Witnesses called for a bible study

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  • konceptual99
    They will come in. Faf around for a while. Then go. Never to return as they will have discerned that you clearly do not have the right heart condition.
  • oppostate

    Ask them if they are there to share the good news with you.

    Then ask them to read you Galatians 1:8, 9 because the good news is what's important to a follower of Christ. The apostle Paul says this is very serious.

    Tell them you know about their literature and how it says announcing Jehovah's Kingdom, but you are really interested in the Good News of the Bible not what some magazine says. How is this the good news of the Bible that Paul talked about?

    Ask them if they can tell you what exactly are the good news they preach.

    Then could they show you from their Bible where it says what they said.

    And you open your Bible to 1 Corinthians 15:1-8. How does that match with what they preach, because if not, they are teaching another good news, and if so, then they stand condemned as Galatians 1:7 says.

    Go back to Galatians 1 and now read them verses 6 and 7.

    So if they preach another good news they really have deserted God, as verse 6 says.



  • ToesUp
    They may not show up and if they do they will leave quickly once they can't answer your questions or you start making valid points. They will leave and talk in the car how you are lost or weak. It's ALWAYS your fault, no matter what! It's the JW way!
  • sparrowdown

    Don't let their superior attitude get to you. You held your own with them better than most. Well done.

    If they return, continue to stand your ground on a bible-only discussion. It is, after all, a reasonable request.

  • umbertoecho

    Thank you for the comments and the advice given here. I am going to read the scriptures recommended by oppostate and try to be ready with a rational attitude. I realize that religion is such an emotional subject that it is easy for people to lose tempers due to frustration. I secretly hope that perhaps this next visit with the elder and his wife.....is due to some desire on their part to study in the same way as me.

    I was nearly baptised a few years ago but some of the very last questions were asking me to align myself with the actual religion. I had not found any substantiation when I was reading the actual bible. In the bible there is no sort of title to call oneself except to say that we follow the Christ and believe we are saved. What I mean is.....there is no actual name except for the one that is Christ; to associate myself with. This stirred up some contentions when I questioned the study conductors at the time. Still, I believe I am supposed to be baptised in order to be acceptable to God.

  • leaving_quietly

    Adding , if I may to FayeDunaway`s comment quote the Kingdom Interlinear Translation of The Christian Greek Scriptures published by the WTB&TS , the word for word translation states in John 1:1 In the beginning was the word and the word was with god and the word was god.

    Actually, @smiddy, the word for word translation is: "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was toward the god and god was the Word."

    kai theos he ho logos

    and god was the Word

  • Heaven

    My mother told me my eternal life was in peril because I didn't go door to door.

    I asked her to point out the scripture that states handing out Watchtower and Awake! magazines and convincing people to join the Jehovah's Witnesses is the definition of works that would ensure I had eternal life.

    She was unable to do so. And was quite annoyed. Typical.

  • umbertoecho

    I think I may have upset them when I asked them to show me anywhere in Genesis that, from the outset, when the first couple had been created. God said "...it/they were perfect, for there is no passage that says this..." Although God did say ...." it was good.." This is a far cry from saying it is perfect.... ........They did look this up as it was very early into our discussion. This was a good point for discussion as there is no way the first couple are said to be perfect. That is when they asked me if I blamed God for the downfall of Adam and Eve. I told them that it actually made sense to the whole fiasco that occurred in Eden, for although they may have been quite perfect in the physical form, with all the potential for perfection........The admonishment, not to eat of "that" tree, was (to me) the test that could lead them to a perfect state in Gods' eyes.

    Then I reminded them of Christ's being tempted by Satan, passing that test and thereby creating a bridge for the rest of us. For, Christ came in a physical body and never allowed his self to be lured away from his or is Fathers purpose by any sort of promise. This was worth a discussion as far I was concerned. As to why I even bother. I suppose a part of me is hopeful that there is some place I can find where there is a genuine exchange and a place to learn. They did not like my comment about there "not being any elders" mentioned in the bible. I read in one of the responses above about this point. And I did address it that day.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Likely the Elder will come with a prepared "Bible discussion" that is based on Chap 1 of their current publication used to study with the public and he will just follow the sequence the same as if you were studying their book.


  • steve2

    Your most compelling finding is JWs are completely out of their depth without their paint-by-numbers literature. So busy peddling their organization that they cannot just use the Bible. The two women will dislike you intensely by now. If he shows at all, the elder will flail like a hooked fish and, as the gills seize up, patronjze or denounce you before leaving.

    Whst a warped outllok that they cannot cope with the Bible alone. So much for the claim to have gone back to the Bible!

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