If The Organization Was A Country, Then.......?

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  • metatron

    A different way to look at the Organization.

    Suppose that the Organization was a country of 8 million or so. Given that JW's believe that God will one day slaughter everyone else and leave them to inherit the globe, this is a fair matter to think about.

    Would "WatchtowerLand" be a Theocracy..... like Iran?

    Would it be ruled by a group of old men........like the former Soviet Union?

    Would it have public executions..... like North Korea or Saudi Arabia?

    Would women have few if any rights ......like Pakistan or Afghanistan?

    Would its economy be overrun with corruption based on cronyism ......like Nigeria?

    Would its workers be poorly productive, "just putting in time" .... like former Communist nations?

    Would its children be subject to sexual abuse, concealed by old men......like the Vatican?

    Would it claim to be progressing simply because it had a growing population/publishers ..... like much of Africa?

    Would it try to suppress or punish 'defectors'....... like North Korea?

    That one point about 'growth' is especially important - why should population growth in a nation mean that the nation is progressing? Is that true of most poor nations you are familiar with? Does progress mean something more than just 'more people'?

    In summary, I conclude this: If WatchtowerLand was a country, I wouldn't want to live there - and more and more people seem to feel the same way.


  • Oubliette

    Interesting comparisons. Point made!

  • snowbird

    If the Org was a country, the defection rate would be off the chart.


  • kneehighmiah

    Would they engage in theocratic warfare with other countries?

  • jgnat

    Would they have to import the engineers and the doctors?

    Would pot-holes be repaired by committee?

    Would farmers be given time off from field service in order to seed and harvest their crops?

    How about service workers that keep our transport, electricity and phone services humming around the clock? Will they be given time off from the meetings, or would "foreign workers" have to be brought in to do that as well?

    What are the chances that the value of the imports will vastly exceed their exported printed materials?

  • metatron

    Would it become parasitically dependent on other nation's charity while privately condemning them..... like North Korea?

    Would it import huge amounts of alcohol and psychoactive drugs to fend off depression...... like....... well, nobody else?


  • emeth

    If The Organization Was A Country, Then.......?

    at some point in time the rest of humanity would kill for a Green Card

  • Laika

    They would have to get involved in politics.

    They would have to find a way to claim salvation for people who do not do the preaching work, given that there would be none to do.

    If not its own army it would have to form allegiances with other nations to protect its people.

    Basically they would have to make a lot of compromises which they judge "christendom" for already doing.

  • jgnat

    Emeth, what about such a country would make me want to go there? I find it oppressive now.

  • kurtbethel

    They would join the UN.

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