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    never a jw: Am I missing something? Time and time again I read that the JW's will not wake up, but time and time again a new person reveals that he learned TTATT. Which is it?

    You raise an interesting question.

    Has anyone ever "woken up" to TTATT because of a comment that someone made at a meeting? Although I've never heard of that happening, it doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

    I know for myself that I "woke up" because of several converging lines of evidence:

    • Blatant hypocrisy of JWs on every level: from the local elders to the COs to the GB
    • Academic dishonesty in the publications: they rarely cite their sources and when they do they are often taken out of context and/or misquoted
    • Nonsensical doctrinal changes made without any tangible, reasonable evidence
    • The constant manipulation and psychological abuse
    • The UN/NGO scandal

    There are somethings, such as the pedophile controversy, I only came to know about after I'd "woken up" and left. Although I'd heard about it before, I didn't know enough to realize that this too (as well as other issues I only learned about after the fact) was sufficient to prove that this is NOT God's Organization and Holy Spirit ain't got nothin' to do with it.

    As I said before, I was an elder for two decades. The last 6 or 7 years I started editing all of my meeting parts, public talks and comments such that I only said things that I personally believed. No one ever said a thing to me about it. Not once. If they noticed, they kept it to themselves.

    I recently was able to ask someone that knew me during all that time if they noticed that I changed my talks and would never comment on certain subjects. They said they did not notice.

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