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    My mother forced me and my siblings to study and when I started college I still went but sparingly. She isn't very involved in the religion and anyone who could try to force me to dunk, wasn't that big of an influence on me to make me do it. I've always had my reservations about this religion and wasn't very sold on it.

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    LoisLane looking for Superman

    I just love this topic. lol

    --------->>> MelloJello ... lol What a fun name! After you post you have 30 minutes to change or delete your comments. Use the little yellow pencil on the upper right. Click it.

    I am glad you guys will talk about some of those @itches at the KHall. Some of them literally gave me nightmares and headaches.

    Just to set the record straight. Elderette , with its negative connotation, is not what most of us thought about ourselves, but the OP, opening paragraph is asking "what are they?"

    -------->>> TornApart ... Please. Do not take this thread personally. The guys are having fun. Getting it off their chest about how some of the bossy women types at the KHall act, carte blanche .

    No one is calling you a Rottweiler. And d-o-g is just god spelled backward. I myself would call me a mix of Newfoundland's kindness and goodness, loyalty, brains and love of water mixed with a Bichon's playfulness that likes to sit in the front seat of its master's car and go shopping. lol


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  • JustVisting

    MelloJello, welcome.

    Elderette is a battleax that will boss around the poor young brother or push-over MS

    during the field service meeting, like change the car group arrangements or what territory the

    group will work.

  • out4good3

    I don't know....the elderettes in the first congregation I was a member of held considerable power over their limp dick husbands and weilded it unmercifully. Two in particular ran roughshod over remodels. Another was privy, through pillowtalk, to all the details of what was going on with people in the Kh and was not shy about talking about it in car groups.

    I remember one evening at the end of the service where there were two disfellowshippings announced....an elders wife and a MS. Everyone was stunned and their kids ran out of the hall crying as if their lives had come to an end. The next daay, we were told that they ran off together. At the next assembly, the supposedly "innocent" parties, the elder and the MS's wife, walked into the arena hand in hand as if they were king and queen for the day.

    Can you say "wife swap". There was no freaking way that was a coincidence.

  • LisaRose

    I think when people talk about elderettes, they are talking about a certain type of elder's wife, not all of them. Some do like the status, they feel it gives them more authority over the sisters, some like to give out advice, even when it wasn't asked for, and expect it to be taken. An elderette also like a to be privy to details of the judicial committees and other elder business, it gives them juicy gossip to pass around.

    It's sad because some of these women might have talents and abilities, but can never have any official duties, to the organization they are just another woman. Maybe if they had a real function in the congregation they wouldn't be meddling in the lives of others and trying to get their husbands to tell them confidential information. But this is an organization that thinks of women as a necessary evil, so that will never happen.

  • mellojello

    Hi Guys :) I'm glad you all are posting.

    @out4good did they plan that or something? Did they get the wife and MS DF just so they could be together?

    @LisaRose I get it. When I first started going to KH, I was surprised to see that women basically held no rights or positions other than to preach to other young women. I also hate that women can't wear dress pants.

    @Justvisiting Although I never went into FS, I could believe that

  • prologos

    It has been suggested here, that these frustrated female dominators would act differently if not frustrated by wt rules, and if allowed to freely exercise their 'battleax' behaveour, would be not an abrasive influence,

    is this so?

  • sarahsmile

    Shhh they live in their own delusions. Mentally held back.

  • Gorbatchov

    It's well known in our family history, that my grandmother was an Elderette. SHE WROTE THE PUBLIC TALK FOR MY GRANDFATHER!

    When I think about this, I have to smile. JW's are sometimes just normal people ((:


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