Big Time Hypocrite

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  • Iamallcool

    My Dad told me this story long time ago.

    There was an long time elder that is never married. He got caught going to Brothel one day after a brother followed him there. He got df'd and he admitted he has been going there for years. He never returned to the organization.

  • Oubliette

    He got caught going to Brothel one day after a brother followed him there.

    I wanna' know about the brother that "followed him there." Ehem, so ... what's up with that?

    Why was this "brother" following him?

    Did the "other brother" have a "happy ending" also?

    This is one fucked up organization!

  • Oubliette
  • sparrowdown

    I peronally know a sister who told me her harrowing story.

    She and her hubby were at bethel then circuit work, then settled near family in my cong's territory he being a elder.

    Hubby decides he wants divorce so decides to go to hooker comes home same night tells my friend (his wife):

    "I have just been to prostitute, I want a divorce, I will admit being unfaithful so you are free to remarry lets go see lawyer tomorrow."

    My friend freaks out, calls elders, tells them what he has done.

    The elders meet with him the next day, then they meet with her.

    The elders tell her that her husband was "driven to this" because she was a controlling nag and they had proof of this because the other elders remembered times in their presence when she refused to allow him to go fishing.

    My friend was beside herself with grief because the elders appeared to be siding with him.

    In time a short space of time sanity seemed to prevail and they DF him, she divorced him.

    Imagine her surprise then, when only 6mnths later at a SAD, she looks over and who should be sitting all cozy with one of the elders and his family.

    Her ex.

    Sure enough it was announced next service meeting he had been reinstated (he had moved to neighboring cong by then.)

    My friend hits the roof she is livid she embarks on this one woman mission to destroy this SOB.

    She tells anyone that will listen, she cries foul loud and clear but only gets counseled to "stop it or else".

    Just when she thinks all is lost a young sister comes to visit her with info about her ex. The young sis claims to have been having affair with her ex.

    Right now she has got him, my friend and the young sis travel about 2hrs across the city to the branch and refuse to leave until someone listens to their story. (She and him used to be in bethel so she knew a few people there).

    The two women told their stories the incident was investigated and eventually he was DF again.

    I wish I could say she is ok but no, the elders both here and other neighboring congs hate her guts.

    They have been trying for years to prove she is an apostate. But she hangs in there still hoping in Jehovah.

    There is so many more horrifying details to this story these are just the highlights.

    Case of sad but all true.

  • sporece

    One of my best friend, an elder, married to a sweet woman, two kids, confessed going to prostitutes for many years so he could get a BJ.

    He was DF , of course removed as an elder

  • berrygerry

    "Membership does have its privileges"

  • Iamallcool

    Oub, the brother got suspicious and he decided to follow him, thats all I know.

  • sparrowdown

    We had an elder who used to hang out in the nightclub district on sat nights to bust... hhmm I mean "save " the young ones.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    I know of an elder (John) who was married with four children and good friends with the other elders in his congregation.

    Elder John falls for another married sister (Mary) from another congregation. This sister (Mary) has three children and also happens to be married to an elder.

    John eventually leaves his wife for this other sister (Mary) and marries her.

    John is removed as elder and both John and Mary are not df'd, just given public reproof (many in the circuit left wondering why not df'd).

    Today John is back to being any elder and serving as COBE in the congregation where all this took place and still married to Mary.

    Talk about hypocrisy! And all of this done in the name of Jehovah!

    Worse yet, with his cheatin past, how does COBE John have the freedom to give marital advice from the platform or offer private marital counseling to couples having trouble in their marriage?

    As for the children? They saw through the hypocrisy of it all. Most have little or nothing to do with the 'Truth'!

  • cantleave

    The positive from this story......

    He never returned to the organization.

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