No wonder they hate apostates!!

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  • ILoveTTATT

    Besides a cult, everyone knows the Watchtower is a business disguised as a religion. From a business viewpoint, I would certainly hate or lobby against those who dislike my product and warn other people of my product.

    I made a calculation based on information from JWFacts, and the results are just astounding!

    In there, there's a statistic that shows that if the growth from 1980 to 1997 was kept up, by 2012 there would be 12 million JW's. Currently that number is 14 million JW's, and they are 8 million.

    This means that, not only has the internet cost them 6 million followers, the internet has cost them BILLIONS in contributions. How much, though?

    I know that average contributions in the US are around 1000 dollars per year per publisher. Considering not every country is as rich as the US, I decided on an average of 300 dollars per year per publisher, worldwide. My numbers may be wrong, so I made a calculation using 100, 300, 500, 700, and 1000 dollars per publisher per year. This is how much they have lost to the internet and apostates:

    If the average contribution was: 100 - They would have lost: 4.27 billion since 1997

    300 - 12.82 billion since 1997

    500 - 21.36 billion since 1997

    700 - 29.92 billion since 1997

    1000 - 42.74 billion since 1997

    So the biggest money crunch is NOT the lawsuits; it's the lower number of followers.


  • NewYork44M

    Has anyone ever calculated the point in time when there are more "ex" witnesses than practicing witnesses? Perhaps we are at the point now, but no one tole me. Except for a few diehards my guess is that most of those coming in during the growth years around 1975 are long gone.

  • ILoveTTATT

    Paul Grundy has calculated aproximately one million exJW's in 10 years... so... I guess we are far from that point, but maybe sometimes soon... Maybe there are not enough JW's coming in to have that many coming out!!

  • Bob_NC

    I wonder if there is a silent majority of low/non contributors that have lost confidence in the Org and just go along to get along.

  • out4good3

    I can only say that when I checked out, the first thing to stop long before I recognized the fact that I was checking out was donating.

  • villagegirl

    My personal impression, based on my discovery of this site in particular, is that

    many attending are doing so for other reasons than belief or commitment, they

    are not in mentally in and they just go through the motions, this was a big eye opener

    for me since I was assuming, back in the day, that I was the only one who doubted.

    Its books like Crisis of Conscience and other books, well written, by sane people,

    that dismantle the doctrines that have helped so many to exit with no residual

    hangover of guilt and fear. The exit of an Atheist is one thing, they were already an

    Atheist in most cases, but the exit of a "true believer" is far more difficult to facilitate.

    I have objected to the presence here of Athesist based on the fact I do not think they

    help the average long time "publisher" because they just confirm all the "fears" the

    WT warns them against and makes them think we are all "demonized" or some scary

    weirdness. Atheists need there own site, with a big sign saying "We are Atheists"

    I know, I know, this is an open board, but what is the intent here ? Are we not trying

    to facilitate others to freedom ? Does anyone really believe going up to person

    holding a Bible and saying, "There is no God" is going to be an effective argument

    for that person ? There seems to be zero tolerance for spirituality in any form from

    Atheists. This is not helpful when the WT is always misusing the scripture (that applied

    to the Christ) "Lord to whom shall we go away? " I know how, about going to this group of

    complete Atheists ? That should be appealing. Not.

  • ABibleStudent

    In 20011, I believe, I wrote the thread "WTBTS, is Your House Burning Down?!!" in the BibleStudent blog on JWSF that showed a chart that I created comparing JWs to former JWs. Unfortunately JWSF shutdown in 2012, I believe. I enjoyed writing the BibleStudent blog on JWSF.

    As of 2010 I estimated 2 million + Df'ed/Inactive JWs Worldwide using a rolling 40 year method to account for births/deaths. The chart and description are below.

    It is sad to me that there are 2 million + former JWs, when I think how many of those individuals left the WTBTS years ago, yet are still adversely affected by the WTBTS's BITE control. If someone can think of a way to help a DF'ed/DA'ed/faded JW overcome the WTBTS's BITE control, I encourage you to try.

    If someone would like to reveiw my analysis and assumptions and/or update the information, please PM me and I will send you the workbook.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


    The third chart shows how the numbers of JW publishers and former JWs have increased since 1960 to 2010. The numbers of former JWs were estimated from the annual reports by calculating the difference of average publishers from the previous year to the following year, subtracting that number from the number of baptized publishers to determine how many publishers were no longer actively publishing. Publishers probably no longer publish because they died, were df’d, or faded away. I tried to calculate the number of publishers who died by multiplying .008 (obtained from CIA facts for the USA death rate) from the total number of average number of publishers. The number of df’d publishers was calculated by multiplying the average number of publishers by 1%. WTFacts stated that the WTBTS stated that the annual attrition rate of JWs is more about 1.25% and that 1/3 of JWs are reinstated in 1 year, so 1% seemed like a good number as long as it is not greater than the total estimated publishers who leave the WTBTS. After calculating the number of publishers who annually leave the WTBTS, the number of former JWs who were alive for the following 40 years was estimated by summing the number of former JWs for 40 years and multiplying by .992 to estimate the number of former JWs who did not die.

  • villagegirl

    Well that was long winded - Sorry - what I meant to say was, probably instead of 8 million

    there are only about two million, Watchtower, Organization, Governing Body, followers,

    and the rest are children, teenagers, trapped wives and husbands, and there because

    they don't know how to get out.

  • ILoveTTATT

    Good analysis, ABibleStudent!

    Besides the ones that are out, there are also the ones that never came in... imagine if the numbers had kept up as they were from 1980-1997!! There would be millions more who would have gone through BITE control and suffered...

    And... getting someone to NOT go in is hundreds of times easier than getting someone in to go out!! So our focus should be in keeping people out, and helping as many as possible to come out!


  • joe134cd

    Very interesting. I never thought of it like that.

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