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  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy

    You're not wrong. I've been seeing life without the filters but find that they surreptitiously grow back like tiny malignant cataracts after a while. That's what being born in does for you.

  • drewcoul

    ethey were norhing to do with actually being a was the people in it and the unfulfilled promises that had value.

    I agree with your thoughts. Those highlighted above stood out to me. I have an absolutely amazing and wonderful girlfriend who has friends since childhood. I see her with her friends and I miss the friends I had. The ones who I still care about and think about, but who will not speak to me in the grocery store because I am no longer a Witness.

    Who wouldn't want what the JW's preach? I submit that no one could deny that what the JW's preach is something we all want. But when the truth smacks you in the face......When reality sets in, you realiize how naive you were. There is only pity for those still in.....and a yearning that they will wake up and breathe the air of freedom.

  • snare&racket

    Drewcoul....I partly agree. The Watchtower literally promise the earth, perfect health, no death, to be young again, to see the dead again.... they go for every human want and fear.

    Who wouldn't want it? ...true.

    But to have it.... everyone else has to.....die.

    Now, I would rather die a young man than live forever in exchange for billions of deaths. In reality not one person should die for my paradise earth hope and the idea now sickens me. It is a horrid doctrine. I could NEVER subscribe to that again.

    As for the people you have lost. You never had them. True friends don't give a shit what you belive in. It is a painful, bitter pill to swallow. But it is true.They were people that just happened to attend the same brick building as you, twice weekly. Sorry, but it is true.

    A true friendship is not conditional.

    I found it hard too, I lost people I cared about. But now I have friends that like me for me, not for my desicion to share their world view.

    Snare x

  • snare&racket

    disp hero... I have not experienced that. I spent a good 5 years taking apart the JW doctrines and bible before I let it all go. I had to as my mind felt so entangled and I had no way of deciding which way was up ir down, what was good or bad etc.

    Forgive me, maybe I am wrong, but maybe the filters are coming back because you haven't fully let go?

    Maybe you mean something minor, like how you see people. My assumption is you mean something more significant, for example many leave the JW's but remain convinced the world is getting worse before their eyes! ...... Despite ALL the data proving otherwise.

    If I misunderstoood, apologies. If I didn't, I really reccomend you research everything to the tiniest detail. It all falls apart so quickly and the ties of the judeo-christian beleif sytem fall apart alongside it. The filters, lens and indoctrination simply disintegrate without thought.

    I have 100% sincerely not had even a moment of belief or doubt, of questioning, guilt, concern, fear etc since researching the hell out of everything. By finding out the facts, you end up not having to deconstruct or choose any beliefs, the facts decide it all for you.....

  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy

    No you're spot on, I haven't fully let go . I can't FULLY as I'm still going. The indoctrination still seeps through insidiously . I suppose I'm only a year into waking up , I still can't argue the details very well, I'm reading more and more every day but I've got forty years of brain numbing to overcome. .

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  • Syme

    Excellent article, snare&racket !

  • snare&racket


    You will get there buddy.

    Can I recommend some books?

    Crisis of Conscience, Franz

    God is not great, Hitchens

    Lost Christianities, B Ehert

    The Greatest Show on Earth, Dawkins

    p.s. Couldn't sleep last night and I can't believe how bad my spelling and typo's are. I do need to reset my ipad dictionary, but that was ridiculous. Apologies to anyone it annoyed, I am not good at the best of times.

    Sorry x

  • smiddy

    This is a perfect example..... I am astounded I/we didn't question earlier the conflicts, the immorality, the lack of evidence and the obvious cult tones of such doctrines and imagery. How can so many people tell their children that this is normal? Moral? Good? True?

  • smiddy

    So true snare&racket

    The trouble is we cant undo what we have done , those of us who bought this religion , influenced spouse , brought up children into this cult , for many years , then realise what we have done , if I can use this term , is a cross to bear .

    Religions like this have a lot to answer for , but sadly , their is no GOD to deliver such a judgement .


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