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  • gypsyqueen

    Gee, Collegegirl, I wouldn't be able to put on such a show. I would feel like a double agent hypocrite not just an ordinary hypocrite. Not that I don't sympathize with your situation. I'm still 'in' but I gave up the ministry school a long time ago. Didn't you know that being in the school is not required? You won't be penalized officially for withdrawing. Sure, they'll all ask you and bug you but there are ways around that. Simply refuse to discuss your decision with ANYONE. It's hard at first but there is no way you will make them understand YOUR point of view. Your point of view is wrong if it's not like theirs. So it's useless to discuss it with them unless, of course, you are looking for a reason to stay in. Your friend, gypsy

  • PopeOfEruke


    give the talk naked! You should get a G on Introduction Arouses Interest..

    The Pope

  • Satanus

    The way the jews viewed the samaritans is similar to how jw's view apostates. You see, the samaritans were from the group that opposed the jews who returned from babylon when they were trying to rebuild jerusalem. The samaritans had stayed behind when the others were taken captive. The samaritans had gentile blood mixed in, having intermarried w foriegners. They were rightly dispised by law covenant following jews.

    If you juxtaposed the smaritan and the levite or priest like jesus did, emphasising who it was better to associate with, you could slip in one or two lines at the end about how apostates fit into exactly the same mold as the samaritans. This would take a lot of nerve. If you aren't ready to be marked, then it's not a good idea. But, it shows what kind of person 'jesus' was.


  • WildHorses

    I have an idea for your next talk and you can't even get into trouble doing it.LOL

    Next time you give a talk, use the Kingdom Hall Library and use their old publications for your research. I think it would be fun to see their faces when they heard it.


    I don't want someone in my life I can live with. I want someone in my life I can't live without.
  • Mulan

    I agree about bowing out of the school. I told the school overseer that I had to be out of the school, for a few months, so I could help my mother, after her eye surgery, and then thyroid treatments after that. He suggested I just be a householder, but I said I wasn't sure of my availability, so should just be off the list. I said I would get back to them when I was ready to rejoin. Never was, so I never did.

    Marilyn (aka Mulan)
    "No one can take advantage of you, without your permission." Ann Landers

  • crownboy

    Hi collegegirl, good to see you posting on the board again .

    I certainly don't envy you here. Fortunately, I'm a guy, so I get to deliver talk number 2. I pretty much have total control of what is said, so I never manipulate my material to reflect the Watchtower outlook even when it's screaming in my face to. However, the talks 3&4 are pretty hard to pull off like that, so as long as you keep the JW dogma to the absolute minimum, it shouldn't be too bad, I guess.

    Of course, "unforseen circumstances" can befall you. You could suddenly come down with a headache, or flu, or be going through "that time of the month" or whatever reason you could make up if you want to get out of it. You may not be able to get out of it, but it's a thought .

  • DIM
    Most likely the reason the WTBTS likes you as a Jehovah's Witness,in other words, reliable cash paying consumer of WTBTS Corporate publications and unpaid promoter of same.


    hey flip, do you even know collegegirl's situation? the girl is stuck at home for the time being. jesus.

  • Flip

    You may be correct DIM, I should have put 'you' in quotations.

    Although I focused on CG’s comments directly and used them as an example, I believed CG’s was of sufficient maturity and intelligence to understand my intent was to underscore that the perceived lack of daring and subdued behavior, especially when confronting corporate hierarchy actually benefits unscrupulous manipulators within that or any hierarchy.

    It appears from CG’s previous balanced response to my comments that CG is well equipped in spite of any situation to stand by her observations and fight her own battles when she so chooses.

    However, if I’m mistaken as to the level of CG’s maturity and intelligence, or mine for that matter, please accept my apology.


  • rmayer32

    I haven't wrote a talk since 1988. And guess what?? I don't miss it a bit.. hehehehe

    No point to this post, I just love the fact it's been so long


  • collegegirl

    DIM - thanks for sticking up for me

    Flip - apology accepted

    everyone else - i think i am gonna quit the school soon.

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