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  • wolfman85

    Detroit is SAFE!!!!

  • baldeagle

    This new GB 2.0 (F&DS only) better get a grip on themselves and bring it down a few notches. If they are going to start producing warning videos when the rank and file has a different opinion such as which assembly they will attend, they may be in for a surprise.

    JW’s & non-JW’s all across the US are still struggling from the economic meltdown from 2008. JW's have lost their jobs and had to relocate hours away just to find some employment to support their family. These 7 guys in Brooklyn were not even remotely affected by any downturn in the economy as they continue to build their exclusive Warwick headquarters.

    There’s an old saying that one should, “ know which side one's bread is buttered on.” Meaning to be aware of where your money comes from and who supports you. If these men are going to start coming on strong when they feel some resistance, they may be asking for it!!

  • OwnAccord

    another local needs talk letter from jwtalk -

    The gist of the Letter:

    It seems that many may be choosing Air conditioned, more convenient, personal preference, R/C sites instead of the Landover, MD IC.
    De. 16:16 "...in the place He (Jehovah) chooses..." Jehovah invited us and He chose the place, do we really not want to accept that?

    FDS accommodated our requests for smaller more comfortable and convenient arenas for many years, now is our turn to accommodate them - do we really not want to do this?
    Not listening to them is tantamount to opposing Jehovah (direct tie-in with #3 talk this week).

    Of all the IC's Landover is the one FDS really wanted - why? It's right smack in the middle of one half of the A/A world power - let's make a LOUD shout of praise right there in Washington ... sounds like a great reason to me, agreed?

    Delagates invited are from Brazil, Britan and Portugal, and our GB speaker is ... (oh I can't tell you everything in one post/remind me later)

  • joe134cd

    I agree with dozey if they have to have a coaxing talk about which assembly to attend it goes to show they are loosing their grip.

    I'll give an example of their strong arm approach.

    We recently had an international convention in this country in which some delegates were invited to attend from a 3rd world country. I thought fantastic 5 of them who I knew personally can stay with me. I was then informed that there were assigned motels for them. I wasn't satisfied with this as I thought we were supposed to be showing hospitality. I emailed them explaining what I was told and asked them if they could ask the bethel in their country if they could stay with me. They ended up staying in the approved motels. I enquired as to the reply they got when i meet with them and was notified that the bethel in their country never bothered to reply. I thought WTF and felt sorry for them because I knew it was a real stretch for them financially and they couldn't really afford the motels.

  • baltar447

    The Governing Body welcomes you to Detroit!!!!!

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