloria mundi and all that... I don't intend to waste my time dissecting the nonsense you usually put out, because I've more interesting and useful things to do. That could change, note.

    You evidently don't know what the position was 15 - 20 years ago online, but from that time on the internet has been flooded by things "we" wrote while you were (only judging by what you've said) sitting in your KH having doubts, writing letters to dumdubs in Bethel, and spreading the evil disease. So, you know what you can do while enjoying sniping from the sidelines. Muah! XXX and ROTFL.

    To other entertainment: Re the flowchart (the honey to bring in some flies) - A good suggestion to add Epicurus to the (c), though much of the chart is not explicitly covered in his deliberations - I shall. My chart too is a simplification - if I pulled in the full logic re the Satan diversion, for example, then I have to find a way to prevent infinite loops amongst the free-will / Satan / test branches. Do-able but much more spaghetti on 2D paper, unless someone has a topological solution.



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  • tim hooper
    tim hooper

    I always enjoyed your stuff, Focus.

    But upping the gradient can be a lonely path. I wish you well.

  • Focus

    I always enjoyed your stuff, Focus.

    Thank you, tim. But no need for the past tense. Be reassured, while the attacking forces get to know each other and work out a plan of action, I've no intention of discontinuing my little offerings into this place.

    I have 300+ pre-written articles, all fairly light-hearted, many quoting extensively from the Disgusting Thing's droppings, all delivering good whacks to the False Prophet, none ever published before in JWD/JW.C/JW.N, many guaranteed to act like a stick inserted up the rear aperture of aged capra aegagrus hircus, so the laughs won't stop.

    As to the gradient - you are exactly right. Is it even right to view it as a gradient? A cliff, instead, and with an overhang. The Gibbering Baboons have at their beck and call a - whatever the most insulting collective noun is for chimpanzees should be inserted here - of lawyers, hankering to stop dead any attempt to hold the abomination responsible for the misery it was caused for decades.

    So, yes - I Know (old-timers will understand the apparently bizarre capitalizations).

    Why the need for action at all, do I hear asked?

    The disease continues to vector through families, born-in's, deprived/helpless people and in areas where the internet has little sway.

    It is still in a growth phase. The old goats will be separated, but new lambs will go on appearing.

    We have, therefore, to go for it. And go for it before she becomes even more adept at hiding her loot.

    Owe it to all the unborn, the babes, the kids and the young adults, where there is still a lot to salvage.

    There is now a pervasive compensation culture in the US, many of the Commonwealth countries and Europe.

    Let's use it for a good cause, and put the old whore out of business if we can.

    I'd love to see it suing for defamation, by the way. Could the idiots be provoked into doing that, I wonder, lol? Nah, even they aren't that "dumbo" (my habitual pun in there, if you know about their real estate disposal plan as the whore moves upstate and out of Brooklyn).

    So, what's your excuse for not wanting to help, tim?



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  • Caedes

    To other entertainment: Re the flowchart (the honey to bring in some flies) - A good suggestion to add Epicurus to the (c), though much of the chart is not explicitly covered in his deliberations - I shall.

    No, I said replace not add. That Epicurus is more succinct and general does nothing to take away from the fact you plagiarised his work applied it to one specific god and claimed his work as your own.

  • Focus

    Caedes, as you probably know:

    1) Legalistic Bumpf: Ideas, per se, and reasonings too, including formulae, cannot be copyrighted, patented, trademarked or given any other form of intellectual property protection. This is sad but is for practical reasons. Implementations, however, can. Re them - and as with software - patents are definitionally incapable of offering any protection, and as there's no discernible trade or mark, trademarks aren't useful either. It is just down to copyright, which if there was clarity of ownership (there isn't) has surely long ago lapsed, no matter whose system we're using. The creator died about 23 centuries ago (see 2), though). I'm aware of no legal implementation of copyright, aside from special "forever" cases, that survive the originator by even a single century.

    2) Whodunit?: There is no clarity of ownership. Your own username of Caedes isn't too far from the one who may well have been responsible for the logic. In fact, I had to double check I was making no mistake when I saw your username, but it is the work of the atheist Carneades, from the next century, and not Epicurus, that is the true origination, I believe. Epicurus was no atheist but probably a polytheist with a vague belief that such gods as existed weren't interested in us, and he constructed a fairly simple and limited logical system to prove this. While I was checking my memory of the name, Wikipedia supplied me with something I hadn't known before - the earliest version actually found in tangible form is by Sextus Empiricus, a skeptic, nearly five centuries after Epicurus.

    3) All this said, specifics and legalisms are irrelevant. What is fair overrides all else. The original idea was not mine - who on earth could have thought so - but with hindsight I agree that deserves explicit acknowledgement, just in case!

    Thanks, and was the name similarity (given your intervention) wholly coincidental? I know its Latin roots (unconnected, I think, to our Greek benefactors) and your choice probably was governed by its meaning of "cutting off".

    Were you aware of Carneades? Your objection to:

    A good suggestion to add Epicurus to the (c), though much of the chart is not explicitly covered in his deliberations - I shall.

    suggests you were not, as - at a guess - you interpreted my hesitation to give Epicurus all or most of the credit in another manner, as if I was trying to do him out of just desserts. Boing, wrong.



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  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    " Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
    *.The wrongdoers conduct must be intentional or reckless
    *.The conduct must be outrageous and intolerable
    *.There must be a connection between the wrongdoer's conduct and the emotional distress
    *.The emotional distress must be severe
    *.To be successful in a lawsuit, the distress must be very extreme or outrageous "

    " Cases without any physical harm
    If the incident suffered by the victim is only on an emotional level, then recovering emotional distress damages will become quite difficult. Lawsuits that are filed in courts under such scenarios are for internal infliction of emotional distress.
    The only reason, which makes it hard for a person to receive emotional distress damages for incidents that did not involve any physical violence is having to prove the intentions of the defendant’s actions. It is required to be proven that, the defendant’s actions were both extreme and outrageous.
    Short note on emotional distress lawsuit
    One such scenario is where a person threatens to attack you with a weapon. Even though no such attack occurs, it is obvious that the behavior of the other person is outrageous, based on which you can file a lawsuit.
    These are some of the important bits of information that you should be aware of regarding emotional distress lawsuits. Winning such lawsuits will entitle you to emotional distress damages. "


  • Focus

    Well spotted, defender of truth!

    Additionally, I had spotted the article in The Daily Telegraph:


    (which I see you've noticed too) at the time it came out; while restricted to the UK, similar moves are afoot everywhere. My immediate thought was - we might be able to use this.

    The level of emotional blackmail employed by the WTS is staggering. To mention a few of its levers and triggers:

    * Don't join us, or try to leave us, and our leader, a bloodthirsty, genocidal, insane jeesus-bin-Watchtower will imminently swoop down and kill you and your minor kids; it won't be painless, either

    * Try to leave us and we will ensure that you are shunned forever by what has become your entire social, perhaps domestic, circle

    * Try insanely to convert all those you love to a life of being an unpaid book-peddler (worse, one who has to pay for the privilege) out of fear you'll otherwise be imminently forced to celebrate their murder

    * Allow your child to have life-saving surgery and you will never see it again on Paradise Earth - in fact, you are sentencing it to death

    * Allow your kids to be repeatedly raped (if boys, merely anally) by depraved "Elders" but keep quiet, or accept our 'two-witnesses' rule or we'll sentence you and your kids to death

    Filthy, depraved scumborganization that it is... Indeed yes, the Watchtower better be watching its back. There are nocturnal prowlers about... with a taste for sinking our teeth into its filthy neck.

    Never, never forget how to HATE.



    ("You bet" Class)

  • DJS

    @Focus: Some souls here may feel I was a little harsh. If so, I am deeply sorry.

    Apology accepted.


    Now, I address everyone.

    That was then. Now is now, and help is needed.

    I returned "here", after a gap of a dozen years, solely to find recruits in the second phase of the war (we won the first - domination of cyberspace), which is to hold the WTS legally (i.e. financially) accountable for her transgressions, the damage to the mental health and happiness of many millions (not just limited to members).

    This might even kill her off. A faint hope. It will certainly hurt her and compel her to change some of her worst ways.

    Show me where to sign, Captain.

    @Focus: Never, never forget how to HATE.

    No one hates the Borg more than I. For 20 years I used it as rocket fuel.

  • EdenOne

    I'm curious, Focus.

    I've stumbled upon this on an old thread:

    [start of quote]

    Whereas, when we look back in the past, we must admit, COJ and Bill Bowens were a part of the "solution" to the problem.

    really? How long has little Billy B been out of the org and please answer this question...is it not the position of BB that if is weren't for the SL issue he would still be a good little dubbie Elder? Please Bill or your cronie...answer this question. It reveals a lot about character and intent. What souliton ar you referring to BTW?


    District Overbeer of the "Tired of the Bullshit" class [end of quote, the bold is mine]

    This is post #2197 of forum member Valis, from 10/26/2002.

    I couldn't help but to notice the same tone of writing and the same 'signature'.

    So, Focus... are you also Valis, or is this a coincidence?


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