Why was the Book of Enoch omitted from the Bible..

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  • tim hooper
    tim hooper

    Would the Nephilim be able to breed? If they were the product of angels and women then they'd be sterile.

  • Apognophos

    I suspect that any claims that seemed too over the top, like 450 feet people, were also a reason for a potential Bible book getting rejected. Even the ancients had limits to their credulity.... The books that came down to us in what we call the Protestant Bible generally don't break the laws of physics and biology in such obvious ways.

  • jam

    "Don;t break the laws of physics and biology in such obvious ways".

    Like a talking snake, talking ass, dividing of the Red sea, replacing

    a sheared hand and resurrecting the dead. LOL

  • Apognophos

    Those are miracles, so they were not considered to be subject to the laws of the natural world.

  • designs

    Genesis 5:23, forgot about that, interesting

  • kaik

    not to mention broken natural laws like floating axe, man living in a whale belly, talking dunkey, or sun moving during the battle to extend daylight.

  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

    I listened to the BOE on audio a few months ago. It's made of two books. One deals with fallen angels or watchers. The other is about end time snad uses astronomy to predict the end times. The final chapters are classic and funny as israel is portayed through history as animals. .. giving the time of writing as 100-50BCE

  • smiddy


    Whether the sun moved , or the earth stopped rotating during the battle , to extend daylight , either would be calamatous for the earth and its inhabitants .


    I didnt know the Ethiopian Orthodox Bible contained the book of Enoch


  • kaik

    Smiddy, the Book of Enoch is also used in some of the Slavic Orthodox churches. There is also a version that is called Slavonic Book of Enoch, sometimes called the II Enoch or Secret of Enoch. It was written in glagolic script and used in Old Slavonic church probably 860 onwards, but later forgotten.

  • Jeffro

    tim hooper:

    If they were the product of angels and women then they'd be sterile.

    Since angels and 'nephilim' have never existed, it's implicit that the nonexistent nephilim would be unable to have children. But there is zero basis for the claim that the offspring of fictitious magical spirit thingies would necessarily be sterile. Assigning any particular attributes to 'nephilim' is really just fan-fiction.

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