The reason the Society keeps everyone busy with "campaigns"

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  • stuckinarut2

    Im sure that many have had an experience where we try and keep little kids "occupied" while on a boring trip, such as a car ride or plane flight.

    We come up with "games" like..."lets see how many green cars we can count", or "lets try and see who can sit still for the longest time"

    "the winner gets a prize!"

    Obviously, until they are wise enough to cotton on, all we are doing is keeping them occupied to prevent them asking things like "are we there yet?!"

    or hearing things like "Im tired...I want to get out...or 'he's on my side of the chair' etc..."

    Get the point WT?


  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    :) Lovely illustration!!

    I'm gonna use that!

  • Pistoff

    And in the middle of the busy work, some jaw dropping change: CO's apparently bear the responsibility for approval of elder and MS appts, and the society is asking for a large monthly contribution for the 'kingdom hall' arrangement.

    This looks like classic distraction tactics.

  • Listener

    Great illustration, I hope you don't mind me using it too.

  • prologos

    good illustration, but

    in the car journey to Disneyland Orlando FL,[to pick a scenario] at least there is a known verified destination.

    WT writers have yet to prove that they can produce ANY results, based on past accomplishments. and

    eternal life on this planet is impossible.

    campaigns always happen when it could be 'wait a minute-- thinking time' might occurr like

    lets ask the CO while he visits;--or how come we dont partake but everyone else does [almost]

  • OnTheWayOut

    Good point. Good point. Also, campaigns allow them to cut down on printing. They get everyone all psyched up to leave pamphlets and flyers on doorsteps instead of offering 132-page books. They get everyone thinking they have made a difference because of the easy time they spent slipping a piece of paper in the screen door and running away.

  • Listener

    you're right OnTheWayOut. They will provide figures of how many people are now visiting JW org and how this is evidence of their campaigns being soooo effective. JWs will think that they are now able to give people so much more information than the old method of leaving just one Awake and Watchtower magazine.

  • cofty

    Spot on!

  • A.proclaimer

    You made a very good point here. Passign out a flyer is much easier and cheaper than leaving magazines. More ways to make field service feel more special than leaving the average Watchtower/Awake magazine. And by calling it a "campaign", it makes the average JW feel like they are participating in something new, that's for a limited time, kind of like a holiday sale at a store.

  • losingit

    Campaigns sound important . It provides them with a false idea that their work actually means something to the outside world. Tell anyone that you worked in a campaign and the impression is you participated in something that matters.

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