Doctor affirms the fact that JW religion was a massive strain on my life

by confusedandalone 35 Replies latest jw experiences

  • cult classic
    cult classic


    You've done some major healing...congratulations

  • Oubliette

    CAA, that's great!

    I'm glad you're healtier and happy.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    I am so Happy for you !!! After I left I too was shocked at times to just have waves of happiness roll over me ,so glad you found out while you and your family are still so young . ENJOY !

  • Vidiot

    Goes a long way towards explaining why the WTS's brief flirtation with acknowledging depression (and the need for qualified counselors) a few years back just seemed to peter out.

  • ILoveTTATT

    CAA that's great!! I feel like I gained lots of weight while fading (to the point where my BMI is 34!!) because of the stress of fading...

  • Laika

    Working as an elder must almost be like a second job, it's a lot of work. I appreciate that. I'm pleased you are better. :)

  • confusedandalone

    ILoveTTATT - "I feel like I gained lots of weight while fading (to the point where my BMI is 34!!) because of the stress of fading..."

    The stress of fading was the reason I dropped the letter of DA that I did. I kept reading on this site about people fading and how elders were stopping by and trying to hide things etc... I could not imagine putting myself through that kind of torture for a prolonged period. Once the letter was finally accepted They completely left me alone!!!

    On a sidenote however I did find out that last night there was a local needs about apostasy and refusing to talk to them on Facebook or grocery stores etc... because there is word that alot of people have been contacting me... under previous circumstance this would have set me off... now I laugh at it and hope that trying to care for and root out up and coming apostates drives them crazy

  • subytrek

    Being an elder is a second job. That's why I resigned since it was stressing me out too. I have more time for my family and myself. I'm glad more elders are quitting. Hopefully it continues and the org shivels up and goes away.

  • Gypsy Sam
    Gypsy Sam

    Nice to hear positive updates!!

  • Ruby456

    sad isn't it and I am so glad you are recovering confusedandalone.

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