Do Governing Body members only give talks in TOP resort/travel destinations?

by EndofMysteries 10 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Faithful Witness
    Faithful Witness

    EndofMysteries: Oh, I did tell my mom about that. It was all over the news here, and since she avoids the lying media, I did tell her about that story.

    My brother in law is an MS, and he was talking about how certain congs were trying to get dibs on the better parking ramps, etc. They seem to be aware that parking is going to be a problem, but she is just trusting that "the society has it all worked out for us..." with the shuttle buses, etc. She is skeptical, with the estimated 40,000 people ("Or LESS!" I jokingly added, as she was getting riled up and nervous about the event).

    She seems most concerned that they are inviting "the PUBLiC" (gasp)!! I guess she thinks that someone would coordinate an attack on the JW's, all gathered together in a big group like that. I don't know if she came up with that on her own, or it is one of those paranoid murmurings from inside the congregation.

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