The reason the Society keeps everyone busy with "campaigns"

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  • TTATTelder

    I agree with the distraction thing.

    I thought it was just to distract dubs from the 2014 embarrassment, but obviously they have more up their sleeve.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    There was a track campaign, over 25 years ago... Of the "utmost importance".

    "Everyone in the world is going to get their own free copy. This is yours. Please read it".

    I wasn't well, but the "end, was so close!" so I went out d2d, thinking I was doing what God wanted me to do...

    "Save" the "wicked"... so they will not be "destroyed".

    What a man made up cruel joke!

    I cannot get any of the decades back that I wasted on WT.

    Watch Tower keeps people busy and so occupied, that most, cannot think rationally.

    Yes. They do not want their members to think, didn't they tell us decades ago, the End, was just around the corner?

    Cruel task masters, are what WT is.


  • hoser

    lois. Youre not the only one. My parents got duped by that Tract campaign in the 1970's also. Wasted a lot of gas driving around spreading the word That the end was so close. I wasn't supposed to go to school. Now I am at the age where I could have grand kids starting kindergarten.

  • berrygerry

    Our territory is large - so the campaigns do not use H-H records to return on NH's, thank goodness.

    However, it still seemed to me from the first one that we're simply delivering bloody pizza flyers, especially when we near the end of the campaign, and at that point, we don't even ring the doorbell, just pop the tract in the mailbox.

    The 2008 YB bugged me: "A congregation of nine publishers in an isolated area was puzzled about why they had received only one Memorial invitation from the branch instead of the 500 they had ordered. They later found out that the local post office had been unable to determine the destination of the parcel mailed by the branch because the mailing label had come off. Post office personnel had opened the parcel to try to determine who the recipient or the sender was. When they saw the Memorial invitations, they concluded that the invitations needed to be distributed, so post office personnel placed one invitation in each post office box, thus distributing the entire shipment themselves. The brothers were alerted to the situation when they received, not a complete shipment of invitations, but a single invitation in the congregation’s post office box. How thrilled the nine publishers were, though, to have 42 at the Memorial, many of whom arrived with their personal copy of the invitation that had been placed in their post office box!"

    I'd happily give the local Post Office the .xx cents per flyer to have them deliver instead of me.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Creating religious issues where none exist and urgent busy work for the rank and file, ensures that the folks at HQ have a job and get to continue living off of the donations of those who are still caught on the JW treadmill.

  • TTATTelder

    The dubs are distracted by all the busywork and are punch-drunk from all the changes.

    So the Spin Doctors are piling it on while they have them dazed and confused.

    Plus...How dare a publisher question anything during this grand centennial year of 2014!

    I mean we are having International Conventions, a never-before-seen campaign, maybe the last memorial, etc. etc.

  • notjustyet

    The WTBTS should personally be held for global warming with all the wasted fossil fuels.


  • Ocean1111

    Distraction has worked. The WT has liquidated a billion in real-estate assets globally in 4 years. And no one noticed. LOL

    Looks like the Bethel elites are planning a little trip soon... JWs are not invited.

    But there money is.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    And the great distraction this year is going to be "the greatest campaign EVER!!" - to advertise, advertise, advertise............JW.ORG! If it wasn't so corrupt, it would be laughable!

  • westiebilly11

    ..spending their entire lives...waiting for the world to end......pointless..

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