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  • Beth Shan
    Beth Shan

    cultBgone I thought it was a pretty name, and when I found out what it meant it made me feel safe and protected from being outed as an Apostate to my parents. I hoped Jehovah's Witnesses would google it to try to find out more about me and end up on an Apostate site.

  • KateWild

    Thanks for your story Beth.

    Glad to have you on the board. Well done for threatening a legal suit 20 yrs ago. I am very impressed, your story will help many that are facing Dfing at the moment. Kate xx

  • Beth Shan
    Beth Shan

    Thanks Kate! I threatened it 5 years ago just to clarify. After 15 years of harassment. They even showed up at my school once, the elders. Demanding to see me when I was 15. The prinicipal and the school counsellor and my lawyer at the time had a problem with that. So that made them mad and they wanted me to be àccountable to Jehovah or something.

    cultBgone I can post my memes here? That's exactly what I was hoping to hear! Where do I post them without pissing anyone off? What section?

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    hi Beth

  • ABibleStudent

    Welcome Beth Shan, How are your parents treating you now? Do they agree with some of your opinions about the WTBTS?

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


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  • cultBgone

    Beth, no special section needed. Just check some of Outlaw's posts to see what I mean... we love TTATT humor!!!

  • cultBgone
  • Beth Shan
    Beth Shan

    My parents are scared to go out for dinner with me and be seen by the elders in the town they live, but they love to come to me and my husbands house and sleep over, shop with me or go for dinner, dances even in a neighbouring city. They admitted they had a problem with the blood fractions policy a few years ago. My dad said that you would have to be a doctor to figure it all out. And that he didn't understand it. I recently confronted my mother about the "mentally diseased apostate" hate speech and she told me that if it "wasn't on JW.org she wouldn't believe it" she had no idea what I was talking about. Accused me of being on an apostate site. I told her I saw it on Youtube, the whole District Assembly transcript. I directed her to the Watchtower that calls us mentally diseased and she sent me back a text that said that I should read from 1 Tim 6:3,4 and that the bible says much worse things about those who do not heed his word...so I left it alone. I don't want to go too far. So she doesn't shun ME but she wants to justify hate speech that is in the bible, about a slave and a master that the Watchtower twisted to say it was about apostates. I don't see any mention of apostates in that whole chapter....

    Am I allowed to swear here?

  • Beth Shan

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