Speculation on why now?

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  • Frazzled UBM
    Frazzled UBM

    I think the big change is that previously they were a publishing house who made money from selling publications (so the key was in placing more publications) whereas now they are more like a Club which makes money from member subscriptions (so the key now is recruiting and retaining members and getting a higher and more consistent financial contribution from each member).

  • Da.Furious

    My take on this arrangement after reading several posts is:

    1- The WTS can project the future income they are getting for any planning purposes/investment - that’s why companies like subscription services, they are the best business model - steady stream of money.

    2- By taking the surplus from KH accounts, the congregations technically are poor and would always rely on the WTS for any funding - More control on KH

    3- With the new CO arrangement WTS cuts any Organisational ties with the congregation - elders are not appointed by them

    4- If a money rich congregation had paedophile among them and there was court case, the court cannot link to WTS (check point 3), and cannot sue the congregation because they don’t have money!

  • TTATTelder

    I would add that the elders could still be linked to the wbts through the CO since they manage and direct the CO.

    While it does add a layer of distance, it may just be to dump the workload/responsibility on the CO. That frees up man hours at the branch and all that pesky praying over the hundreds of appointments and deletions. Lol


  • kneehighmiah

    Who do the COs actually work for? Is it the religious order of Jehovah's Witness instead of the WTBTS? If so maybe a person can only sue the religious order of JWs which is made up of special full time servants Including bethel memebers and missionaries. Are there any legal experts here. Search wikipedia for a list of corporations the JWs use.

  • kneehighmiah

    Reorganization in 2000 resulted in the creation of several additional corporate entities to serve the needs of the United States branch of Jehovah's Witnesses. Since then, most written communication with congregations and individuals in the United States involves the Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, Inc; other corporations include, for example:

    • Religious Order of Jehovah's Witnesses, New York. Incorporated in 2000 to give particular attention to those in special full-time service: Bethel volunteers, missionaries, traveling overseers, special pioneers; and assembly halls.
    • Kingdom Support Services, Inc., New York. Incorporated in 2000 to deal with construction of Kingdom Halls and Assembly Halls, other engineering needs, and vehicles.


  • designs

    Paperless publications have changed the news world and the Wt. is in that line of decline for tangible stuff. Big expense keeping all of those printers running.

    The remodel campaign is the replacement or distraction the GB came up with to keep the money rolling in.


    " I am starting to think that there's something to the suggestions that the GB knows that either time (the 1914 centennial) or changed doctrines are going to cost them members, so they are trying to collect what they can now." - Apognophos

    Maybe.. They GB/WTBTS is either deluded or crooked. Either way, I think they are screwed and desperately fighting to stay afloat. It has just taken the passage of time to expose them in the past. Their delusion of protecting "God's Organization"" or their knowingly protecting a corporation's interests has caused them to practice "theocratic warfare" or lie, however you want to look at it.

    They would have died out long ago if they had not mastered the art of deception. They are masters of the "false stylus." INFORMATION CONTROL is their greatest weapon against "Satan's world" and their greatest method for recruiting new sheep. The problem facing them NOW is complex. As mentioned already, people are losing interest. Who wouldn't?? The WTBTS has a 100% failure rate upon examination! It's stopping the examination that keeps them alive.

    They need new blood, but they need information control to get it. How do you continue to practice information control in the information age?? Especially when you are probably relying upon the more wealthy countries [ who have the internet ] to financially support the less developed countries! Once your internet connected wealthy followers lose faith in you as a GURU, you're finished in that town. Now you have to sell your snake-oil somewhere else.

    As more countries become developed, the greater the odds that more members will discover the WTBTS's true colors. I think the GB and lawyers are well aware of this, and have been for decades. That's why the new HQ is being built, and that is why they are re-branding at a frantic pace. The old GB were probably standing in the way of this new "progress." As they have kicked the bucket, and time passed with no "BIG A", they were forced to try new things.

    They are going to lose members. How many? Only time will tell. It seems like each deacade or so, the age of discovering TTATT is getting younger. If a system is unsustainable, it WILL end. We could be witnessing [ pun intended ] the tipping point.


  • gingerbread

    The Watchtower leadership (not the Governing Body) is strengthening its financial position.

    The Governing Body is strengthening its control position (of the individual members and the body of elders).

    As an organization, they are doing everything possible to take ownership of the structure - down to the kids in the congregations.

    The appointments or deletions of elders is now controlled by the circuit overseer. The branches now own all Kingdom Halls and Assembly Halls. The branch (and headquarters) now controls each congregation's bank account.

    I don't know what is in store for the future with the doctrinal issues - but I think it's going to be BIG. Big changes will cause divisions, doubts and anger in the publishers and elders. I also think the the Governing Body is going to create situations (and push loyalty issues) that will bring persecution upon the individual Witnesses.


  • Vidiot

    nonjwspouse - "It seems like a longer term plan is being implimented now."

    But... but... but... that would imply that they don't expect the Big A to come "any day now"...

    * gasp *

  • Vidiot

    Data Dog - "I think they are screwed and desperately fighting to stay afloat."

    From an outsider's perspective, there does seem to be an air of quiet (and sometimes not so quiet) desperation in the policy changes and rhetoric, lately.

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