Whats with TROLLS posting on this forum ,dont they just expose themselves as less than intelligent?

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  • Hairtrigger

    The WBTS is a powerful org. -in the US at least. What with laws protecting religious freedom bent backwards so that societies such as these can function with impunity, Trolls could be their canaries on one hand -on the other, if they really really are searching for lurkers , with their current tecnological/ electronic knowhow, wouldn't they be enabled to find anyone they want on ex-JW sites? Just asking.


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    One man's TROLL is another man's LUNCHMEAT.

  • Oubliette
  • Hairtrigger

    Many years ago (30 odd)when I met my first JW, I was already out of a mainstream church. What the guy told me about the bible seemed genuine but he did come up with some absurd stuff-" the nations of the earth would fight for the hidden treasures of the earh viz: oil", a fact he later denied when I asked him where in the bible it said that?. Another claimed that Armageddon would arrive before the turn of the last century. Niave as I was, I had serious doubts about what they were saying. Yet another claim of theirs was that man had been in existence on earth for only 6000 years despite my remonstrations that remains of humans had been found that were tens of thousands years old. Despite all my doubts I believed this was the "truth", due their pointing out the false beliefs of mainstream christianity. However, six months later stopped believing their take but was haunted by the thought that they were perhaps on to true christianity and being human were prone to make a few innocuous mistakes. To cut a long story short I got baptized and felt this was the real tabbasco. I knew about 1975 as I was informed about it by my first "friend ". That however stayed with me and I was never convinced that the FDS was infallible. I started investigating various websites( apostates) and gradually learned what this bunch of jokers( WBTS) is alll about. The point I'm trying to make is that all it takes is one doubt to get you out of their system. The wheels of critical thinking grind a bit slowly for some(Yours truly for one ) but there eventually come a point where the critical mass of reason and rationality wipes out their indoctrination. I do remember the first few times I entered this site I was intimidated by some posts that spoke about satanistic beliefs and related stuff. Swore I would never come back. But as I said, reason and rationality prevails. All it needs is the first doubt to get one started. Some of these "Trolls" may be ones with their first doubt propelling them -out of WBTS soon hopefully.


  • Finkelstein

    Trolls come here inadvertently exposing the insidious lies and corruption of the Watchtower Corporation .

    Thats good for everyone .

    On that premise trolls do something good for the people looking at the forum.

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