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    wt 4-1-91 page 17

    The book then raises the logical question. “Is it reasonable to assume that the religion imposed at one’s birth is necessarily the whole truth?” Thus, every person is encouraged to examine other religions with an open mind. As is stated on page 10: “Understanding one another’s viewpoint can lead to more meaningful communication and conversation between people of different faiths.” It continues: “True, people may strongly disagree about their religious beliefs, but there is no basis for hating a person just because he or she holds a different viewpoint.”—Matthew 5:43, 44.

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    1889 watchtower


    But as for a clerical class, God does not recognize it as his elect teachers ; nor has he chosen many of his teachers from its ranks. The mere claim of any man to be a teacher is no proof that he is one by divine appointment.

    That false teachers would arise in the church, who would pervert the truth, was foretold. The church, therefore, is not to' blindly accept what-ever any teacher may set forth, but should prove the teaching of those WhO they have reason to believe to be God's messengers, by the one infallible standard-the Word of God. "If they speak not according to this word, it. is because there is no light in them." (Isa, 8 :20.) Thus while the church needs teachers, and cannot understand God's Word without them, yet the church individually-each by himself and for himself, and himself only-must fill the important office of judge, to decide, according to the infallible standard, God's Word, whether the teaching'''be true or false, and whether the claimed teacher is a true teacher by divine appointment. Thus seen, not many special teachers are necessary ("helps" "pastors," ('t('., are more numerous-l Cor. 12 :28)-and th~y only when old truths may need to be lifted out of the dust of error and human tradition; or when some new unfoldings of God's plan require presentation to the church as "meat in due season." And then, such teacher must offer proofs that he is a teacher, and that his teaching is true, by harmonizing the Scriptures. God has in the past raised up teachers who, though be-fogged by prejudice~ and errors, .nevertheless ~rou~ht forth parts of truth; for instance, Wychffe, Huss, Zwmgh, Luther, Bunyan, Calvin, Wesley, and others; and God will conti~ue to so raise up the needed teachers. As Paul declares, God himself provides these teachers; they are his gifts to the church.-1 Cor. 12 :28. Any superior wisdom and ability granted such, is as much for the sake and for the good of the other members of Christ's church as for themselves. And whichever of God's children comes to see some important truth generally disregarded by thy church and finds himself possessed of ability to make it clear to others, should do so, should teach it, to whosoever has an ear to hear. If a new truth, it belongs to the entire household, and he who keeps it from them, for any cause, de-frauds the family of God, misuses a great favor, and deprives himself of a ministry (service). But notice, that these teachers are not the only priests of the royal priesthood; rather, they are merely GOd's agents ,or mouthpieces by which he speaks to the general priesthood, his consecrated church; and the entire church or priesthood is blessed of God through such teachers. Notice that the self-constituted clergy are not teachers, and do nOt and cannot appoint teachers; nor can they iN any degree qualify them. Our Lord Jesus keeps that part in power, and the so-called clergy have nothing to do with it fortunately, else there never would be any teachers; for the "clergy" both Papal and Protestant, strive constantly to prevent aNy change from those conditions of thought an~ ruts of misbelief, in which each sect has settled down. By their course of action they say, Bring us ~o new unfoldings of truth?, how-ever beautiful; and do not disturb the heaps of rubbish and human tradition we call our creeds, by digging down through them and bringing forth the Old Theology of the Lord and the apostles, to contradict us and to disturb our schemes and plans and methods. Let us alone! If you go poking into our old musty creeds, which our people so devoutly and ignorantly reverence and respect, you will stir up a stench such as even we could not endure; then, too, it will make us appear both small and foolish, and as not half-earning our salaries and not half-deserving the reverence we now enjoy. let us alone! is the cry of the clergy, as a whole, even if a few may be found to dissent from it and to seek for and speak out the truth at any cost. And this cry of the "clergy" is joined in by a large sectarian following.

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    Demand Scriptural proofs for all you are asked to believe; take neither the decisions of Rome, nor those of Westminster, nor those of any smaller councils or synods, as final settlements of the question, "What is truth" And be sure that you believe and confess nothing that you do not understand fully and clearly.

    To subscribe to, or confess, what you do not understand, and therefore can-not truly believe, is solemn lying in the presence of God and witnesses, no matter if it be true that others, by the hundred, have done the same before you. If you did this once, thoughtlessly, even though it were years ago, in joining the church, now that your attention is called to it, you are bound to procure a copy of the "covenant," or "articles of faith," the belief of which you confessed publicly, and after careful, prayerful study of it, if you find that you do not so believe, you will be bound to deny it as publicly as you confessed it, or else forfeit in God's sight all claim to honesty. Require of all who shall attempt to teach in the name of the Lord, the exact words of the Lord or the Apostle which they claim support their teaching. Get the chapter and verse and look the matter up for yourselves, critically, examining the text and the context. Weigh and test every item of teaching which you receive as your faith, regardless of how much you esteem the person who presents it. We know that no fellow-mortal is infallible, and that his word is the only standard by which God wishes us to square and measure and build up our faith.

    When you come to apply this rule you will be greatly surprised. You will find that many errors of doctrine, as well as of custom, have been carried over from Romanism into Protestantism. Many doctrines expressed in the catechisms and confessions of faith and in the hymn books and from the various pulpits, you will find no foundation for in the Bible; and many prominent in the Bible, you will find are ignored by one or another, and some of them by all the sects of Chris-tendom. But hold fast to God's Word. Let God be true.

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    I agree that smoking is bad for your health. They are also a waste of money.

    However, I disagree when the washtowel says that Satan wants you to start or resume smoking, or to not quit if you already smoke. That is a lie. I never smoked before becoming a jokehovian because I saw no value in it. I never started while I was a jokehovian (again, waste of money). I didn't start when I went apostate, and I am not starting now. As I see it, it is the angels that want you smoking--and play both sides of the issue to make themselves look good (and Satan look bad).

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    Marking the HECK out of this thread, it's GOLD!

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    The date of the magazine.

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