CO Special Meeting with MS & Elders

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    If you are an MS, you are an Elumb in training. It makes sense that they want you to learn all the stalking techniques. Every MS that I know wouldn't dare to approach me in any way. They know better. They know it's all political BS, plus they think I'm super-cool and reasonable. That's probably why I will never be appointed. I simply can't be a cult member. Thank [ insert DEITY here]!!!!!!


  • Pitchess Co-Gen
    Pitchess Co-Gen

    It's funny that it's takes the CO for the 'elders' to do their job lol. Because aren't they supposed to meet with the disfellowshipped and inactive every year ?

  • Simon Templar
    Simon Templar

    Its held early in the week because things need to be done during the week. I suspect that it relates to supporting the FS arrangements in the morning and afternoon and that the CO needs to either work in service, eat a meal in the home of, or see on the platform anyone that the BOE is proposing for an appointment.


    Oh Yeah!! The Ol' JW Catwalk, aka, the platform! Time for the candidates to strut their stuff!! Who reads the Bible reading, who gives the #3?!!? Who gives a prayer!??!! Oohh!! I am getting all tingly!!!


  • bobert

    I'm pretty sure that most of what goes on in those meetings is just how the congregations doing, territory stuff, and new changes in political sorta stuff. My dad's an elder and is pretty transparent. I don't think it's super often that the meetings are about deleting various brothers/sisters or congregation problems, or investigtions.

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