Any ideas for my return visit?

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  • KateWild

    Hi everyone,

    I had a really fun day today. I went to town on first call to witness to the JWs on the trolley outside the main train station in the city. I had prepared two different presentations depending on whether or not the JWs knew me.

    If they knew me I planned to tell them how unjust my last JC was and that I didn't believe Jehovah cared about me or anyone, and if they didin't know me I would just question them about their disfellowshipping policy. They are the only two options of JW trolley dollies right?


    I was not prepared for who were manning the trolley, the JWs were from my cong and knew of me, and heard much gossip about me in their 5 months there. But obviously did not have the full picture. The couple were assigned there by the branch after going to the School for Married couples, and the brother, who is an elder had obviously heard a lot about me even after 5 months of not going. Here's how it went.

    I was with my employee, as we approached the train station I could see two sisters by the trolley and a brother standing about 12 feet away, they were all holding plastic covered WT and Awakes, with only the Awake side up which read "STRESS-Keys to managing it" well I thought this was perfect because I saw that I didn't know them and thought it was a great conversation starter as Dfing causes stress, and the recommended way that the WT would say to manage stress is to pray, when in actual fact praying causes CD.

    There were pedestrians all busily walking around them near the train station, but not one of the JWs approached a single pedestrian, one even walked passed the trolly, very slowly less that a foot away and read the literature and she still didn't get approrached!

    Pause. Question for active trolley publishers.

    Are you told not to approach anyone unless they approach you as part of your trolley training?

    Unpause, continue. After I saw this I waited until the flurry of pedestrians cooled down for a bit and then we approached very close to see what would happen. I was reading the front cover of the mag for what seemed to be an eternity until the sister enagaged with me, the coversation went something like this........

    JW sis: Hello are you interested in this magazine?

    Kate: Yes well I have heard JWs Df their members and this causes stress, would you agree?

    JW sis: Have you been associated with JWs before? (classic answering a question with a question strategy, when the question is too awkward, but I expected it and actually told my employee that they would do it so it was funny)

    Kate: Yes I know someone that has been Df'd, the Dfing caused them stress, would you agree?

    JW sis: So have you yourself ever been associated with JWs? ( My policy is when a person asks me impertinant questions more than once when I have already answered I lie to them, Rehab lied)

    Kate: No, So do you think that Dfing causes stress? Do you think that some maybe Df'd unjustly?

    JW sis: Well the process is guided by holy spirit so no, but I can see how it would cause stress.

    Kate: So you don't think that it's possible that some can get Df'd unjustly?

    JW sis: Well men are imperfect. (classic thought stopper)

    Kate: (Bam to the jugular, she played striaght into my hands), That's a paradox you can't be imperfect and guided by holy spirit. It's one or the other.

    JW sis: Umm okay, would you just like to come with me. (She directed us to her hubby, she probably isn't educated enough to understand what the word paradox is because there are so many in WT, and she is happy in WT lala land being ignorant with no cognitive dissonance)Hi Tom this is, sorry what's your name?

    Kate: Hi Tom I'm Kate

    JW bro: Hi Kate nice to meet you

    JW sis: Kate was just saying, blah blah blah (it's all above) So she says it's a paradox.

    JW bro: I can see why you would think that, but God has the full picture and resolves things in his own time.

    Kate: But the magazine highlights stress, so do you think Dfing unjustly causes stress?

    JW Bro: What did you say your name was Kate?

    Kate: Yes

    JW bro: Ahh yes you're Kate Wild aren't you, you are Df'd

    Kate: Yes thats me, but you don't know me. And this is xxxx congs territory, What hall are you from?

    JW sis: Ahh you lied!!! You need to have a humble heart and lying shows you are not humble.

    Kate: Well that was theocratic warfare I don't believe in the shunning policy and I don't want to be shunned. So this is xxxx congs territory, what hall are you from?

    JW bro: Yes, we are from that cong.

    Kate: Ahh yes you are the ones from the Couples school that got assigned here. Well I think some get baptised far too young and suffer the consequences. How old were you when you got baptised?

    JW Bro and Sis: 23, 17

    JW Bro: Well if you think of it as a business arrangement....

    Kate: You can't say that at 17 you weren't old enough to even get married

    JW bro: You can get married at 16

    Kate: Only with parental consent. If I knew what the elders book said before I got baptised, I would have never got baptised in the first place.

    JW bro: Wifey, just go over there.

    Kate: I take it she hasn't read the elders book

    JW bro: No she's just keeping the other sister company.

    After that we had a very detailed conversation about my JC and how they had treated me unfairly we talked about personal circumstances and he basically kept saying thing like "So what your saying is......." and completely twisting what I was saying, because he had clearly been party to elders meetings where they had disscussed me. He also said things like...... "yes but I haven't got the full picture" I said he could get the full picture by listening to the recording of my JC, and he refused to.

    We also chatted about how holy spirit works on him in a JC situation and he said it's by works, I said something like anyone can see others do work how actually does HS work on you? He gave me some woo answer. I basically said that Jehovah needs to prove to me he still cares about me by guiding the JC to act in a just way, and until that happens I wouldn't believe that they are guided by HS. He also suggested I go to another hall, I said it was pointless as I knew my original JC would have to RI me and I didn't want to go anywhere where I would be ignored and felt unwelcome. All in all they chatted to a Df'd person in public for over an hour.

    Why did I do this?

    I want to clear my name, and want other JWs in the area to know that unjust DF'ing goes on and because of this I don't want to get RI'd I just want to be able to talk to any JWs I know whenever I see them, as I don't want to conform to WTs shunning policy.

    It was also very cathartic to get my point across. I have always felt that the publishers think I am willfully commiting sin, and I did not show repentance. Now I can tell them what really happened. I phoned my JW elder friend and told him what happened and that I met this couple. He gave me all the blah blah about coming back and he would stick up for me in the elders meetings, really sweet and loving. I miss him and his wife, I wish I could have more contact with them.

    If you have not heard my full story and want to watch the youtube with the JC meeting please PM me and I will send you a link and bump the thread.

    Any ideas for my return visit? How long should I wait so elders only don't start manning the trolley?

    Kate xx

  • talesin

    They have a stand about 3 blocks away, and I was wanting to do 'something'. So I was happy to read this!

    I like your approach, and will have to think something up! My family is well-known, and it may be hard to do it without being recognized, so two approaches (like you had) would be good.

    Thanks, and GREAT JOB! I hope that like the lies, some truth filters back and people you know, who have been told a lot of lies about you, will at least sit back and think "I KNEW she wasn't that kind of person!"



  • KateWild

    Thanks Tal,

    I hope the truth filter back too, but this sis was deeply moved that I lied so she will have nothing positive to say about me, and her elder wife would not allow her to listen to me as soon as I mentioned the elders book.

    Having said this I will make return visits to clear my name, but I will make sure I go different time of the day and week, and not too often as I don't want to harrass JWs, I just don't want to be shunned and want to be listened to. If they start actively shunning me in public after elders direction I will just walk away and see what happens the next time.

    Kate xx

  • Giordano

    JW sis: Ahh you lied!!! You need to have a humble heart and lying shows you are not humble.

    Lying is being deceptive or using misdirection, or sparing someone as in 'does this dress make my ass look fat?' It has nothing to do with humble. The women and her husband were the perfect choice to attend the world famous JW School for Married Couples (no gay couples need apply). The organization that encouraged/mandated that the JW's would become the next to last educated religion (Pew Survey) in first world countries has a school for married couples....... how appropriate.

    What you have been running into dear Kate is the Society's own brand of Sharia Law. Not content to follow the 6 reasons that are mentioned in the NT they have gone back to the future and cherry picked some old testament rules and then topped it off with their corporate culture like the ban on smoking, women wearing pants in service , men having beards. They have mixed all of these things together, added ice and some sugar and presented it as TRUTH.

    By the way Elders having to handle the trolley would be a fitting punishment for them.

  • KateWild

    By the way Elders having to handle the trolley would be a fitting punishment for them.-Giordano

    LOL! hahahahaha. I didn't think of it like that, they do it in shifts as parking is really expensive. I know this because the elder only stopped his convo with me because the next shift had arrived and he said his parking had run out.

    They haven't got enough on the BOE in that cong to cover every shift to stop me ever approaching. But I did see some a couple of weeks ago as I drove by who were from a different cong.

    Maybe more than one cong mans them. Anyone??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Kate xx

  • KateWild

    What you have been running into dear Kate is the Society's own brand of Sharia Law.-Giordano

    Yep indeed...........

    BTW the elder was really controlling in another way. The next two on shift were young girls, one was 18 and the other one was my daughter friend, who had been to our house for parties a few times. So I turned round with him and said "Oh hi Patsy" then Bro IAmInControl said "No don't talk to her and make her feel uncomfortable" she said hi back, but I didn't wan't him to DF her for chatting with me. Plus I can go back when ever I like and speak to her when he's not ther if she is happy to listen.

    Kate xx

  • Giordano

    I know this because the elder only stopped his convo with me because the next shit had arrived and he said his parking had run out.

    Best typo ever Kate!

  • Giordano

    Not your friend of course.

  • KateWild

    Well spotted, fixed it now. But it made me smile, and your post is there for prosterity. Kate xx


    Good for you!!! Yay!!! Stand up for yourself girl!! You know what I think would work like a charm?? If you had your own trolley-cart and set up next to them whenever you saw them. Imagine how awesome it would be! You don't have to say a word. Just wheel on up and open the cart! It could say ," Cult Awareness!" or something like that. You could have print-outs of WT-quotes and cards with links to!

    Maybe some other ex-jws would help you? I would even send you some money to help purchase a cart!


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