What Do Mormons Really Believe? RE: The Nov. 8, 1995 Awake Magazine

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  • villagegirl

    Mad Giant - Zowie - I and I assume you no longer wear secret underwear?

    And Americans nearly voted a Mormon into office ? Oh wait they did vote him

    into being governor of a State , right ? And how about the guy who runs

    Bountiful in BC, the Mormon polygamist colony.? Its not a leap for a JW

    to be a Mormon, since so much is the same in the way of a "special society"

    Male dominated, right down to having your own Planet ? And a magical guy

    who was chosen by God to write special books ?

  • villagegirl

    MAD GIANT - Alert - Facebook took down your page !!

    and Yahoo puts the link ito some sort of cage and spins it.

    Yahoo must be run by Mormons, may be facebook also ?

  • cofty
  • D_Rolling_Kearney

    I was not aware that this forum was exclusively ex-JW's, I just thought there were some on here, as well as active.

    The information I posted was not addressed solely to active JW's, but to anyone who may have read it or heard the misinformation spread in the Awake magazine I referenced.

    I was also looking for an honest discussion. I can only hope that, of the nearly 500 of you who have viewed this post as of now, there will be someone sincere enough to actually read my link before commenting. I expected anti-Mormon slander–I saw it on another post on this forum–but many of the reasons people have presented for opposing the Mormon Church have been addressed in my short online book (at the link). I'm not looking to convert anyone, just clear up misconceptions. It looks like you could all benefit.

    Things like the silly meme in the post above ("Joseph Smith admitted to defrauding people!") can be checked against facts that are available online as we speak:

    Joseph Smith/Legal issues/Trials/1826 court appearance for glasslooking


    Joseph Smith/Legal issues/Trials/1826 glasslooking trial/Con man

    Was Joseph found guilty of being a "con man" in 1826?


    See also:

    Legal and Business Records of Joseph Smith

    • Forthcoming: images and transcripts of legal and business papers, including records of the many court cases in which Joseph Smith was a plaintiff, defendant, or witness


  • zed is dead
    zed is dead

    I went to see Book Of Mormon. does that count?


  • Apognophos

    D_Rolling_Kearney, there are active JWs on here, but almost no believing, active JWs. So effectively we're pretty much all ex-JWs in spirit, at least. A lot of us are also skeptical smart-asses, sorry about that. I understand that the JWtalk site is composed of actual believing JWs, but I think membership is restricted to JWs somehow. Others here know more about that than I do.

  • oppostate

    We don't need no stinking lies of Joseph Smith promoted on a mostly ex-JW forum!

    One thing I'm glad for is that everytime the google ads promoting Mormonism show up on the JWN forum pages, mormons are getting charged for the ads, at least it may keep Simon getting some revenue to keep JWN going. :-)

    Mormonism is even worse in my opinion than JWism but not by much, they're both high control, brainwashing CULTS!

  • love2Bworldly

    I have no desire to read the link because all religions are MAN MADE. Mormons are a cult just like the JWs and their belief system is whacked, just like the JWs.

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    DRK: "I have written a heavily-documented response"

    soon followed by:

    "I was not aware that this forum was exclusively ex-JW's, I just thought there were some on here"


    Is this an example of your investigative acumen, DRK ??

  • zed is dead

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