Can White JWs Have Mustaches?

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  • Space Madness
    Space Madness

    Someone mentioned in another thread that white JWs can't have mustaches but black JWs can. I noticed that the only governing body member with a mustache is black. Can anyone confirm that this is an official policy? Or is it just a urban legend?

  • Iamallcool

    I think it is a policy at Bethel. Stephen Lett did have a mustache while he was CO.

  • sparrowdown

    I doubt the "brostache" is an "official" policy.

    But that wont stop individual elders taking exception to anyones facial fur (including sisters).

  • Iamallcool

    By the way, I have known very few elders with mustache, it just looks good on them.

  • LivingTheDream

    Space Madness,

    I was at Bethel and I wrote this about my experience there regarding mustaches, see:

    Much Ado about Whiskers

    (please excuse my spelling in this story... I was new to JWN then and didn't spell check anything)

    Brock Talon

  • blondie

    It was a policy when I was a teen in the late 60's to mid 70' unofficial CO rule...then the congregations were told that the BOEs could decide for their own congregation. Out of 12 local congregations only one was a holdout for forbidding mustaches for white brothers...all the white brothers who wanted mustaches transferred to one of the other 11. The holdout congregation BOE was mad! They had a feud going on with the 2 congregations these brothers went to...for 15 years.

  • Imminent1975

    Bondie, an evident demonstration of the Christlike love that exists in the congregations.

  • A.proclaimer

    It isn't true nowadays. Today it doesn't matter if you wear one of not, I've seen white, black, and Hispanics wear mustaches in the halls and they're considered appropriate. I've read stories that around and during the 70's it wasn't allowed, unoffical rule like Blondie said but that's no longer the case and hasn't been like that for a long time.

  • Shador

    I am white and a MS and I have one. In fact, I have been growing it out bigger over the past few months. I'd like to go for a handlebar, but I'm not sure I'm going about it right.

  • jam

    Around 1971 we were told the Angels may not be able to distinguish

    a worldly person with a mustache and a JW male with a mustache when the big one comes.

    My congregation was made up of 95% balck brothers, 94% shaved their

    mustaches. I was new and one of the 1% that refused to shave.

    After a year or so, all the mustaches came back. LOL

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