Obey Jehovah's Janitors! Fake study article

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  • RayPublisher

    Obey Jehovah's Janitors! Thank Geehovah for the Elder-Janitor class brothers...



  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    I'm gonna print this out so I can get it all highlited.



  • Londo111

    In answer to question 3, I want to bring back the cheese danishes and Swiss Miss Vanilla pudding.

    But please don't subject us to Shasta cola!

  • Beth Shan
    Beth Shan

    I'm feeling enlightened and spiritually refreshed. You see, my husband hit me and I didn't feel like having a bible study today. Until I read your article and the sister studying with me said "Selma, who is trying to be the Christian here? You or Steve?" Humbly, I submitted to his beatings and I am happy to say after 17 years of beatings, Steve is now studying the bible with the Jehovah's Witnesses, in between beating me.

  • TTATTelder

    That is awesome!!!!

    I cried laughing. Truly entertaining.

    I enjoyed all of it, but the last thing I read was the best.

    Question 3! Boy does that bring back memories!

    I don't think I have ever referred to another sandwich as a hoagie before or since those assembly days.


  • BU2B

    Guys, I am coming out of the closet. I am a maintenance/cleaning person and am employed by New York State at a university. I consider myself to be intelligent, open minded, and a logical and clear thinker.

    I am considering going on to another field but for now with the economy the way it is, and the cost of college the way it is, plus family responsibilites I am staying put for now. I make the same or more than some of the office workers in the building i maintain. Are my opinions any less important than theirs? I work with many college educated, smart people who have been laid off from factories or cannot find jobs in their field. This job with its generous paid time off and benefits is the best fit for them and their family. I accrue 6 hours of vacation time and 4 hours of sick time every two weeks, plus 5 personal days a year and 12 paid holidays. I have this job because it is my best option for the time being as I see it. Many who have went to and graduated college want my job. I find this constant bashing of janitors on JWN offensive.

    The WT is to blame for influencing intelligent people to do menial labor when they could have done more, and this upsets me greatly. I am reaping the rewards now for their influence on my mind in high school, when considering college etc. However the worth, knowledge, intelligence, or logical thinking abilities are not defined by what you are employed to do. I can hold an intelligent conversation on many topics, and should not be written off because I change lightbulbs and vacum and shampoo carpets.

    I dislike most elders and despise their role as judge over others, but ones employment does not neccisarily show you what kind of person they are. Some doctors (general practicioners) are not too smart about anything outside of their field, and only tell you things you could have found out in a google search. The same doctor could be a drunk, abuser, and pedophile. On the other hand there are many brilliant, smart, kind doctors. Dentists have the highest suicide rate. Why? Maybe all that school and high salary and TITLE does not mean everything after all.

  • NewYork44M

    when they bring back the burritos you will see me in the front of the line. Not so excited about the hoagies.

  • SecretHeart11


    I had an office job (before this whole motherhood thing) that many people consider "easy". An administrative janitor if you will. But not everyone is cut out for that work and I was good at it. I suck at cleaning but I'm pretty darn good at organizing people. I don't view think these jobs are any less important or automatically equal idiocy. Someone had to say it. Glad you "came our" Bu2B lol.

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    answer to question 1: 'because Jehovahâ„¢ highly respects mops and squeegees'.

  • Lied2NoMore

    @bu2b please don't take it as a personal cut against your occupation what it does highlight though that someone's normal full time occupation in no way qualifies them as overlords to other people just because a distant group of governing buffoons appoints them to oversee a congregation under the false pretense but it's all done by Holy Spirit

    I have personally pressed elders to give me reason to believe that their occupation as painters window washers carpet guys all these other menial jobs how that could possibly qualify them to shepherd me or influence me in any way. I have found it shuts them up pretty quickly.

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