Different Vibe in hall since new understanding of Faithful slave

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  • Clambake

    Has any noticed a different vibe in the Kingdom Hall since the new understand of the “ Faithful and Discreet Slave “. When my wife forces me to go once and while and like to say “I wonder what the Slave will be this week “. Man it pisses her off but she has been hardly actively since the new light.

    In my little hall we have had three elders move away, a couple fade, a few that have become barely active. Like 15 minutes every three months and I think they are lying even about that. Funny thing, no one cares.

    No hounders, no sheparding calls………….nothing.

    We are just phoning it in now.

  • BU2B

    Nope, around here its on autopiliot, buisness as usual.

  • Clambake

    I remember sitting in some meeting and they were doing the whole mock house holder thing.

    Aren’t JW a cult – House holder

    No, Cults revolve around human leadership and our leadership is the remnant of anointed Christians and Jesus Christ. - JW

    Oh that makes sense –House holder

    Meanwhile, I am thinking, man you just lied. It’s all just made up by 8 magical men in Brooklyn. What exactly do these heavenly hopers have to do with watchtower policy.

    Now they admit it is all just made up my magical 8. No one cares.


  • Vidiot

    So even inactives are barely a blip on the radar?

    Can't help but wonder if - at least in some cases - any local elders who suspect that an inacitve JW is really a concious-class-turned-fader are essentially "letting 'em go", because (on some fundamental level) they get it, and don't blame 'em...

  • eyeuse2badub

    The faithful are waiting for the next shoe to fall. Those that have been around for a while know that the stuff the GB/WTBTS are now teaching is just a cover up for failed predictions and expectations from the past. So by throwing out a' mind bender', nu-lite every so often there is a period of total distraction to keep the rank and file busy trying to keep up with the new stuff. It gives them something to talk about. imho.

    just saying!


  • jgnat

    There was a special needs talk at a nearby congregation, admonishing that too many people were phoning in.

  • stuckinarut2

    Only thing I notice that is different is my 'couldnt give a stuff' attitude toward everything now...I dont feel guilty, I dont feel accountable, or I dont feel like the org has any hold on me anymore...

    BUT, that was probably due to happen now anyway...the F&DS change was just coincidental

  • Oubliette

    It’s all just made up by 8 magical men in Brooklyn.

    Now it's down to 7. Guy Pierce recently died. I'm pretty sure most JWs don't know.

    Guy Pierce

    I asked one and she thought I was talking about the actor, Guy Pearce.

    Guy Pearce

    Before I knew who she was talking about, she asked me, "Isn't that a hoax?" I said, "No, I read it on jw.org." That's when she told me she thought it was the actor that died! ... lol

  • NewYork44M

    Funny thing, no one cares.

    Great comment - and exactly spot on - nobody cares. So when the r&f lie on their field service report everyone knows the game; but the good thing is that these people won't be pushed over to inactive or irregular - which creates extra work.

    So, the system perpetuates itself. Lies beget lies, and as long as nobody screams "the emperor has no clothes," we are all fine.

  • b00mslang

    The latter/lower Guy Pierce would be perfect (Memento). He could wander around with "New/Increasing Light" written on the inside of his arm and just pretend/forget the previous "Truth" was never stated.

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