LIVE from Ford Field international DO

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  • DesirousOfChange

    241 baptized out of a crowd of 33,000 plus. Hmmmmm.

    Less than 1% of attendance.

    Isn't that even lower than population growth?


  • integ

    241 baptized? I'm sure they are either: 'born in's', 'mentally challenged', or doing it so they can marry a witness.

    NOBODY that doesn't have family already in, or isn't "challenged" in some way...will get baptized. Not with the info available on-line now.

  • stuckinarut2

    Are those pictures for real?

    promoting the website like that?

    Just watch and the future a "proclaimers" style book will have a picture of this and say it is on par with the classic "advertise advertise advertise" conventions!

  • steve2

    Me and my apostate sister went to the Detroit Gay Pride festival then to Greektown to eat. We were surrounded by JWs at Fishbone's! I left a few of my apostate cards sprinkled about.

    Excellent work!! Let's hope the intellectually starved JWs lunged upon the apostate cards like hungry wolves.

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