Speculation on why now?

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  • Crazyguy

    In the last couple of years the Org has gone money crazy, selling off over a billion dollars worth of property and now a new tithing program. Just wonder what every one thinks is the reason for all this now?

  • Pyramid God
    Pyramid God

    Do you mean the JW's justification for it, or the actual cause?

  • jgnat

    GB 2.0

  • DesirousOfChange

    When the sell-off first started, I speculated that it was to liquidate all the assets in the names of the WT Corporations that could be legitimately be held liable in a lawsuit (read: Candace Conti). If the assets are cashed in, and the resulting funds "donated" to other (WT) charities around the globe (Switzerland, Caymans, etc) then future lawsuits will have no assets to attach.

    I thought the effort to get all the local Kingdom Hall properties/titles in the name of the WTS was a backward step in that, however if the new donation arrangement allows them to put said assets in foriegn names, the same barrier is created against lawsuits in the US. (Let's face it, nowhere else but the US has this kind of legal risk.)

    Soon, I expect the WTS Corporations in the USA will be overloaded with debt (think: Warwick) and have no value for lawyers to drool over if a "victim" approaches them. Sure they can sue. But there is no insurance policy to pay any award, and there will be no assets for them to attach. Find a lawyer that will be interested in suing when there is no pot of gold at the end of it all.



  • Vidiot

    What DOC said.

  • Londo111

    It was been money crazy since the beginning. It was geared around the selling of Watchtower publications.

    Russell advertized Miracle Wheat and sent out the Solon furniture catalog to Watchtower subscribers. He even lied in court that he knew what Solon was.


  • nonjwspouse

    yep, this is a religion organized and named by a unscruprulous LAWYER. It is still run by lawyers IMO. Each aspect of the religion's decisions I fully believe are run through the lawyers, trying to make sure they are free from lawsuits, and like DOC said, the assets are skillfully being placed out of reach of lawsuits.

    Does anyone believe all the WT lawyers are JWs? I don't. I also believe they get paid very well for thier work, even JW ones.

    The WTBTS is a cash cow for lawyers. It is the means of perpetual support for the GB lifestyle. Warwick is upping that lifestyle, and helping to seclude the
    "upper management" from scrutiny.

    I read someplace, forgot where, that the county where Warwick is located is legally free from having anyone knock on the doors of the people in the county. It's part of the land deal from what I understand. If anyone has that article please post it. I can't find it now.

  • im stuck in
    im stuck in

    I know that there are many here perhaps all that will Poo Poo this but here goes.

    I have for years done research on the background of the Watchtower. When Russell started it many beleive that he was funded by the Rothchilds as were the Mormons the two religions are peas in a pod. Is it New World Order? Illuminati? ETC Why do they use only bank for their money? Owned by said family. THEY ARE DIRTY though I beleive that most in the upper echelon have no idea. Some day it will all come out. I have much more information available.



  • leaving_quietly

    Soon, I expect the WTS Corporations in the USA will be overloaded with debt (think: Warwick)

    No way... Warwick should be paid for many times over by now. Media sources show the project costing an estimated $11.5 million while they're raking in nearly $500 million from sales of Brooklyn properties. Even if the Warwick project costs 10 times the estimate, the sales in Brooklyn covers that. Easily debt free on that project.



  • lriddle80

    Great articles! I did not know about Johannes Greber! Unfortunately, it would go in one ear and out the other with them!

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