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    Had a long conversation with one of our local Mount Shasta denizens about Sasquatch. He says he has heard Sasquatch, but hasn't seen one. Says there is a law in Oregon against shooting Sasquatch, $500 fine and a year in jail. I asked if he thinks Sasquatch is a big ape, a relative of humans. He said no, and he doesn't think it's some kind of large bear, either. So I asked him why they don't seem to have found any dead Sasquatch bodies anywhere and he asked me when was the last time I saw any animal body in the forest. Fair point. The wild animals clean things up pretty well in the woods.

    I asked what he thinks Sasquatch really is. He said it's a projection into our space/time from another dimension. What we see (except no one has really seen Sasquatch!) is just a three-dimensional representation of a multi-dimensional being.

    I said the law in Oregon is interesting, but if someone shot Sasquatch he/she'd be really rich and famous in spite of a year in the pokey. He said that person would be infamous, an entirely different thing. I mentioned that the local Indian tribe, a hundred years or so ago, had a word for short little people they claimed lived on Mt. Shasta. I can't remember what the word was right now. I said I wondered what they meant, did it refer to some sort of animal like a raccoon, or did they really see some little race of people. This guy reads a lot, I thought he might have come across some interesting story, a bit of local lore, but suddenly it was all about Lemurians and Telos.

    These conversations leave me dizzy, sometimes. This little guy, who looks incredibly like Humpty-Dumpty, seems to be carrying on an intelligent conversation and making an interesting point or two, then suddenly we're in outer space.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    I love all this kind of legends!


  • Magnum

    I think that a lot of people want to believe in such things because they are so bored and dissatisfied with their current mundane lives. Heck, I'd love to believe in such, too. Without his beliefs in such things, he just lives a boring life looking like Humpy-Dumpty. Such things bring excitement to his world. They give him hope that there's something else beyond his boring life. Kind of like with JWs. They hold on to their unfounded farfetched ideas because without them, they're just janitors and window washers.

    I find such legends and beliefs to be interesting and entertaining.

    What do you think about Sasquatch?

  • Hortensia

    I am sure there are more animals out there to be discovered, but it seems to me all the recent discoveries are of small critters. I don't see how something that large could escape detection very well. So, I doubt there's really any yeti or sasquatch. But who knows? I think it's more likely that there may be large unknown creatures in the ocean, since the earth's oceans are so huge.

  • zebagain

    I saw a flight of UFO at 1100. 8 of them clear as, cone shaped point to the top flying steady in "V" formation into the wind.

    I just hope who/whatever is out there has done a better job of their planet than humans have of this one.

  • Zoos

    This little guy, who looks incredibly like Humpty-Dumpty, seems to be carrying on an intelligent conversation and making an interesting point or two, then suddenly we're in outer space.

    Your friend would make a wonderful Jehovah's Witness. You should offer him a bible study.

  • MadGiant

    Sasquatch sightings have been reported all throughout rural areas in the United States. Most sightings usually involve a Sasquatch crossing a path or street. Some sightings also claim that Sasquatches live in communities and sometimes befriend people. Most of these sigtings are collected on various websites to help prove the existence of Sasquatch or to be read at the amusement of everyone else.

    One of the most famous Sasquatch encounters was in California where the famous Patterson-Grimlin Film was made. This gainy film showed a blurry version of Sasquatch taking a stroll through the California wilderness. For many Sasquatch/Bigfoot "researchers", this sole video was considered one of the most solid pieces of evidence...until years later, when the video was admitted to being man made, false "bullcrap".

    In the summer of 1969, Sasquatch paid a visit to Texas and decided to attack a couple who were "Parking" outside of Lake Worth (which "parking" was just a fancy way of saying "boning" back then). The couple was unhurt, but apparently Sasquatch scratched their truck, and probably due to a slow newsday, the story made the front page on the newspaper the next morning. Due to this, a few dozen people went to the lake to see if they could catch a glimpse of Sasquatch in all his blurry goodness.

    These people, most likely Hippies, got more than a glimpse when instead of hanging out and smoking weed with them, Sasquatch decided to throw a f*cking tire at them! It could be argued that Sasquatch was ahead of his time and realized how annoying Hippies are.

    The following weeks, Sasquatch was a little more chilled out. His only shenangins involved jumping in front of a car causing it to crash into a tree and another case where he jumped into the back of a truck where a person was sleeping and stealing his chicken.

    Sasquatch has tamed down the rock and tire throwing and has become less reclusive. In fact, Sasquatch now can be seen in a co-staring role in various Jack Links commercials, and has made a cameo in Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny. He's also gained world-wide recognition by appearing in the 2010 Winter Olympics

    Despite many "findings" of evidence, Sasquatch tales are usually laughed off by the general science community as many times they turn out to be pure bull. Despite the lack of solid proof, every habitable continent has a "Sasquatch" history, mostly originating from indigenous people's tales dating centuries back. Over a third of Sasquatch tales and findings take place in the Pacific Northwest.

    A majority of "Sasquatch evidence" turn out to be eyewitness reports, which usually take place in very rual areas by one or a handful of witnesses who are the only people around. (Like UFO's and religious related events).

    Usually they go into great detail to describe how they aren't lying and have perfect eyesight. Since the 1920s, the number of eyewitness stories have grown significantly.

    Modern evidence is usually presented as hair samples and cast footprints. More recently, a 2008 YouTube video gained fame when a group of Georgia hunters "found" a Sasquatch body and posted a video online showing the body in a freezer. The video managed to show up on several newscasts including, ABC News, CNN, Fox News, and BBC. However at a press conference, the body was thawed out and it was revealed that the body was just a costume with deer guts thrown in for good taste.

    Despite this, there is still a large group of people who believe that Sasquatch is real and some groups even pay rewards for information that will lead them finding evidence that Sasquatch is real.

    I really respect flipper.

    Take care,


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  • stillin

    Was that Sasquatch on the wing of that airplane in the Twilight Zone?


    In 2014 we still have not surveyed 50% of the USA on foot, because the areas are so dense, or the terrain is too dangerous. There are still areas where few humans have walked. I think that is amazing. Also, the Congo Swamp is the size of Florida, yet it is 90% unexplored. Ever heard of the Congo Chimp?

    In my area, which is a major US city, Mountain lions are e erywhere. This was denied by all the Conservation agents. Then a couple were killed in the city by traffic. No one wanted to believe that a large predatory animal lived right in their own back yard.

    The average modern human would die within a week, if dropped into a truly wild area. You could be dead in one night from exposure. We just don't go out there anymore. I don't want to go away from civilization. There are places where humans are still eaten.

    Animals who are elusive go where we are not, because even though we are weak individually, collectively we are the top predators. Animals only risk contact for food. So if anything was out there, humans won't find it with a camera crew making a racket in the woods. It took over 50 years for humans to find a Giant Panda once they started looking. The Panda wasn't trying to hide either.

    It's possible that a human-sized or slightly larger primate could be hiding in the more dangerous parts of the world. The Mountain Gorilla was a myth for quite awhile.


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