A precious gift to all from Jehovah (channelled via Focus)

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    Some souls here may feel I was a little harsh. If so, I am deeply sorry. I was abused by a handful right from the start, presumably on the basis of the avatar picture (and 2001 vintage).

    When visiting dubland, I often find that others start fights with me - for whatever reason, and I provide quite a supply of them - and when it doesn't quite go the way they expected, they cry persecution. lol. But, I repent!

    As atonement (which Chuckie Russell had explained really means "at-One-ment" with gOD), here is a chart I prepared which assists decision-making.

    Try to get from "A" to somewhere other than "B" as a final destination.

    Consider this the very best gift Yahweh could give you - barbarous, murderous, unloving. unlovable, demonic desert monster that "he" is, the best thing he could do is tell you that he doesn't exist at all!

    There are other charts which try to do the same thing, but I think mine is that little bit more comprehensive. A right click should allow a .JPG download. If a higher resolution version is wanted, ask - and ye may well receive.

    I retain copyright but permit indefinite and unrestricted usage, provided the cloudy attribution to me remains, and that all distribution is free and upon on the same terms.

    Of course I know many, hopefully most, of you here are agnostic or atheist. Good for you!



    ("Who got from 'A' to 'B' when aged 5" Class)

  • cultBgone

    Thank you for such a delightful bedtime story! I always sleep better with a smile on.

  • QuestioningEverything

    one of the very best nonfaith building post I've ever seen !!!!! Thanks!!

    Wish all my kool aide drinking buddies could see this. The funny thing is I've ran this idea through my mind since I was old enough to reason on my on. Still a question no one could answer for me effectively. I believe every jw wonders about this on occasion

  • steve2

    Focus you one cool man. I fear I like you and your style.

  • jwfacts

    Excellent flow chart.

    People tend to focus on the debate of whether there is a god or not, with many claiming there must be a God as they are unwilling to accept any other explanation for the existence of life. But the relevant question is whether there is an all-loving, all-knowing, all-powerful creator, since that is the premise that is the foundation for most religion. Your flow chart is a good deconstruction of that foundation.

  • konceptual99

    Indeed the asssumption that God exists is the base line for lots of reasoning to encourage faith. How often did you answer points such as there can be no God due to the amount of needless and preventable sufferening in the world with a "ah, well let's presume God exists. Now ask the question why he would permit this? It's because Satan had challanged his authority and divine justice requires time. You don't beleive in Satan? Well, just assume he does exist then you will see this is a really satisfying answer to the question as to why there is so much suffering...."

  • cofty

    I can see the logical flaw.

    Marking for later, got to go.

  • Focus

    Thanks, all.

    konceptual99, this is precisely why the majority of dominant world religions follow the same basic game-plan.

    What they chose represents the "best" way to try to maintain the identical fraudulent premise upon which all of them have been constructed. Looked at from a distance, they're all essentially the same. They have to invent the identical cheats so as to attempt to refute logical deconstruction.

    But with my flowchart, if you start at 'A' and keep going, I can absolutely (i.e., mathematically) guarantee where you will end up, which is 'B'. Unless the vengeful, jealous, genocidally-evil lunatic postulated to be hiding up there in the sky strikes you down with a bolt of divine lightning (or fart, or whatever) before you manage to finish, that is.

    Of course, most enmeshed people never entered into the snare and racket by logic, and so sadly cannot leave it via logic either. They resort to anodyne pap like "But God gets you to "C" - which I haven't even bothered including, as it's so preposterous - by something outside of the plane of the paper...

    My venom particularly directed at the Filthy Whore of Brooklyn is because of her unique family- and relationship destroying potential and achievements. I have done much work, starting where Dr Bergman left off, on the mental illnesses exhibited by jWs - and by ex-jWs, alas, as the concerted baboon-pack attacks illustrate.

    Viewing the percentage of adherents or attachees seriously damaged (as objectively defined) by the overall encounter as the metric (i.e., the means of measuring), and restricting one's survey to cults/religions which have (say) more than 10,000 adherents (so as to eliminate the tiny David Koresh http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Koresh types) the Watchtower Sicksiety is, by far, the very worst of them all.

    This, and not the (also useful, but never can be decisive) legal actions over child abuse and other appalling crimes, has to be thrust of the financial assault on the Tower.

    By the way, in almost exactly the same way as I am venomously attacked and (attempted to be) ridiculed now - a whole thread of stone-throwing Pharisees stating I am a troll etc.; yes I mean NOW - for speaking of things like that, I was attacked and ridiculed for mounting, together with Kent (more than anyone else in those days in the 1990s) Steinhaug the determined assault on the Whore, so that we would lay claim to and dominate the internet long before she was able to deploy her enormous financial resources to counter us.

    Our actions deterred her from even trying. Instead, she foolishly went down the "Spiritual Pornography" route, and thereby lost millions of suckers she'd have otherwise acquired.

    Now, millions take for granted that on the internet our dominion is complete... but can't quite tell how it came about.

    It goes much further.

    Do you think Stafford and other ******** *******s like him would have changed their course if not blasted by us?

    "First, they ignore you. Then, they ridicule you. Next, they attack you. After that, you win." Sorry, I'm too tired to look up Gandhi's exact words, and my memory is imperfect.

    The struggle must now move to the financial castration of the rapist.



    ("Troll" Class)

  • designs

    How on earth have you managed to remain unhinged...

  • jwfacts

    Have you published any information on mental health and JWs or any other cults.

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