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    1. 240 page book "Gods Kingdom Rules" ... historical facts of theocratic history

    2. New recording for song 92

    Saturday Morning

    9:20 Music

    9:30 Song No. 120 and Prayer

    9:40 Symposium: Who Will Not Inherit God's Kingdom?

    (1Corinthians 6:9-11)

    " Sexually Immoral" People

    Our primary activity is to preach. New ones have to overcome and reject

    practices despised by god.

    1Cor 6:9;10- Things that can disqualify us to inherit gods kingdom.

    Hope for those that desire to change.

    What is involved in sexual immorality? Fornication, adultery, and


    Today we have to pray for self control to keep these impulses in check.

    Example: those who who can't eat chocolate someone leaves a bag on the

    table we begin to look at it and dwell then taste a piece then indulge.

    Same with pornography we can't even peek at it. Like a fire with gasoline

    escalates quickly . Pornography leads to sexual immorality. Don't hesitate to

    get help if we have this problem. Viewing movies that have sexual scenes

    must be avoided. Develop an inhoarance for pornography.

    Individuals can change. Example of a man from Brazil who had to battle

    homosexual tendency. Realized after studying he had to change his

    enviorment and move away from his associates to break free. Now is in the

    full time service.

    Some feel guilty about their former lifestyle.

    Demonstration of sister and her study who has guilty conscience about her

    past life and feels Jehovah hasn't forgave her.

    1Cor 6- That's what some of your were. 1st century Christians who over

    came a debased life. They were washed cleaned.

    So study realized she to had become washed clean of her previous way of


    What is the point! Sexually immoral people must change but Jehovah will

    help them.


    Idolatry is any worship not given to Jehovah.

    Entertainers and sports heroes fall into this category.

    Seeking prominence in the secular field for ourselves.

    1 Cor 6:9- Idolaters.

    How can we stay far away from idolatry?

    Fix our attention on this fact : Only Jehovah deserves this devotion.

    interview with a Missionary: Formally a drug user and arrested. When seeing

    the consequences of the lifestyle he saw the need for change.

    Moved to Southern California and started a bible study. The key to breaking

    free from drugs was love for Jehovah, change of association.

    We must abandon all forms of idolatry. Any who are ensnared can with

    Jehovah's help break free.

    "Greedy People"

    If we become rich tomorrow what would you do? Many people devote the

    rest of their life to making more money to become richer. Greed is the result.

    But is not limited to money. But the desire to have more money, power and


    1Cor 6:10- Greedy people.

    How serious is this snare? All greed has no place under kingdom


    We must have self control and constant self scrutiny continent to exams our


    1) Think how insessable this quality is .

    2) Meditate those in the bible who were greedy

    3) Cultivate love and contentment

    Demonstration : Bible student who is battling drunkeness. Feels hopeless.

    Brother uses article on individual who was a binge drinker. Helped student

    to realize how much more of an e ff ort not to give up and realize for some

    people change is gradual. Looked up more articles to get practical

    suggestions that will help him conquer his weakness.

    Jehovah is source of all wealth! Are we confident in him to provide if so we

    can avoid the snare of greed.


    Everlasting life can be taken from us by what we choose to speak about.

    Abusive and insulting speech can make the rest of of service to god futile.

    Things to avoid

    1) Meditate on the good of others

    2) Try not to use negative speech

    3) Negative gossip

    Eccl 10:12-14- lips of the stupid ones are his ruin. And is a fool.

    We might just start with negative talk then we go down the path to slander.

    Before we speak think about what we are about to say. There might be a

    grain of truth in our negative talk about someone but only has a grain of

    truth look at the whole picture.

    Verse 14- Don't keep speaking negative just stop!

    demonstration ; 2 family's that are talking about meeting starts o ff well but

    turns into an elder bashing and slander. Turned into a reviling.

    Demonstration then shows how the negative talk was di ff used in the same


    If we are a negative person and complainer we need to change. Article

    mentioned about individual who was a verbal abuser and how the truth

    transformed his life.

    Battle whatever we struggle against and with Jehovah's help we will

    conquer it!

    10:20 Symposium: Who Will Inherit God's Kingdom?

    Those "Who Are Poor" (Luke 6:20; Matthew5:3)

    We all have the privilege of inheriting the kingdom.

    How can we be a part. Meet the requirements.

    Luke 6:20- Happy are you who are poor.

    Mathew 5:3- those who are poor are those who have a spiritual need and are

    conscience of it.

    Conscience has 3 varying degrees

    Begger is what we want to be.

    How can we satisfy our spiritual condition

    1) Meetings and participation

    2) Study

    3) Service


    Blind begger who called out to Jesus. And Jesus healed him.

    Mark 10:48, 50- Begger pleaded to fulfill his need.

    As beggars are we dependant on Jehovah and never take spiritual provisions for

    granted. We need to put forth a continuous e ff ort and guard against over

    confidence. Don't rely on our past service to Jehovah. We can never do enought.

    3 things not to neglect

    Never needlessly miss meetings

    Be as active as we can

    Stick to schedule of family worship and personal study

    Those Who, "Become as Young Children" (Matthew 18:2-4)

    1 Cor 14:20- Do not become young children as to understanding.

    Traits not to have

    Tossed about and easily misled.

    Sililoquoy: Brother watching video on computer then page jumps to something

    he shouldn't watch. Turns it o ff immediately. Be babes as to badness.

    Good traits one who is easily taught by Jehovah.

    Mathew 18:2-4- had to be humble like child.

    World promotes to be number 1 but not in the congregation.

    We must realize we completely depend on Jehovah's guidance and protection

    like child with parents.

    We must be exhuberant like the children on Jesus last days when the children

    had no fear to praise him.

    Interview with sister who was timid at the doors in service in an unproductive

    territory so she lacked Enthusiam. She prepared more for service and set spiritual

    goals for the ministry. She started pioneering and her fears went away and she

    became a special pioneer. Something she never thought she could do.

    Our inheritance is waiting on us if we are like young children.

    Those "Persecuted for Righteousness' Sake" (Matthew 5:10)

    Mathew 5:10- happy who are persecuted.

    Jesus was talking about those punished for serving Jehovah.

    Worlds view if something to di ffi cult don't do it.

    Jesus warned that true Christians would be persecuted. Early Christians

    imprisoned and killed. Same with us today.

    Are we keeping up on with our brothers around the world and the

    persecution that persists.

    When brothers are released they become stronger.

    Others are persecuted by family and peers. Satan knows what to use against us.

    Interviews :

    Peer pressure on brother about not being immoral in front of a group at work.

    Physical persecution: Brother who was drafted into Vietnam War and put in

    prison. Inmates started doing harm. He endured preaching to inmates on

    occasion and going to meetings at prison. Prayer essential.

    1 peter 4:14- whatever persecution we face with Jehovah's Holy Spirit we can

    conquer it.

    Those Who Help Christ's Brothers (Matthew 25:34)

    Mathew 25:31-33- setting is during great tribulation. Verse 34 inheirit the

    kingdom. Verse 40- the sheep here fed and assisted Christ's brothers.

    Jesus rewards them.

    We also as other sheep must do what for Christ's brothers?

    Shepard the congregation.

    Translation work of bible literature.

    Construction work of Kingdom Halls.

    Preaching the good news

    Jesus appreciates the help we are doing for Christ brothers.

    INTERVIEWS : with those helping Christ's brothers.

    Sister who is helping in translations in Ukrane.

    Husband and wife who left California and help start congregation in Punjabi.

    Who will inherit gods kingdom


    Like young children

    Resist Satan's subtle and violent persecutions

    Those who help Christ's brothers.

    11:00 Song No. 92 and Announcements

    11:10 Symposium: The Kingdom "Good News Has to be Preached First"!

    From House to House (Mark 13:10)

    Mark 13:10- the word first here implies shows kingdom news has to be preached

    before great tribulation and gods kingdom takes over rule of the world.

    1 Cor 9:16- woe if we don't share good news.

    Good news doesn't always come out good.

    Demonstration on how not to proclaim the good news. Brother mentions to

    optimistic householder every bad thing happening in the world but never

    mentioned the good news. Householder gets discouraged from information.

    Demonstration of a more realistic approach to householder who already has an

    optimistic view of world conditions.

    Learn how to use new tract "What is the kingdom of God"

    Demonstration using page 2 of how to use the tract.

    Mormons not to use door to door work anymore only social media.

    Door to door in a life saving work the best way.

    We are Evangelizers must continue to call back on those whom are not

    interested. Situations change.

    Psalm 96:2- Proclaim the good news day after day.

    2 things to remember

    1)Good news has to be preached first in our life and before the great tribulation.

    2)We are Evangelizers

    Informally (Psalm 45:1)

    We should always be ready to give spiritual assistance when needed.

    Psalm 45:1- we should be stirred to preach.

    Stir is an excited emotion.

    Luke 6:45- whatever is in our heart our mouth speaks. Should do this on every


    DEMONSTRATION ; Sister on public transportation does not take advantage of

    preaching to other passenger.

    Sister on same scenario takes advantage of situation to informal witness.

    We have to find out what technique is best for us as individuals to informal

    witness. Use an approach unique to our personality.


    2 workers on co ff ee break. Brother takes advantage to informal preach using new

    brochure "What is the kingdom of God".

    Publicly (Proverbs 1:20,21)

    Proverbs 1:20-21; raise your voice in the public squares.

    Public witnessing is being organized at airports and subways places there are

    many people.

    Jan 2014 100,000 stands have been organized worldwide.

    Metropolitan witnessing is being done in all major cities.

    Elders have specific instructions now to be modified on cart/public witnessing.

    DEMONSTRATION: On the wrong way to do cart / table witnessing. Not showing

    an interest in people passing by.

    The right way to do it. With iPad video played for interested man from


    Before the end comes and it's right there now we must make the preaching work

    a priority in our lives always sharing something positive whether informal, house

    to house, or public witnessing.

    11:45 Baptisim: Jehovah "Will Help You" Inherit the Kingdom (Isaiah 41:10)

    INTERVIEWS: Missionary gave her life experience on how she made life

    changing moves and obstacles she had to overcome in order to qualify for a

    dedication to jehovah. And how Jehovah still assists her even now to stay close

    to him and she continues to put her trust in him to sustain her.

    Gilead graduates also tell how Jehovah help them to originally

    qualify for Baptism. And the challenges they faced after Baptism. They also

    explained how Jehovah has continued their training.

    Song No. 60 and Intermission. 8297276082


    Saturday Afternoon

    1:35 Music

    1:45 Song No. 95

    1:50 Symposium: Pursue Goals That Can Help You Seek First the Kingdom

    Move Where the Need Is Greater (Acts 16:9,10)

    People of the world have goals of making it big. Do we let gods kingdom shape

    our goals.

    Phil 3:8,14-do our goals reflect that theocratic goals are first in our lives.

    Simplifying our life. Watching videos for need Greaters , self examination How

    we'll we would adjust for a economic depressed areas. Also seldom worked

    territory's in our own land is an option.

    INTERVIEW: Missionary's from Dominican Republic tells how how Need Greaters

    have greatly helped. Major adjustments are need for them and realize that the

    challenges of the cultures are sometimes di ffi cult but the preaching work is a real

    blessing. The sacrifices of the Need Greaters has a positive e ff ect for local

    brothers and those back in home congregations.

    Where will our goals led us?

    Acts 16:9,10- Step over into Macedonia. Those who move reap rich blessings

    from Jehovah.

    Learn a New Language (1Corinthians 9:22,23)

    1Cor 9:22,23- became all things to people of all sorts. Paul realized only a few

    available ways possible to do that. Learning a new language is one.

    4 things to do to learn a new language

    Learn a simple presentation

    Learn 10-20 new words or phrases each weak

    Read out loud in target language

    Practice everyday

    2 things not not do when learning a new language

    Don't worry about making mistakes.

    Don't think learning a new language is easy.

    INTERVIEW with sister who tried to learn new language

    Tried Russian but Couldn't learn. Changed to sign language

    Don't give up continue to pray and practice.

    Reach Out to Be a Ministerial Servant (1Timothy 3:12.13)

    Reaching out requires desire. When we reach out to qualify it's something that

    pleases Jehovah. What if we don't have that desire?

    Phil 2:13- God gives us the desire and power to act.

    What do we need to do? Humble persistent prayer to Jehovah.

    He is there to energize us to act.

    1 Tim 3:12,13- Scriptural qualifications. And a fine standing with Jehovah.

    He wants us to reach out.

    Col 3:23- Wants us to be whole souled and work hard.

    We need great desire to make changes.

    Working on the fruitages of the spirit in our lives.

    Complete our assignments with zeal in local congregation.

    Married sisters can help Husbands to reach out.

    INTERVIEW : Brother 36 who took a whole to become a servant.

    Talked about an elder who assisted him in reaching out. Helped him to reach a

    spiritual maturity. Blessings he has enjoyed is helping to encourage other

    brothers and sisters.

    Acts 20:35- when we reach out we are giving of ourselves.

    Malachi 3:10- Jehovah will reward us if we reach out.

    Reach Out to Be an Elder (1Timothy 3:1,2; Titus 1:9, 2:1)

    2104 newly formed congregations. Need 6312 new elders need to fill those


    1Tim 3:1- Desireous of a fine work.

    Elder is signified by way he teaches and serves others. Art of teaching must be


    Elder must be an encouraging person.

    How should an elder respond to those who have lost jobs, lost loved ones .

    Do we read the bible on a daily basis to assist such ones.

    1Tim 3:2- other qualifications.

    Sound in mind. Rational in speech and in actions.

    This require diligent bible reading and research.

    Elders must be orderly and well arranged in dress and grooming also in the way

    our homes look.

    INTERVIEW: Brother and his wife. He originally had no desire to be an elder. Was

    overwhelmed with the feelings of not being qualified. Was helped to appreciate

    don't need to be perfect. B

    Enroll as a Pioneer (Psalm 34:8; Mark 12:30)

    Mark 12:30- reflect on what Jehovah has done is doing and in the future will do

    for us.

    As we have a share in the ministry and continue to push ourselves Psalms 34:8

    says taste to see if Jehovah is good. We have to continue to push ourselves even

    when the situation is hard.

    30 hours for auxiliary is a loving provision. Take advance of it.

    Even if regular pioneer don't just stop at your hour quotas. Continue to put in

    more hours.

    Get an application and put it somewhere we see it. So it will remind us what we

    need to do according to circumstances.

    2 Tim 2:15- set the goal of pioneering.

    INTERVIEW: Sister who started pioneering at 14. Was encouraged by a talk at

    circuit assembly by circuit overseer. She felt pioneering protected her put her I

    good company also saw people change their lives. Blessing of attending pioneer

    school was encouraged by examples of other long time servants. Putting

    kingdom first gave her a great life.

    Pioneer is a goal we can all set before us if our circumstances allow and Jehovah

    will assist us.

    Attend the School for Kingdom Evangelizers (Isaiah 6:8; 54:23)

    Theocratic schools have no tuition and are practical for helping others. These

    schools are for persons seeking kingdom interests.

    INTERVIEWS: those who have attended the school. single brother

    Sacrifices were well worth it. Must have the circumstances and desire.

    Married couples: Made Preperation to achieve goals. Kept life simple.

    When viewing assignment concerns about daily routine would be changed. Living

    with others and where would they're assigned.

    Couple with Gilead goal. Said their life was a passport to a world of


    Had to focus on assignment before applying. had problems with arguing in

    marriage had to work on that before putting in application.

    Focusing on spiritual goals help not to pursue worldly pursuits.

    Isaiah 54:13-Jehovah is helping us with all these di ff erent schools.

    Isaiah 6:8- gives us this attitude that is precious to Jehovah.

    These schools allow Jehovah to instruct us and continue to walk with him.

    Song No. 85 and Announcements

    3:00 Enter the Kingdom Maimed, Lame, or One-Eyed (Mark 9:43-47)

    Mark 8:34-37; requirement to get into the kingdom.

    To disown himself utterly means an absolute death to self. If we accept

    challenges to Christian life our entire life's belong to Jehovah.

    Mark 9:43-47; what we need to remove to inherit the kingdom.

    What are we willing to sacrifice in order to keep living?

    What are our weaknesses. What do we need to cut OFF!

    Can't have a worldly attitude walking around with a chip on our shoulder in the


    Cut it out phrase means to stop it now.

    If we can't control things In our lives and it is hindering us from seeking first the

    kingdom. No matter what it is. CUT IT OUT!

    HANDS :

    If your not in a position to marriage. (If you are still getting an allowance from

    parents) you are not ready to marry. Don't put yourself in a position. Young

    people stay out of groups that always are together.

    If your not financially ready....means if you don't have a job your are not in a

    position to marry.

    Make wise choices to music video games .

    FOOT: stay away from nightclubs, bars etc. Karaooke night.

    EYE: world looks glamorous. Like Music, technology, Facebook, Twitter etc.

    make an honest appraisal of our attitude.

    INTERVIEW: With young brother who was into rap music. Had to cut it out.

    Association with those who like bad music then had to cut out all music as it was

    a temptation.

    With older brother who was into watching boxing. Had to realize

    Jehovah hates violence. The sacrifice to cut it o ff was a blessing as he is able to

    serve as a need greater.

    What ever we have to cut o ff as a self amputation is worth gaining life. The true

    life we will have in paradise make the sacrifice.

    Matthew 25:34- inherit the kingdom.

    3:20 As Kingdom Subjects, Remain "No Part of this World"! (John 18:36)

    This cause for guarding our neutrality.

    Jesus kingdom and followers are no part of the world.

    Satan's political system thrives on debate and conflict. That di ff erent political

    parties are di ff erent from another, but all are part of Satan's system.

    We must guard our hearts from ALL political issues.

    Sadly some brothers have been drawn into political issues.

    Mark 12:17- helps us to recognize we have to render dues when it belongs to

    ceaser but not to god. Governments provide water, roads, and protection.

    But God gives life so our life belongs to Jehovah through honor and praise.

    Ceaser also wants what belongs to god.

    5 Areas that belong to Ceaser and he wants us to compromise.

    Matthew 4:8-10; World rulership

    John 6:15; Human kingship.

    Matthew 22:15-22; Political issues

    Matthew 5:43- Military service. Neutrality.

    Matthew 6:3,4;Social issues (Jesus encouraged giving gifts of mercy but

    preached only kingdom had the solution.

    Proverbs 4:24- Safeguard our hearts on political issues

    How do I feel if:

    How do I respond in my heart if if I benefit from some government program

    What if I were to receive benefits and gifts from a politician

    Do I have nationalistic feeling for my country

    Do i get agitated emotionally if someone speaks bad about my country

    Sililoquoy: Brother gets upset over newspaper article about social issue. Did not

    safeguard his heart.

    Another brother realizes only the kingdom will correct this issue heart


    Daniel 3: issue confronted head on with the 3 Hebrews.

    What if we are confronted as the 3 Hebrews

    We must stand firm

    Prayerfully seek Jehovah's help

    Remain staunch to Jehovah

    3:45 Sound Drama: "Jehovah is the Only True God" (1Kings 16:29-33; 17:1-7;

    18:17-46; 19:1-8)

    Elijah and the events strengthen our confidence in Jehovah today.

    BROTHER LETT GOVERNING BODY on the big screen gives the audio drama.

    Drama answers these questions:

    1)What can interfere with our giving exclusive devotion to Jehovah.

    2)Why is it foolish to give worship to anyone other than Jehovah.

    3)How does Jehovah make himself known to us as individuals.

    4:15 Jehovah's Organization--100 Years of Seeking First God's Established

    Kingdom (Psalm 48:12,13; Luke 10:1, 5-11)

    Jesus was a teacher 24 hours a day. It was close to his heart.

    Matthew 12:34- spoke more about the kingdom than any other subject.

    During the past 100 years of the kingdom has been real to Jehovah's

    witnesses. Just how real has it been? What things have happened and

    are yet to happen?

    Early in the 20th century Jesus provided the tools necessary to preach

    about the kingdom.

    Matthew 13:19- soil sown on the road hard to grow. Also the rocky

    ground this has to be dwelt with di ff erently also the thorns would have to

    be dwelt with. Then there is fine soil.

    Like a modern day garden would have di ff erent tools at di ff erent times so

    was modern day early witnessing.

    1920's- 1st electrically recorded disk. It was called a setup. This required

    very little talking. 1336 -45 phonograph lacked ability to teach the hearts

    of the people.

    Testimony card was used. Also did not require a witness to talk. Very few

    felt unqualified to give a witness. This was training.

    1896 became watchtower bible and tract society.

    1942- began printing the King James Version 700,000 copies

    1944- American standard version

    1950- Green bible Greek scriptures

    Later the Hebrew Scriptures one volume at a time.

    Used the watchtower translation system.

    Used classical language hard to understand.

    2013 128 languages NWT.

    1914 Russell's sermons was read in 114 newspapers.

    They started using picture presentations. Photo drama of creation.

    8 hour program in 1914 in 80 cities a day.

    Then there was a simplified version called a eureka set used later.

    1920's radio stream was used for sermon broadcast. Wbbr later

    purchased by branch o ffi ce was used extensively. One great moment in

    radio July 1935 the name was broadcast by 400 radio stations.

    Radio was replaced by door to door ministry.

    2014. 2.7 billion people connected to the internet. 250 languages.

    August campaign on

    None of these methods designed to replace the door to door ministry.

    Jesus trained his disciples. Luke chapter 10.

    Jesus was a born teacher because he was taught by his father John 8:28.

    Today we have progressive training to preach and in the congregation.

    8500 have graduated from Gilead since it's inception.


    240 page book of historical facts of theocratic history.

    What gods kingdom has accomplished over last 100 years!

    4:55 Song No. 103 and Closing Prayer

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    friday release


    New BOok

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Thank you for all of this. ^^^^^ It is giving me a bit of a headache.

    If I was in Hitler's Germany, I would be commanded to listen to this.

    But I live in Freedom. I don't have to any more.

    I honestly thought they were going to quit talking about Gays. When WT/GB/Writing Dept/Legal Dept. does talk about homosexuals, it just shows how narrow minded and backward they are.

    ---->> "Those Who Are Poor"... It says we should be like beggars. BINGO Headquarter's are acting exactly that way. They keep begging for more of the sheeples MONEY.

    LL (not Bean)

  • millie210

    Seems to really soft pedal the whole 100 years of Kingdom rule to me....

    absolutely nothing new.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    I bet that new version of the old proclaimers book won't have any milestones such as 1925, 1975, the building of Beth sarim, joining the UN or anything like that. As for the rest of the information, while I couldn't stomach to read too much, it just seemed like the same stuff that they've been preaching forever about don't do this or that, complete with logical errors.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Oh and also that we are stupid, dependent children who can't do or think a single thing for ourselves so a we need Jehovah that is, the org. to lead us. Attacking our confidence in ourselves that we can ever do anything.

  • LostGeneration

    Will be interesting to see this book...more revisionist history to dissect.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    We can never do enought

    I found this note very troubling. Did they actually say that?

    Also, I found this statement equating idolatry with seeking prominence, a glaring example of Watchtower conveniently creating its own definitions to serve its own ends:

    Seeking prominence in the secular field for ourselves.

    Did you notice the "secular" qualifier? So that means if you're seeking prominence in the organization - reaching out to be a pioneer, elder, ms, etc - then you're automatically exempt from being guilty of idolatry? So if a JW's seeking of prominence benefits the organization then such prominence seeking must be excluded from being considered idolatrous? What a self-serving hyprocrite the organization is proving to be!

  • berrygerry

    Thanks own accord

  • zebagain

    ...........and now stricken with a lightening bolt of humility they will do a full section on all the predictions (list the dates) they got wrong and make a big screen showing of the wt15th Aug 68 and its cover predictions for the coming "1975."

    and apologise too that the wts having panned the internet as satans tool was wrong now that they have began to use it.

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