What's Your Scenario For The Watchtower Corporation's Business Future? Will They Survive Much Longer In This Information Age?

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  • designs

    Why does anyone give to any religion. A few set up actual charities that serve the public. Many just need funds to keep going. Hard to figure how the Wt. can keep hitting up people for more money and give so little back.

    Then again thousands leave every year.

  • pontoon

    The business men, lawyers, accountants will keep the corporation operating and profitable for a very long time to come. They are raking in money faster then their architechs, designers, and engineers can spend it on their lavious construction projects. Their financial people plan and invest carefully for future income. Money pours in from every assembly with no expenses going out. This is a money sucking up corp at the top of it's game. The GB has nothing to do with it except that the GB is needed to carry on the pretense that it is a religion. Now they have their new money scam cranking up. If you got out be happy about it.

  • konceptual99

    It ain't going anywhere soon.

  • dozy

    How will the Watchtower survive all this and still be directed by a bunch of delusional old and odd geezers is beyound me to comprehend.

    It isn't really. Do we seriously think the GB had a role in deciding to sell Brooklyn & move upstate or to change the donation process? Or decide to sell off all non core foreign Bethels? Clearly these decisions are taken by accountants & lawyers - in some cases non-JW consultants. The GB just rubber stamps them. Other than ( maybe ) an occasional doctrinal "new thought" ( and I would guess not very often - these guys aren't exactly bible scholars or the sharpest tool in the box ) , the GB are just figure heads really.

    The WTBTS is already at standstill or in decline in most first world countries outside the USA - it competes rather poorly with other evangelical / protestant religions in 3rd world countries but picks up enough converts ( of variable quality ) to acheive marginal ( 2% per annum or so ) growth. There's no reason to assume this can't continue.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
  • WireRider
    Can I make a JW/WT (facts only) brochure, and if I see a cart - stand next to it and hand them out? Mail some to everyone in my town - to inoculate them?
  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    Looks like shit is finally hitting the fan for these blokes.

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