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  • nolongerconfused

    Do you guys remember when the congregation's monthly contribution report was read out loud in the service meeting? Obviously, they don't do that anymore... Does anyone here know why exactly they stopped reading the report publicly?

    Seems fishy to me

  • leaving_quietly

    They're supposed to read it every month. That's one announcement that have to do. It's the accounts report. Additionally, that report should be posted on the information board for all to see.

  • Londo111

    They eliminated the annoucements, didn't they?

  • hoser

    I think it had to do with eliminating the book study on a separate night

  • fakefading

    I was recently the accountant and the report says it has to be read every second week of every single month. The accountant is responsbile for printing a copy and giving it to the person who has the first talk in the KM. If they're not doing it in your KH then the accountant is not doing his job but neither is the PO.

  • NVR2L8

    I was doing the accounts 4 years ago and I was always given the announcements on the service meeting where the accounts report was to be read. When the announcements were eliminate to gain time for the combined bible study a copy of the accounts report was posted on the congregation information board...that may have changed since then...

  • jgnat

    They better be careful with that. There may be requirements of the host country to publicly announce the accounts to remain a charitable organization. My church has an annual general meeting with elections for board members.

  • emeth

    @nolongerconfused you must be confused. Financial reports are still read once a month and are also at the information board

  • stuckinarut2

    The rule has swung back and forth like 'the truth' itself!

    Now they are supposed to read it monthly, then post it on the notice board

  • Apognophos

    I'm actually confused about this, because I distinctly remember hearing a few years ago that the accounts report was no longer going to be read from the platform (when they collapsed the announcements into the first SM part, as NVR2L8 mentioned), but the congregation I'm in usually seems to read the accounts report. At first I thought it was only because they were low on funds and desperate, but the last report was actually quite in the black, so I'm wondering if there was a reversal shortly after the Society first said the accounts were no longer going to be read to the congregation.

    Edit: Thanks stuckinarut2, I guess it's not my imagination that the rule was changed. I remember basically saying at the time the accounts report was supposed to not be read, "Well that's a terrible idea." I'm not surprised if they issued a reversal based on a general outcry by the elders.

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