My sister is getting df'd.....

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  • smiddy

    The prodigal son was welcomed back with open arms wasn`t he ? He didnt have to sleep out in the barn with the livestock for a year did he ?

    Just asking.


  • KateWild

    .put it that way, it's almost like they don't want XJWs to come back-Vidiot

    It depends on who your daddy is in the cong. Df'ing is a fear strategy used to keep the rest of the cong in line. Some get away with lots of unscriptural activity, but others do not. Kate xx

  • outinthemeadows

    @Kate Wild I just watched your video on YT. That elder was a complete $%^£ he should have been locked up. Thing that struck right at me was they made all these allegations saying people had told them this that and the other, but there were no witnessses that the events took place. What happened to two or more witnesses rule?

    I'm sorry for using bad language but that elder was a twat in my humble opinion.

  • gingerbread

    Can you provide practical help for your sister?

    Could she move in with you?

    She needs some time and a neutral space to reorganize her life. This is the best opportunity for her to make some positive changes.

    Your help could change her world forever.


  • Londo111

    To a degree, I've been where she is. I hope if anything positive comes of this, it will be her awakening.


    TAILBLAZERS?!?!?! That sounds like a film I auditioned for. If she is young and alive and gets free, GREAT!!! Nothing is worse that having a great bod that goes to waste in a JW life of GB approved sex.


  • dogon

    Rule No one, never ever give the elders or any JW any inside info, Rule two refer to rule one.

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