I dropped TTATT to some door knockers today

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  • Magnum

    theopug -

    I like it. It seems to me, though, that it could work and maybe be more simple and work better at only one layer. I have actually used it at one layer. For example, "An old school friend who used to study with JWs just sent me a list of what he calls mis-quotes in the Creation book. He was kind of disturbed by it. I checked to make sure it wasn't apostate stuff, and I found out that it just shows a list of quotes from the Creation book. Under each quote is given the actual material quoted from in its context. Please take a look at it and see if you can tell what it is that bothers him. I need to answer him."

  • theopug


    I thougt 2 or more layers would be more effective. I guess in theory the more layers you use, the person's conscious filter/resistance would lower a bit and the message might actually go into the gray matter (if only for awhile).

    In any case, I like your example. I think I will try it (hehe).

  • Crazyguy

    Thanks for mentioning the circle of the earth in Isaiah, I didn't put the two together. I knew the Babylonians belief but didn't think of that in the context of Isaiah. Great learn something every day!!!

  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble

    Thanks for sharing. Excellent story.

  • quellycatface

    Brains and humour. Awesome combination.

    Thanks for your experience.

  • cultBgone

    I'm amazed that they stayed long enough to listen to all of your excellent points!

    As Gypsy_Sam said, when I was pioneering I would have responded with the same silly catch-phrases that were pounded into my head, thinking that I had superior logic. I'm still surprised and thrilled that I was able to find the wonderful reasoning and intelligent part of my brain again, once I pulled myself away from the joy-killing ponderous meetings and propaganda doled out at the hall and parroted by the jws.

    Thanks for sharing this! Love the idea of the regular TTATT versions of the study articles, those of us with family still IN could choose points that would perhaps work with certain ones.

    Keep up the great work!

  • RobertT18

    Wow that was brillaint, I enjoyed reading this.

  • nugget

    You gave it your best shot. It is very hard to penetrate the JW mindset but who knows. Your reasoning was sound and there is no wriggle room except in the vacuum of their minds.

  • ABibleStudent

    Well done, TheStumbler! Although you may be frustrated with what you didn't do, you did care enough for two strangers to help them critically think for themselves instead of being victimized by the WTBTS.

    I personally wish that I was better at controlling my emotions, asking more questions that peaks a JW's curiousity, having pre-planned how to overcome the WTBTS's thought-stopping platitudes, encouraging JWs to do research about a specific topic of disccussion, and inviting them back to converse more. I have learned from experience that I need to practise a lot more. I wish that the WTBTS would set-up literature carts near me, so that I could practise more.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • exwhyzee

    What a great conversation !

    I always love how Jehovah's Witnesses dismiss science as limited human reasoning until science proves something they believe is true. Then they will quote the scientist or refer to the scientific study, in their publications.

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