If You Could Tell A Jehovah's Witness One Thing~~~What Would It Be?

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  • jgnat

    "No thank you."

    I've used it a few times.

  • minimus

    A very dear man that my mom studied with in the 1960's and who has been a JW since, is now in the hospital with severe bleeding. The doctors say he absolutely NEEDS A BLOOD TRANSFUSION. Of course, he refused and is near death. The local Witnesses are praising his determination, and I'm sure he will soon die.

    If I hear any Witnesses say how wonderful it all is, I will ask if it was possible he could've gotten one of the Society approved blood fractions. (and then just shake my head)....Sad situation.

  • tank

    "So...........Do you still think you'll live forever?"

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle



    N uts?

  • flipper

    Escape a criminal organization

  • venting

    Remove yourself from inside the box, and think from the outside. Then see if what you belive holds up.

    I like what faithful witness said. That says it all. Why can't things be transparent? When I went to my first distric convention the apostates " so called" were handing out info. I asked the brother that was studing with me what were in those tracs? He told me those people got DF for wrong doing. Now they are mad so they make up lies about us. I said oh! Many years later one of my bible studies was given some literture. I had to go through it with him. I was really surprised what I read! It wasn't lies. venting.

  • Legacy


    Remember the movie with Cher & Nicholas Cage, where she slapped him & said..."SNAP OUT OF IT"... I wouldn't slap them but that's what I would love to say....Or the other "One Thing"...."This is not God's organization or his mouthpiece" he is just allowing the preaching work to go on just like he has allowed the catholic religion to go on as well, even after the scandals....I think the only thing that would take a witness down to their knees is that they think this is God's organization & anyone were to prove it....it wouldn't be a pretty picture...that's what most witnesses cling to...


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