Any ideas for my return visit?

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  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Even if the Dub doesn't 'get it' it a great anti-witness. You already saw that. I bet your friend won't be in a hurry to sign up with The Nutter's Club.

  • KateWild


    Thanks so much for your encouragement I appreciate it, but going toe to toe with elders was the reason I got df'd for "reviling". I have always had the confidence, but now I have the opportunity if I chose to take it.

    I don't go to town much, I don't have the need. But when I do go I will say my hellos and make a return visit. I know after this thread that clearing my name is not an option.

    Kate xx

    Black Sheep, yes the girl I was with is certainly more aware of WT cult status now. Kate xx

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Hi Kate,

    I can certainly feel your pain!... and frustration. Who wants to be treated unjustly? Who of us wants our name smeared? and then have "the glorious ones" piously sneer at us as we walk by, as if they are soooooo special, and 'righteous'!?!

    I agree with you, though... I may be a lot like you... I am not DF'd... yet! But, my husband and children are, and just as you, very unfairly. What did they do wrong? They told the truth! They stood up for what is right! and that is not allowed in WT land.

    JW's always want to tell "their side of the story." "We are persecuted for blah, blah, blah....... We just want to tell the truth, we just want our first amendment rights, we just want....... " But damn if you want to tell yours. Nope, not allowed.

    Be proud that you DO KNOW THE TRUTH, that YOU are the righteous and true one, and have stuck by your conscience, and are actually FREE of guilt for supporting lies... of anything. I really do think that it is the 'good ones' that leave. People who have moral character are the ones that end up leaving.

    Personally, I am all for doing whatever helps one 'get over' or 'get on' with one's life... whether it is 'talking to JW's' or not, blogging, or not.... as long as it is for YOU, great. Be happy with your decisions, just don't expect anything back, right? If I want to tell someone the real truth behind what happened to my family, I will. I won't 'expect anything,' but will not be beaten down, have my head down, walk around like 'I don't exist'!!!!

    I will be happy, dance, be proud, live, love, share and laugh!

    Hang in there Kate, you are on your way!!!!

    cha ching, cha ching..... be happy and sing!

  • KateWild

    People who have moral character are the ones that end up leaving.-cha ching

    Ahh that's so sweet, I agree to an extent. Ones who leave for good. Those who get Df'd for sex, are straight back in after six months. But those that leave for good can see all the hypocrisy. I know of one couple that left after they got married. A year before the girl got Df'd for being raped, and then RI'd. As soon as they got married they went to a different KH and left easily.

    The trouble is they still believe it's "The Truth" even though what happened was unjust and guidance in the flock book.

    But I do agree.

    Kate xx

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    The trouble is they still believe it's "The Truth" even though what happened was unjust and guidance in the flock book. Kate


    I do see that happening with people. They have a small, compartmentalized view of the 'organization.' I think that when ex-JW's reveal the inner workings of the organization on a world wide scale, whether it be on the internet, or in person.... honest hearted people will have a hard time dismissing it out of their heads...

    JW's hear the mantras "we are imperfect", "people make mistakes", "Jehovah will take care of it in his due time", so many times in a month, that it has become part of their psyche... an automatice defense clause.

    So, when something unusual can shake their boat, perhaps... perhaps, a bit of ice cold ocean water will hit them on the face, and that will be the beginning of their awakening... we can only hope the best for them... That is why I feel that if I do do something, it is only because I want to do it, and if no one listens, I can still feel good about myself. It is me... my decision.

  • cha ching
  • KateWild

    Great inspirational, motivational songs. Kate xx

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