Any ideas for my return visit?

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  • Laika

    Hi Kate

    Glad you had a good day, I saw some JWs outside a train station when I was in your city in March, I wondered if they knew you. I was with my JW parents who stopped to talk to them, I thought it best to stay quiet.

    It sounds like you're a minor celebrity now! I suspect there's been more than a few lies said about you, good to set the record straight!

  • KateWild

    As for a return visit? Oooooh, dress up as Sparlock?-punky

    LOL! Very funny idea, but no. I do get OUTLAWs point and I'm glad he has brought me down to earth. Now I have no expectations. I saw the sister that said Hi to me again this morning outside the supermarket and said hello again and she walked passed as if I did not exist, so I guess clearing my name is less likely than I expected.

    Kate xx

  • KateWild

    I wondered if they knew you.-Laika

    haha, it would have been really funny, but tricky for you to say how you know me. You could have got into hot water. But the next time you are in the area bandy my name about. They are outside Lime Street Station and on Bold Street outside Central as well.

    It's highly unlikely that out of all those points there won't be at least one JW that knows me. I am not really a celebrity, but we used to have a lot of parties and invite ones from the circuit, and I regularly worked in FS with ones from different congs. I was always out going and opinionated.

    I just hate the fact now for the rest of my life these friends and loved ones are going to ignore me, but I will not conform and always politely greet them even if they ignore me. Who is really the better Christian in imitation of Jesus.

    Kate xx

  • smiddy


    Just my two cents worth , some people leave the "truth" but the "truth" never leaves them , does this apply to you ? I know their are good people in the religion ,good hearted people who are victims of a cult and are brainwashed to accept whatever the Elders/governing Body/Watchtower, says .You know this .The watchtower religion has never, ever, admitted a wrong about anything,do you think they will do so for you ? I dont think so.

    Dont delude yourself into thinking you will get justice in this organisation , you wont. You never will.

    The people you liked and liked you in the organisation were fine , but once you were outside that perimeter , for whatever reason , just or injust , you became an outcast , until YOU repent and come back into the fold.

    A jehovahs witness and their freinds , whether family members or not , are all conditional on remaining a jehovahs witness , once you leave ,disaccotiate ,or are disfellowshipped , you are cast off and shunned .

    You think you have a loyal freind with one of Jehovahs Witnesses ? THINK AGAIN


  • KateWild


    You have a good point. It felt cathartic to get mt point across and have a chat. But after all is said and done I accept I can't clear my name on a cong level. I have to wait for JWs to leave and they have, a sister I studied with left WT recently. I have cleared my name with her.

    She is comming round tomorrow, I intend to teach her TTATT in due course, she very much still believes in "The Truth".

    Thanks for your help Smiddy

    Kate xx

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Can you take a friend with you when you do a 'return visit'?

    If a JW is going to sound like a fanatical cult member, they need to know that they are doing it with an audience so that they will think about what they said while they try to get to sleep at night.

  • KateWild


    I had someone with me, it was really funny. She was shocked at some of the fanatical things that the brother was saying. It was as if they don't care about being a "good witness" after certain things get brought up.

    Good idea, to have some there though.

    Kate xx

  • DJS


    These exercises may be cathartic for you; if so, I'm not going to disparage your activities. But your chances of clearing your name or reaching the Borgians in any meaningful manner are slim to none (I think you know that). Raw emotion can be a useful tool if directed in a useful manner. Not to criticize (you are one of my faves), but this reads like a LadyGagy song "Bad Romance." The Borg will view you as wanting back in and angry at Jah rather than trying to clear your name. Their 'solution' for you is to wear sackcloth and ashes, go to all of their boring-ass meetings (arriving late), sit in the back and shuffle off immediately after the song for whatever amount of time they feel will show them your 'repentence.' The more you press the issue the more they become entrenched and convinced that you are the problem, not the elders or the borganization. Walk away Renee. Be happy, cheerful and get your damn job back!!!!

    You know all of this.

  • KateWild


    Good advice. My daughter is one who does not approach the trolleys. I am more vocal, but you are so right. I can't clear my name, and I need to get my job back indeed that should be my second priority next to solving contact issues with my son.

    I just needed a bit of relief from the the stress of that, and I had a laugh.

    You have got me refocused again on my priorities. Thanks

    Kate xx

  • Make Lemonade
    Make Lemonade


    Yes get your life back. Job, family, etc.. However:

    Look at you now. Your past posts show a "struggle" to say the least. Now you can fly your plane right into the storm all by yourself. Are you kidding me! That is awesome with sauce!

    By the way, your watchtower background is being honed into an educational machine. You went toe to toe with an elder who has heard your story. "HEARD YOUR STORY" Think about that.

    Think about this as well:

    W96 p. 10 par. 8 (Zep. 1:12) The expression "men who are congealing upon their dregs" (a reference to wine making) refers to those who have settled down, like dregs at the bottom of a vat, and who do not want to be disturbed by any proclamation of imminent divine intervention in the affairs of mankind.

    By all means keep up the good work.

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