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    Info from someone at the Regional Convention:

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    Friday releases:

    TRACT "what is the kingdom of god?"
    BROCHURE: your family can be happy
    BROCHURE: teach your children


    Friday Morning

    " To You It Is Granted to Understand the Sacred Secrets of the Kingdom"

    --Matthew 13:11

    9:20 Music

    9:30 Song No. 40 and Prayer

    9:40 Chairmans Address: Meet Some Who Are Seeking First God's Kingdom

    (Revelation 12:1,2,5)

    Matthew 6:33 Keep on seeking first the kingdom. the kingdom should be most

    important thing In our lives. 100 years of the established kingdom a landmark


    Revelation 12:1-2: The excitement in heaven when the kingdom came forth was

    great. An historical event!

    12:3,4- Satan was trying to destroy what was to happen. This intervention was

    soon after the birth so satan was cast out.

    12:10- The event that happened. Not an ordinary battle tangible evidence that

    Gods Kingdom is ruling. (Luke 21). wars around the World help us to appreciate

    where we are in the stream of time. School shootings and other extreme events

    help identify.

    Daniel 2:44: Kingdom of 1914 and the dominant world power of today

    characterizes one era of human history. May be last memorial we are living in the

    end of ends now!

    Isaiah 48:17- Jehovah is guiding the educational work today. The kingdom makes

    and administers Superial laws to guide us.

    Kingdom supporters are also organized for global relief e ff orts.

    Isaiah 2:2,3- many people to go to the house of Jehovah.

    Interview with 2 Missionary's that have benefitted from seeking first the kingdom.

    Most important thing was having a meaningful share in this momentous times.

    Interview with Need Greaters; blessings received ; moving with the celestial

    chariot and the rewards of serving where the people are responding to the truth.

    And helping to start new congregations. Knowing the kingdom is the only hope

    for mankind. All made their focus the Kingdom interests

    2Peter 3:13- The kingdom of Jehovah is established and the stone cut out of the

    mountain at Daniel is the global powerful entity that Jesus encouraged us to


    Don't become enamoured with this system and become spiritualy isolated.


    10:20 Symposium: Appreciating The Thrones of Devine Rulership

    Jehovah's Throne. (Psalm 103:19)

    What does the throne signify? Throne denotes royalty and rulership. Jehovah is

    the supreme source of all power he has no equal. But his sovereignty goes

    beyond physical laws. He also grants authority to others,

    1) Why is true theocracy superior to mans governments?

    Security and protection to its peoples. Isaiah 33:21: the type of protection we

    receive from theocratic rule. Compared to a high level of protection like a

    waterway. And a galley fleet warships against us will fail. Isaiah 33:22: Jehovah is

    our judge, lawgiver and king. Jehovah has direct control absolute authority! As a

    god of love he makes the best decision for our guidance no human government

    can do this. all forms of human governments have failed through human history.

    they just continue the trend started in the garden of Eden,

    Duet 32:4- The rock perfect is his activities, Jehovah is perfect will never misuse

    his power. everyday we experience Kingdom blessing from his kingdom rule.

    Make our future secure by holding Jehovah's rulership today.

    Jesus' Throne. (Matthew 25:31)

    Hebrews 1:8- Jesus throne or authority comes from Jehovah. Jesu throne never

    over throne contrasted with human rulers. unlike humans Jesus need no

    successors .

    Matthew 25:31- Son of man has glorious throne. it's brilliant,triumphant and


    Jesus sympathizes with our weaknesses.

    Col 1:15- He is the image of the invisible god. like a little boy who imitates his

    father when a son loves his father he tries to be like him. No one loves Jehovah

    like Jesus . His attributes love power wisdom and justice.

    In love: Luke 5 :13 (the leper who approached Jesus) he touch the leper

    physically in contrast with the law of that day.

    Justice: Temple of Jerusalem money changers cheated the people. Jesus drove

    them out

    Wisdom: Sermon on the mount all his wisdom expressed.

    Matthew 6:25- wisdom given don't be anxious. We can can avoid it by giving god

    priority. Clear evidence of wisdom from above

    power: 30 miracles Hush the storm Walk on water. Power over the demons.

    Power to undue death. It's reassuring Jehovah has placed this power in his



    Video from big screen on world disasters that this kingdom rule will end.

    Appreciate Jesus throne of Devine rulership.

    The Thrones of the 144,000. (Matthew 19:28) (Revelation 20:4)

    Matthew 19:28- Jesus assurance that there would be those on thrones with him.

    144,000 would rules as kings over the earth. And they would judge the world of

    mankind. And share with Jesus in his vast authority. appointed over all his

    belongings. Over 8,000,000 witnesses and perhaps 8 billion to be resurrected

    they have a job to direct the going ons on the earth. They will help in educating

    all the people and healing physically and spiritually. Help Armageddon survivors

    to work towards perfection. They will be judges over the wicked angels and of all


    They must have unique qualities to be able to preform these duties. They will be

    good rulers because of their loyalty to the kingdom. Rev 13:4b. They have

    tremendous life experiences as men and women from all walks of life. There is

    no doubt these ones will be loyal forever. They have loved truth and hated the

    bad. Long track record of many decades of faithful service. Each one will have a

    personal assurance from Jehovah before the Great Tribulation they are of this

    group. They have experienced problems like all of us. They understand our

    feelings temptations sicknesses loss of loved ones and temptations of the world.

    Victims of racial and social injustices century's past and these last days.

    Revelation 20:4- Trials of the anointed ones.

    These 144000 have more patients than the angels would be with us.

    INTERVIEW. brother who has 50 Years of service alongside anointed ones his

    experiences with these ones and how their lives influenced him to serve Jehovah.

    They were loyal and patient and supporters of the kingdom always zealous for

    the ministry. Humble and willing to assist others.

    These rulers with Jesus are perfect rulers for those who will live on the earth.

    1john 4:8 why gods rulership is perfect

    John 1:15 why Jesus rulership is perfect he imitates his father.

    Why anointed rulership good. patient and empathetic.

    11:10 Song 108 and Announcements

    11:20 A Century of Kingdom Rule Contrasted With a Century of Satan's Rule

    (Psalm 40:5) (Isaiah 5:20,21)

    100 years ago Russell announced the gentile times have ended.

    Gods people are few and not wise according to human standards but have

    accomplished much.

    In contrast Satan's billions of intellectual ones have not accomplished in the last

    century what gods people have.

    Satan's rule:

    Health and attrition: some diseases have be eradicated but others have risen up

    safe abortions: 40,000 000 abortions worldwide no safe abortions

    1 in 3 su ff er from hunger and malnutrition

    Spiritual malnutrition

    Technology mass produced products

    Inventions such as airplanes and computer technology. These accomplishments

    have attributed to mass loss of lives and world wars.

    Violent entertainment

    Social reform and Injustices of humans. But not able to change attitudes of

    people such as those morally corrupt people. Family life has decayed. These

    immoral reforms have raised health problems.

    Isaiah 5:20- woe to those who say bad is good good is bad. Woe for the last 100


    Kingdom rule contrast :

    Spiritual health, Faithful and discreet slave have distributed lituriture, conventions

    and other forms of teaching. Promoted the preaching work.much spiritual food


    On a physical level our relief program for disaster relief is unprecedented.

    Technology 1914 silent movies were introduced with photo drama of creation

    sound and pictures.

    1922 broadcast by lectures on wbbr across the country.

    1933 phonographs and sound cards

    900,000 visits everyday on jw.org.

    1950 disfellowshipping arrangement keeps congregation clean.

    Technology for improving family life on jw.org.

    Interview with 1st Gilead Graduates on the contrast he and she (husband and

    wife) has seen between Satan's world and the organization over the last 70 years.

    Psalm 40:5- how many things you have done oh Jehovah my God.

    Do we appreciate living under kingdom rule. Only after 100 years what it has

    accomplished just think what it will do the next 100! Nothing can compare to it!

    11:45. Keynote Address: Highly Esteem Present Kingdom Blessings!

    (Isaiah 45:17,18) (2 Corinthians 12:2-4) (Titus 1:2)

    Speaker quoted from multiple articles from "truth transform lives"

    People today are disillusioned by political powers today. What man has done to

    achieving peace has been dismal. The charter of the United Nations has been a

    failure. No wonder people do not trust governments.

    Titus 1:2 in contrast to human rulers; We can trust Jehovah

    Joshua 21:45- not a promise failed.

    How can we demonstrate confidence.

    The benefits over the last 100 years:

    Physical benefits; changes the bible has made in people's lives.

    Improved lives by making radical changes in their lifestyles. May have even saved

    many persons lives. A better quality of life. Those that stayed out of prison.

    May have lost family members but gained others fathers and mothers in the


    Isaiah 48:17- How the truth benefits us. Jehovah teaches us through the kingdom

    how to walk.

    Mental and emotional benefits; Isaiah 48:18- even with all worlds anxieties we

    have peace of mind.

    Gods approval and self respect.

    Family members are happier when applying bible principles.

    Eph 4:31,32- If we apply this it helps us mentally and emotionally.

    Jehovah helps us with spiritual benefits

    Psalm 25:14- Close friendship with Jehovah.

    Our theocratic education. Isaiah 15:4- Gives us the tongue of the taught to help


    Proverbs 18:10- Protection with Jehovah

    We have a real purpose in our lives. We know what the future holds. Where we

    are headed hope in the near future.

    The spiritual blessings are endless.


    Brother who was a minister in the Cabinet of El Salvador Government.

    When he learned the truth he resigned his position even thoe he was to be

    successor to the country. Knew he had found a way to the real life. He saw the

    superiority of the kingdom.


    2 Cor 12:2-4- 3rd heaven represent an (3rd represents the kingdom in elevated



    3rd heaven is messianic kingdom!

    Paradise is physical,spiritual, and heavenly!



    5 copies of new tract per person instruction to be released Saturday on how to


    12:15 Song 75 and intermission


    Friday Afternoon

    1:25 Music

    1:35 Song No. 27

    1:40 How Babylon the Great Has "Shut Up The Kingdom"

    (Matthew 23:2, 4-10, 13, 23, 24,34)

    Hypocrite: Belive curtain beliefs but lives are not in harmony with those beliefs.

    Jesus used that word 6 di ff erent times in describing the Pharisees. Matthew 23:2

    The religious leaders of that time, very versed in the law there teaching became

    so unscriptural they became a burden to the people.

    Luke 11:52 - took away the key to knowledge to the common people.

    Pharisees no longer exist but BTG does.

    Rev 18:2, 23- by there words and demonic influences false teaching is around

    the world.

    Matthew 23:2. Religious leaders of Jesus time compared to today.

    Hide Jehovah's name from the people. Take gods name out of many translations

    of the bible.

    Heavy loads on people. hellfire teaching. Not refreshing. Many people fed up with


    Rev 23:5-10- Jesus day they like prominent places. Today they wear symbols on

    clothing a. Have you use titles whenapproaching these people

    individuals...Rabbi preacher etc...

    people do a lot of things in gods name. Matthew 23:23;24 false religion tolerates

    a lot of things the bible condemns. Pre marital sex. Homosexuals.

    2 Tim 4:3: People want their ears tickled.

    Matt 23:34- people who worship the true God are opposed and persecuted.


    Brother who treated priests for phedophial and alcohol abuse. Became

    disillusioned over the lies involving the Catholic Church Spent 50 years searching

    for the truth. Now he said he found it.

    Rev 18:4-Get out of BTG. Are we not grateful to be out of BTG.

    We must help others to do the same.

    2:00 Symposium: What Must Be Kept in Second Place?

    (Matthew 6:33)

    Recreation (Mark 6:31) (John 4:34)

    Importance of prioritizing to be successful.

    Matthew 6:33-What are these other things? Food clothing etc...but there are

    other things.

    1) Why does this matter?

    2) How can we keep it in its proper place?

    We all need to have fun and enjoy life. Good friends...art...the beach...etc they all

    make us feel good. Recreation must be kept in proper place though.

    Mark 6:31- There was a time when rest from preaching was needed. As important

    as preaching work was for Jesus he was not a workaholic. Jesus never regretted

    leisure time he spent with friends but never allowed it to over-shadow his primary

    work. John 4:34 the preaching and doing gods will was his primary concern. He

    rested to help him continue working. Same with us today get our priorities in line.

    Taking excessive care of animals and pets can take away From seeking first the

    kingdom. Do I let recreation leave me exhausted or take away from preaching

    and meetings?

    Keep recreation in 2nd Place!

    Eating and Drinking (Ecclesiastes 3:12,13) (Romans 14:17)

    Food is very tasty.

    1) Why do eating and drinking have a place in our life?

    Eccl 3:12;13 For our enjoyment god created food.

    2) How do we keep the in our proper place?

    Jesus knew food and excellent food. Water into fine wine.

    But emphasized spiritual matters greater importance.

    Romans 14:17

    How can we identify needs for adjustment.

    Overweight and obesity can be a medical problem.

    But gluttony is di ff erent.

    1 Cor 6:12;13- Don't be controlled by food

    Or by alcohol.

    Soliloquy by brother who had bad day at work and can't find any liquor in the

    house and says he really needs a drink. Realizes he is using liquor as a crutch.

    Needs to break pattern of coming home and drinking.

    Wine is not the answer only makes us forget the question!

    We are warned by Jehovah not to use food and drink as a crutch. Follow

    Jehovah's loving guidance now and forever in perfection.

    Concerns About Health (Psalm 115:17) (Luke 12:25) (1Timothy 5:23)

    Olympic runner 250 lbs over weight can't win the race.

    1) Why do concerns about health have a place in our life

    Palms 115:17-dead don't praise Jehovah. Dead people most unhealthy people

    on earth. Must try to have good health to serve god.

    2) How can we keep health in its proper place? Worry about health it becomes

    first place in our lives. Luke 12:25 nothing we do can extend our lives.

    Watch out about advice we give to others about supplements or treatments when

    treating health problems. Don't lose balance and sound thinking on health


    DEMONSTRATION 2 SISTERS IN SERVICE. One has health problem and the

    other sister tells her to stay away from doctors. Recommends going on a special

    extreme diet. But sister rejects pamphlets on the subject.

    We need to be concerned about our brothers or sisters health.

    1 Tim 5:23- suggested wine modest advise about health. No where does he talk

    about healing herbs or other medicines.

    Jehovah doesn't preform miracles but pray for guidance on medical treatment

    when doctors are needed.

    Courtships and Weddings (1Corinthians 10:31-35)

    Why do courtships and weddings have a place in our lives. Jehovah instituted


    Proverbs 21:5- Don't rush into a marriage. Wisdom in taking our time. Like going

    to a grocery store when hungry buy first thing that looks good. Make out a

    grocery (check) list before browsing. Spiritual qualifications important.

    How can we keep courtship and weddings in proper place?

    Engaging in ministry and meetings together.

    1Cor 10:31-33- do all things for gods glory.

    Don't let wedding over shadow spiritual things.

    Don't have elaborate weddings or expensive garments.

    Should have a director of wedding to make sure things are kept modestly.


    They made sure music was appropriate at wedding and reception.

    Simple wedding saved them money.

    Family Ties (Matthew 10:37) (Romans 12:17,18)

    Why do family ties have a place in our lives?

    It builds up mutual understanding and respect.

    To strengthen family ties meetings Study. And field ministry.

    Not Christian family members should not be neglected when they have needs

    that do not compromise Christian principles.

    How do we keep family ties in their proper place?

    Many feel little attachment to their family which is not Christian .

    But in other places family takes precedent over everything.

    Do not compromise miss meetings for relatives or association with

    disfellowshipped family members.

    Matthew 10:37- do we have greater a ff ection for family than Jehovah.

    Luke 14:26- This hate means love to a lesser degree our relatives than for Christ



    2 ways to deal with compromise with family.

    Mother wants son to miss meeting to buy groceries. Goes o ff on her. She rejects


    The right way. He explains he still loves her and promises he will help her after

    meeting. She softened her stand on witnesses.

    Romans 12:17;18- be peaceable towards all men. Can help soften relatives

    stance towards the truth.

    Must be responsible towards all relatives but must be kept in proper place!

    Material Pursuits (1Corinthians 9:24)

    Gen 1:31- material things have a proper place in our lives.

    we need clothes water and homes. World was created with material things for us

    to enjoy life.

    1Cor 9:24- 'Material things must be kept in a proper place. Runners need

    material things like shoes and food to win race. But if he carries to many other

    things like golf clubs, bowling balls and donuts this extra weight will slow the


    We us also extra weight material things can weigh us down spiritually. Satan can

    use this In the family.


    Family wants to cut back on expenses so wife can pioneer again. Parents see the

    need to cut back on there personal wants. Cut back on credit card expenses can

    give them more time to spend with children. No more new purchases use what

    they have materially that is still good.

    Material things are a means to an end.

    Don't be like the donkey who has a carrot dangled in front of face. Never does

    get the carrot. Keep worldly desires and pleasure in the back place of our lives.

    Matthew 6:33. Having a family does not mean neglect our spirituality because

    we have a family.

    Keep our eyes of the future of the paradise when our material needs will be


    Ask ourselves are we thinking primarily about 2nd place things (material things)

    or are we keeping them in their proper place.

    Song no. 70. and Announcements

    3:10 Drama: "Do Not Give the Devil an Opportunity" (Ephesians 4:27)

    (1John 4:11)


    Devil tries to cause divisions to undermine our Christian unity.

    Misunderstandings in a business dealing between elders escalates and causes

    division in congregation.

    4:00 "Sacred Secrets of the Kingdom" Progressively Revealed

    (Matthew 13:10,11)

    Comprehension of di ff erent truths have gone from cold to hot over a period of


    Sacred secret is held by Jehovah until he wants to revel it.

    Matthew 13:10-11 (God progressively reveals to those whom he wants)

    What are some of things we had to be revealed?

    Doctrinal changes such as the Ransom were a big issue by the bible students.

    But that was not as important as Jehovah's sovereignty.

    We realized the ransom was not the priority issue.

    Exodus 9:15,16- Jehovah's priority is his name and so it should have been ours.

    Our taking the name Jehovah's Witnesses. Isaiah 43:10. A true privilege to carry

    the creators name.

    The Kingdom understanding of Luke 17:21.

    The Great Crowd Understanding in 1935. A faithful class to reside on earth.

    Mustard grain: Matthew 13:31,32-the understanding was Christendom but was

    later revealed was growth of the organization and the protection given by

    Jehovah in the Christian congregation.

    Leaven : the understanding was Christendom but it refers to spiritual growth that

    is unseen at a time but expands. Preaching work cause growth like leaven

    secretly expands so does increase. Example like growth in Cuba.

    Interview with missionary to see how she has kept up with all the new changes in

    the movement of the celestial chariot recently. We must keep up and hold on for

    dear life.

    We are living in the time of the and true knowledge will become abundant!

    4:20 Teach Your Children to Love God's Kingdom! (Psalm 78:3.4)

    Do we view our family as subjects of Gods kingdom?

    Eph 3:15- This shows the importance Jehovah has given to the family


    Do we view the kingdom as being in operation since 1914 or something of the

    future? We must view ourselves as subjects in the present

    Micah 6:8- new translation is di ff erent for the NWT. Uses the word loyalty.

    Apply this when as a family or a group how loyal are we to Jehovah, Jesus, and

    the Christian congregation.

    Fulfilling Jehovah's will regards the family arrangement requires us to be happy.

    Proverbs 24:3- By wisdom a house is build up. Not automatic requires wisdom.

    How we cope with matters determines how successful our family life will be.

    Psalm 90:8- orders from Jehovah cause our heart rejoice.

    Do we really feel good about his principles.

    His judgements are true and altogether as rightous.

    Are we capable of putting our emotions aside and staying with Jehovah's


    Psalm 90:10- do we feel Jehovah's judgements are overly demanding?

    We live in a turbulent time to raise children. As a couple they should realize

    children change and are erratic. Requires constant attention by parents. As

    children grow up they grow away from parents. Do parents keep up with the

    children. Many challenges like death and finances. But keep focused on the



    A 32 page Brochure entitled "Your Family Can Be Happy"

    Takes a practical approach to challenges.

    Identifying bible principles to help deal with problems.

    What parents can do for a given situation.

    Duet 6:6,7- Words must be on the heart. Impress them upon our children.

    What conversations do you have with your children in your house in the car when

    we are with them before children go to bed.

    Family heads must take into account these principles morn inning, noon and


    Psalms 78:4- when we come home do we watch tv...listen to music or other

    matters than are part of the world we are hiding from our family's in regards to

    spiritual matters.

    Practical things to teach our children

    1) Prayers with our children with them and for them.

    2) Dont allow a generation gap. Encourage them to ask us questions.

    3) Teach them to reason on bible principles.

    4) Help them to set spiritual goals they set for themselves.

    5) Help them discern bible principles

    6) Assist them to become publishers

    7) Help them to set goals for their own heartfelt dedication.

    This requires adapting to each individual child. With their thinking

    2nd NEW RELEASE:


    Family heads do you teach them or do you expect others in congregation to do

    so. If not you are failing in a major responsibility in your life.

    This brochure uses a question followed by a dash. Children should answer the



    Song 88. Closing Prayer

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    1950 disfellowshipping arrangement keeps congregation clean.

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    Apparently Family Happiness now requires only a little pamphlet insted of a whole book.

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    2 Cor 12:2-4- 3rd heaven represent an (3rd represents the kingdom in elevated



    3rd heaven is messianic kingdom!

    Paradise is physical,spiritual, and heavenly!

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    Nice notes on Babylon talk! I took the liberty of making a few adjustments as it's a clear case of the pot calling the kettle black!

    1:40 How Babylon the Great Has "Shut Up The Kingdom"

    (Matthew 23:2, 4-10, 13, 23, 24,34)

    Hypocrite: Belive certain beliefs but lives are not in harmony with those beliefs.

    Jesus used that word 6 di ff erent times in describing the governing body and elders. Matthew 23:2

    The governing body of this time, very versed in the law there teaching became

    so unscriptural they became a burden to the people.

    Luke 11:52 - took away the key to knowledge to the common people. (Nobody can understand the bible except the Governing Body and nobody can get holy spirit and direction except them)

    Pharisees no longer exist but the governing body does.

    Rev 18:2, 23- by theie words and demonic influences false teaching is around

    the world.

    Matthew 23:2. Religious leaders of Jesus time compared to today.

    Have Jehovah's name shown but nobody can approach him for direction and understanding only the governing body. Remove holy spirit from being accessible to the people.

    Heavy loads on people. Nonstop man commandments like no recreation, no fun weddings, nonstop field service, contributions, studying manmade publications that are not refreshing. Many people fed up with

    Rev 23:5-10- Jesus day they like prominent places. Today they wear titles. Have you use titles whenapproaching these people

    individuals...elder, circuit overseer, governing body member, etc.

    people do a lot of things in gods name. Matthew 23:23;24 false religion tolerates

    a lot of things the bible condemns. Forbidding people to get holy spirit and direction through prayer alone, judging others, shunning those who leave the manmade teachings, forbidding to let holy spirit guide individuals, forcing to accept false beliefs to be unified, etc.

    2 Tim 4:3: People want their ears tickled.

    Matt 23:34- people who worship the true God are opposed and persecuted, usually by disfellowshipping and shunning when they stand up for what is right.


    Brother who treated elders for phedophial and alcohol abuse. Became

    disillusioned over the lies involving the Watchtower religion Spent 50 years searching

    for the truth. Now he said he found it.

    Rev 18:4-Get out of Watchtower. Are we not grateful to be out of the watchtower?

    We must help others to do the same.

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