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  • Faithful Witness
    Faithful Witness

    Robert: Thanks for sharing your experience. It was nice of you to pick up the litera-trash... pretty rude really, for them to run around scattering papers in the wind like that. What lousy advertising that is for an organization that claims to be living the good Christian life. Litterbugs, is what they are!

    I had my elderette visit me today, and I can REALLY relate to the frustration of preparing yourself to talk logically with someone... only to end up getting nowhere and wasting 3 hours of your day watching them do mental gymnastics.

    I agree with Frazzled UBM: " I think it is a function of the way they talk over you and change the subject as soon as you start to make any headway."

    I will give an account of my "conversation" when I get a chance. Good effort!

  • ABibleStudent

    @ Frazzled UBM - Thank you for reading this thread. I agree with you that it is difficult talking logically with JWs, but not impossible to plant seeds of doubts for their authentic personas to think about. I can only change how I behave and learn how to control my emotions/actions. I cannot change how JWs behave, so that is why I need to have a strategy/plan, plenty of practical experience/practise, and learn from my experiences when reverse witnessing to JWs.

    My basic plan is to be polite and compassionate, ask simple questions, overcome thought-stopping platitudes, control the conversation with simple questions (such as, "Does that mean that you agree with me?" or "How do you feel when sales people don't answer your questions?" when they change subjects), look at a JWs body language to determine when they are feeling cognitive dissonance, say something that may encourage them to return, and to review what I learn to modify my plans. As you can tell from my experience, I need to practise executing my plan better.

    @ Faithful Witness - You were brillant in your encounter with the elderettes! Thank you for reading this thread. To be fair to the JWs, I only picked up 5 or 6 invitations that were dislodged from a door jam or under a door mat, so the JWs were not being litter bugs. As I mentioned above, I tried to follow my plan, but was caught off-guard when the JWs were trying to confront me about picking up their invitations. Next year I will be more prepared for a confrontation if JWs question me about my actions. KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid, which refers to me) is my motto.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • ILoveTTATT

    Hi Rob,

    Think of how frustrating and even guilt-inducing it must have been for Hassan when he first started his practice. Many mistakes I bet, some costly in human terms... Don't beat yourself too much about it... Mistakes are how we learn. Not many can handle the stress of talking to JW's, it really is frustrating!! But kudos for trying and kudos for analyzing yourself and trying to improve.

    Thanks again for all you do for ao many people here in this forum.


  • ABibleStudent

    Hi ILoveTTATT, I feel miserable today. My face is swollen with liquid oozing from around my mouth and I have red blotching on my arms up to my armpits. Yesterday a woman rearened me while I was leaving the Costco parking lot. I must be cursed. It must be God wrecking his revenge on me for picking up the WTBTS invitations yesterday. It all started on Friday. What I'm I going to do? . . .

    Just kidding about God punishing me about picking up the WTBTS invitations. My dog went through the the brush in a shady area near my home on Thursday and probaly brushed against a few poison oak plants. I came in contact with the poison oak oils by kissing my dog on his head and/or petting him. My dog is grounded from being off-leash until at least November when the poison ivy should be dormant.

    It looks worse than yesterday, so I will be going to an urgent care soon. It is a lot worse living now than in the past, because of all the technological, social, and medical advances!

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    If I lived in your block and you started picking up something meant for me, I would fall out strongly with you. What the hell gives you the right to do that!

  • ILoveTTATT

    Ouch!! =S

    Never had poison ivy... hope you feel better!!

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    Fleaman, agree with you. I know an art student who collects the annual Memorial invitations (he finds them really amusing!)

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