10 Pragmatic facts why Jehovah's Witnesses can't face reality

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  • Terry

    1.The Organization itself denies access to reality and substitutes its OWN version, interpretations and meanings.

    a.Only Watchtower approved publications are allowed.

    b.No higher education is to be pursued.

    c.No non-JW friends or associations are encouraged with their "outside" points of view.

    d.No free-style questioning of doctrine or criticism permitted. Curiousity is verboten.

    e.Threat of being "marked" or disassociated looms over them

    2.Between every real-world event and the rank and file JW's mind is a roadblock.

    a.The moment of identifying is short-circuited by an interpretive moment of RE-LABELING in Watchtower-speak.

    b.All things happening are forced into a narrow storyline and propagandized as End Times happenings leading to Armageddon.

    3.Social and Personal IDENTITY is expunged and replaced by a collective PERSONA: "Jehovah's Witness".

    a.Private thinking is red-flagged as selfish and sinful.

    b.Personal improvement, welfare and ambition is crushed and door-to-door ministry substituted as "worthy" endeavors.

    c.Self-conscious obsession permeates Witness awareness as each person is transformed into a public spectacle of performance for judgement.

    d.Since you aren't an individual you don't really have a right to fall in love and marry or educate or earn. You are the property of the local Kingdom Hall, the Governing Body and ultimately Jehovah.

    4.Both History and Future cease to be objective ocurrances

    a.Every human activity is constantly represented as part of Jehovah's Plan for mankind leading to an inevitable conclusion

    b.Great Leaps of advancement for humanity are disregarded as "important" for civilization since the New World solves all problems eventually.

    c. The worst atrocities are magnfied as proof positive of Satanic influence in a doomed world.

    d. Individual triumphs and tragedies have no particular value, but, only as indicators that the Watchtower is right about End Times signs leading to Armageddon.

    5.Talent, Creativity and Genius are transformed into useless and wasteful ego problems.

    a.No room is made in the Organization for personal praise for achievement since all glory is for Jehovah only.

    b.Neither Musical, Artistic, Scientific or Mathematical ability is needed or encouraged because the preaching activity trumps and supercedes all.

    c.Critical Thinking leads to questioning, doubt, skepticism and eventual disfellowshipping--so--intelligence itself is marked as suspicious.

    6.Ignorance, poverty, disease and mental disturbance are NOT worthwhile problems for charity, education or institutional tasking for JW's.

    a.Building hospitals or colleges diverts precious time away from the JW ministry. Besides Paradise brings repair and perfection anyway.

    b.Becoming a physician, social worker, volunteer in the community or joining any established task-oriented organization DISTORTS rather than solves human problems because Armageddon is coming so quickly anyway.

    c.Humanitarian activity, disaster relief and insitutional charity promote secular and false-religious creeds instead of Jehovah's solutions.

    d.Personal financial concerns aren't important to the congregation. Your finances are a symptom of End Times only, not a focus of brotherly remedy.

    7.Human perception is untrustworthy, corrupted by sin and dangerous

    a.Only thinking the thoughts which come from official Governing Body writings are safe.

    b.Personal opinions, life experience and original analysis constitute hubris and running ahead of Jehovah's plan for his people.

    c.Calling attention to doctrinal irregularity, questioning "new light" and repeated calls for clarification red-flag spiritual weakness and danger.

    8.There are no "Good" people in any other religion. If they were good they'd join Jehovah's Witnesses.

    a.The appearance of goodness, charity, benevolence and selfless devotion to others by Catholics, Baptists, Buddhists or other religious types is only an artificial misunderstanding of their human ignorance of Jehovah's long-lasting solutions to mankind's true problem: sin and death.

    b.Most do-gooders are religious fakes, imposters and money-grubbing charlatans who should be exposed and not admired.

    c.There is no one good except Jehovah anyway

    9.Everything you read, see, experience and think is a distortion by Satan for the purpose of deflecting you from Jehovah's TRUTH.

    a.Watchtower study replaces the corrupt images, thoughts and ideas with clean, purified and approved versions

    b.The human heart is desperate and corrupt. What you "feel" is probably sin and not compassion. Don't trust yourself to know anything.

    c.The entire world is in the control and power of invisible demonic forces hellbent on destroying humanity

    10.Doubting Jehovah's organization isn't the result of logical awareness of their errors

    a.They never said they were perfect

    b.Jehovah eventually repairs any damage

    c.Disloyalty to the Organization is disloyalty to Jehovah himself. Armageddon will settle that score.

    In view of the Ten reasons above there can be no doubt that Jehovah's Witnesses have REALITY completely REMOVED from their awareness.

    Being denied a right to reality is to have one's mind stolen from them.

    Without having your own mind to think your own thoughts you cannot be an actual person or individual.

    The only thing left is to belong to a group that thinks FOR you and instructs you what to do and say and be.

    Without that GROUP there is only terror, doubt, emptiness and longing to be cocooned by the "other".

    And you wonder why it is hard to break free?

    You wonder why your JW family member won't listen to reason?

    You wonder why the obvious isn't at all obvious?

    Well, now you know!

    JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES SIMPLY CAN'T FACE REALITY. For them......it just doesn't exist!

    It has been surgically removed by the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses organization. (On purpose!)


    !!!!!!!!! Marked!!!!

  • Finkelstein

    Well said Terry and very true.

    I hope people read this and contemplate the true reality of the JW religious cult.

    .....and let it known that a ominous Deity named Jehovah hasn't a thing to do with this, its all contrived and developed by

    men for men.

  • Finkelstein

    Many people think of mind control as an ambiguous, mystical process that cannot be defined in concrete terms. In reality, mind control refers to a specific set of methods and techniques, such as hypnosis or thought- stopping, that influence how a person thinks, feels, and acts. Like many bodies of knowledge, it is not inherently good or evil. If mind control techniques are used to empower an individual to have more choice, and authority for his life remains within himself, the effects can be beneficial. For example, benevolent mind control can be used to help people quit smoking without affecting any other behavior. Mind control becomes destructive when the locus of control is external and it is used to undermine a person’s ability to think and act independently.

    As employed by the most destructive cults, mind control seeks nothing less than to disrupt an individual’s authentic identity and reconstruct it in the image of the cult leader. I developed the BITE model to help people determine whether or not a group is practicing destructive mind control. The BITE model helps people understand how cults suppress individual member's uniqueness and creativity. BITE stands for the cult's control of an individual's Behavior, Intellect, Thoughts, and Emotions.

    It is important to understand that destructive mind control can be determined when the overall effect of these four components promotes dependency and obedience to some leader or cause. It is not necessary for every single item on the list to be present. Mindcontrolled cult members can live in their own apartments, have nine-to-five jobs, be married with children, and still be unable to think for themselves and act independently.

    The BITE Model

    I. Behavior Control
    II. Information Control
    III. Thought Control
    IV. Emotional Control
    Behavior Control

    1. Regulate individual’s physical reality 2. Dictate where, how, and with whom the member lives and associates or isolates 3. When, how and with whom the member has sex 4. Control types of clothing and hairstyles 5. Regulate diet - food and drink, hunger and/or fasting 6. Manipulation and deprivation of sleep 7. Financial exploitation, manipulation or dependence 8. Restrict leisure, entertainment, vacation time 9. Major time spent with group indoctrination and rituals and/or self indoctrination including the Internet 10. Permission required for major decisions 11. Thoughts, feelings, and activities (of self and others) reported to superiors 12. Rewards and punishments used to modify behaviors, both positive and negative 13. Discourage individualism, encourage group-think 14. Impose rigid rules and regulations 15. Instill dependency and obedience

    Information Control

    1. Deception: a. Deliberately withhold information b. Distort information to make it more acceptable c. Systematically lie to the cult member 2. Minimize or discourage access to non-cult sources of information, including: a. Internet, TV, radio, books, articles, newspapers, magazines, other media b.Critical information c. Former members d. Keep members busy so they don’t have time to think and investigate e. Control through cell phone with texting, calls, internet tracking 3. Compartmentalize information into Outsider vs. Insider doctrines a. Ensure that information is not freely accessible b.Control information at different levels and missions within group c. Allow only leadership to decide who needs to know what and when 4. Encourage spying on other members a. Impose a buddy system to monitor and control member b.Report deviant thoughts, feelings and actions to leadership c. Ensure that individual behavior is monitored by group 5. Extensive use of cult-generated information and propaganda, including: a. Newsletters, magazines, journals, audiotapes, videotapes, YouTube, movies and other media b.Misquoting statements or using them out of context from non-cult sources 6. Unethical use of confession a. Information about sins used to disrupt and/or dissolve identity boundaries b. Withholding forgiveness or absolution c. Manipulation of memory, possible false memories

    Thought Control

    1. Require members to internalize the group’s doctrine as truth a. Adopting the group's ‘map of reality’ as reality b. Instill black and white thinking c. Decide between good vs. evil d. Organize people into us vs. them (insiders vs. outsiders) 2.Change person’s name and identity 3. Use of loaded language and clichés which constrict knowledge, stop critical thoughts and reduce complexities into platitudinous buzz words 4. Encourage only ‘good and proper’ thoughts 5. Hypnotic techniques are used to alter mental states, undermine critical thinking and even to age regress the member 6. Memories are manipulated and false memories are created 7. Teaching thought-stopping techniques which shut down reality testing by stopping negative thoughts and allowing only positive thoughts, including: a. Denial, rationalization, justification, wishful thinking b. Chanting c. Meditating d. Praying e. Speaking in tongues f. Singing or humming 8. Rejection of rational analysis, critical thinking, constructive criticism 9. Forbid critical questions about leader, doctrine, or policy allowed 10. Labeling alternative belief systems as illegitimate, evil, or not useful

    Emotional Control

    1. Manipulate and narrow the range of feelings – some emotions and/or needs are deemed as evil, wrong or selfish 2. Teach emotion-stopping techniques to block feelings of homesickness, anger, doubt 3. Make the person feel that problems are always their own fault, never the leader’s or the group’s fault 4. Promote feelings of guilt or unworthiness, such as a. Identity guilt b. You are not living up to your potential c. Your family is deficient d. Your past is suspect e. Your affiliations are unwise f. Your thoughts, feelings, actions are irrelevant or selfish g. Social guilt h. Historical guilt 5. Instill fear, such as fear of: a. Thinking independently b. The outside world c. Enemies d. Losing one’s salvation e. Leaving or being shunned by the group f. Other’s disapproval 6. Extremes of emotional highs and lows – love bombing and praise one moment and then declaring you are horrible sinner 7. Ritualistic and sometimes public confession of sins 8. Phobia indoctrination: inculcating irrational fears about leaving the group or questioning the leader’s authority a. No happiness or fulfillment possible outside of the group b. Terrible consequences if you leave: hell, demon possession, incurable diseases, accidents, suicide, insanity, 10,000 reincarnations, etc. c. Shunning of those who leave; fear of being rejected by friends, peers, and family d. Never a legitimate reason to leave; those who leave are weak, undisciplined, unspiritual, worldly, brainwashed by family or counselor, or seduced by money, sex, or rock and roll e. Threats of harm to ex-member and family

  • Giordano

    Very true Terry.

    Isn't fascinating that they ask followers to act like angels while they turn them into puppets.

  • Splash

    I love the way JW's use dictionaries.

    Every talk has "and the dictionary definition of xyz is ..."

    Then when you talk about the dictionary definition of "generation", "blood", or a million other things, the dictionary get's thrown out in favour of a twisted WT definition!!


  • Terry

    First, they change the meaning of the words you use.

    Then, that changes the way you think.

    When your thinking has changed--are you still the same person? No.

    Who you were has a link broken to the "new" person you become--the Jehovah's Witness.

    The REAL YOU is trapped without communication with its own mind!

    This is called ALIENATION.

    You drown in your own isolation and despair.

    Until the mind wakes up and tosses out the "new" definitions of the old words----even if you escape---you are still a prisoner of your mind.

    Repair your definitions and you repair your thinking.

    Repair your thinking and you repair your life.

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Great list. Thanks!!

  • Vanderhoven7

    Excellent Terry!

    And thanks for the BITE Model summary FS

  • hoser

    Right on Terry!

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