10 Pragmatic facts why Jehovah's Witnesses can't face reality

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  • Finkelstein

    For people such as yourself Terry and many others, looking back at the JWS and what that organization has done

    to basically good people and you can see the obviously wasteful and exploited shame of human endeavor,

    not that the WTS's literature is trash alone, but the many lives this religious publishing house

    has intensionally trashed and exploited in its longing persistence for absolute power and control.


  • Finkelstein

    The are two pertaining aspects to the WTS that has to be considered and evaluated, the way the WTS attracts people to

    the organization in the first place and the way the WTS. retains people so that they refrain from leaving.

    The constant mental indoctrination that god (Jehovah) has only and singularly chosen their organization,

    goes a long way in retaining both the subsequently strong and weak members.


    The word brainwashing gets spoken about when discussing religious organizations like the JWS. and rightly so.

  • berrygerry
  • done4good


    This is one of the best posts I read on here in some time, (even for you!).


  • Heaven

    Terry, once again, you nailed it!

    Terry said: It is a shame such basically NICE people (and most of them really are) end up wasting their precious time (which is their LIFE!)

    on shilly-shallying.

    The shilly-shally really amounts to farting around and calling it IMPORTANT LIFE-SAVING WORK.

    I have never heard the term "shilly-shallying" before.

    As my parents got mired more deeply in this cult, they became what I call 'do-nothing people'. They also became self-righteous, holier-than-thou, and mean-spirited. It was difficult... and very sad.

    I used to rejoice when I saw small glimmers of my Mom's pre-cult self coming out. She was a bit of a rebel at times. I found it odd as a JW that she loved Calvin and Hobbes. She loved Calvin's rebel side:


  • Terry

    I've watched dogs chase their own tail. Well, why not? What else has a dog got to do with its time?

    I supposed they could chase cars--some do that as well.

    Jehovah's Witnesses have their own version of that. I call it the JW MIND FUGUE.

    It is caused by never allowing a crack of daylight into that dark laboratory where the sausage is made.

    The focus of all energy is own preaching the Truth.

    What is that Truth?

    It is actually the crap they take door to door which ends up being changed BECAUSE IT WAS CRAP.

    The problem is--it is always replaced by more crap. New Crap and Old Crap are still Crap.

    Dogs chase their tails and Jehovah's Witnesses chase you down and offer delicious crap to eat.


    So you will run out and do the same.

    I think chasing cars is more interesting.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    So true, and I've experienced so much of it. Just one point of correction: I know you've been out for a while and terminology constantly changes. "Plan" is now "purpose" in jw speak. Jehovah has a purpose rather than a plan apparently: there was a wt article all about the difference and y it's important a few years ago. It's not important to most people, but a jw reading it it will go, aha!! He doesn't know what he's talking about!

  • Finkelstein

    The reality of the WTS. is just summed up in one single word ..... power.

    If mankind would summit to the power and authority of the WTS. leaders Aka Governing Body (FDSL) then

    mankind would be made happy living under an earthly Paradise .

    Of course other religious institution go about cultivating their own power differently but carry the same intent.

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