Whats with TROLLS posting on this forum ,dont they just expose themselves as less than intelligent?

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  • smiddy

    A WT apologist isn't a troll. They are simply a WT apologist that that needs your help but doesn't understand that yet, and you are the helper that doesn't understand how to help.

    Learn what the definition of a troll is before you make accusations.

    Thanks for the clarification Black Sheep ,sometimes some of us do cloud the issues a bit.

    however regarding the previous posts , who is the apologist ?

    I know i`m getting on a bit ,but I couldnt find one , can you be more specific ?


  • Bugbear

    Many years ago when I was an elder, I remember that the Soc. Came out with a letter to all elders that they should avoid partaking in local public debates. This since a high ranked JW, made an catastrophic achievement in public broadcasted debate on the subject “could JW:s be right”, this in Canada. All elders where recommended to leave all invitations to their branch office, and these branch office brothers there where usually saying no thank you, when asked.

    I have speculated in why the soc. Is so negative to public debates. Public debates must be o golden opportunity to carry out the message.

    The reason is as far as I have understood this. The GB knows that the soc.s argument are indeed very infirm. In fact they are ludicrous. And if they use their argument in public with a good journalist as questioner, they will only lose more members. We can often see on this site, when those “trolls” are arguing for some of the soc.s ideas that they really don’t know what they are talking about. They are often very uninformed or just stupid. Most of them are also very uneducated. They usually withdraw their arguments. It looks like they are testing the soc.s argument, with someone they knew could give them the other sides viewpoint. They of course also know that many of us on this site have broken all these arguments, about the bibles wholeness, and the impossibility of the creation 6000 years ago. And they would like to hear these arguments in secret. (They cannot of course ask their elders)

    So let us not give up. This site is increasing day by day, we are not afraid of taking a part of a public debate..


  • Vidiot

    Today's apologist is tomorrow's apostate.

  • Maat13

    A. Ashton,

    I welcome those JWs who are looking for ways to combat their "truths". what I have to say cant be fixed by new light and keep the R&F faithful.


    how will you know the difference between an apologist or a troll? If active JWs are coming here for answers, especially when they know they are not supposed to be here, they deserve raw uncut facts...

    as for me...I will make sure they receive them...


  • Giordano

    Let's keep in mind this is not a site that has as it's purpose to convert JW's to becoming nonbelievers or believers in a different religion, Atheists or agnostics.

    The purpose is stated on the home page : The place to discuss anything relating to Jehovah's Witnesses and the WatchTower Bible and Tract Society... or just make new friends!

    When people show up they have often lurked and become very familiar with the subjects, points made, science referred to and the history of the JW's etc. They are welcomed and treated with kindness. If they come to debate we have a range of people from believers to non believers who will debate. A lot of the debates here are robust, enlightening. The one's I dislike have nothing to do with pro JW believers but more about personality clashes or political positions, gun control issues etc.

    However if a believing JW/Christian goes stupid on us then they will not be treated with a great deal of respect. In my case I just dismiss them and bow out of the thread.

    For the most part I see a lot more empathy and people bending over backwards to reach out.

    We had two recent posts........ a young women came on praising studying with the JW's and how great the 'friends' were...... some where in the conversation she mentioned meeting JW's at her local YWCA. A lot of EX Elders and current ones knew what the WT policy is and the thread unraveled..

    In the other case someone asked if we thought the JW's were a dangerous cult stating that he didn't. Well the response was swift and well documented........people with experience discussed the reality of how the WTBTS was dangerous.

  • Finkelstein

    Do they think their going to convince one of us to go back to the KH.?


    Let it be recognized that there many devout JWs who deeply and honestly think what

    they are getting fed by the WTS, is true and valid as far as Christian beliefs go.

    These are the ones who would stand at the front doors of homes defending the WTS. with

    deep defending conviction on their doctrines.

    They do this to show their devotion and loyalty to their faith, which in turn they are preconceived in doing

    so they will be rewarded in the future or ( not be destroyed at Armageddon )


    So when people come here defending the WTS/JWs, their expressive inner motive is pretty much the same.

  • steve2

    Go easy man - it's not as if you can do anything about it. Besides, even a troll must at some level be disturbed enough by the organization to break its rule about going to apostate websites.


    Any thoughts you have why they come here ?

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  • Finkelstein

    Most JWs carry with themselves guilt for not doing enough of the preaching work designated by the WTS.

    For some defending the faith as they say here and about counts to relinquish that containing burdening guilt.


    I also happen to think that JWs who do come to defend aren't totally aware that most of the members here

    were once JWS, they think this a forum put up and supported by the general public who have a personal grind against JWS .

  • LisaRose

    Trolls get joy by saying things that will get everyone spun up. You see it on every discussion board and forum. The laugh is on them, it's silly juvenile behavior. I can usually spot them, but a few have gotten me going. It's no big deal to me, I just ignore them for the most part.

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