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  • bruh2012

    Local needs part tonight ---featuring a 5 min. talk and showing the congregation a video (approx. 15 mins) from the GB to encourage all to go to Detroit for the DC.

    Why? GB is hearing that many are not going because it's Detroit and its dangerous!

    Numbers:14:7-9 is the scripture use to show jehovah will protect you in Detroit.

    Video: scenes consisted of "feel good" interviews of a few brothers and sisters of how great the place look and feel, aerial views of the venue, group of witnesses walking the concourse with smiles, interview from brothers of the newly formed hospitality committee as well from the program committee.

    The "sales" video buzz words/statements:

    - be obedient to jehovah

    -jehovah assigned us to this convention

    - only by jehovahs spirit the planning came together

    -the GB loves us more than we love ourselves-they would not send us to a dangerous place to worship

    - it's a priveledge

    -the GB has worked hard in bringing us rich spiritual food

    - we don't want to let jehovah down

    -------GB is losing control------

  • kneehighmiah
  • sir82

    the GB loves us more than we love ourselves

    Did they really state those words? Or is that a paraphrase?

    If a true direct quote, had I been there, the audio would have been drowned out by the sound generated by the rolling of my eyes.

    The GB has nothing but the lowest, filthiest contempt for the R&F JWs.

  • joe134cd

    Well if they realy wated people to go they should of chosen a better location, with a better venue at a better time. i wonder how they would feel if someone ended up getting stabbed there.

  • joe134cd

    I hope it falls flat on its fase that will teach them for been so tight arsed.

  • dozy

    To me this is just indicative of how the FADS / GB just don't have control any longer. They've turned up the volume & the rhetoric but people aren't listening. All the stuff in the magazines about people swimming crocodile infested rivers to get to assemblies just doesn't wash in the first world where people are consumers rather than true believers.

    I remember the last District convention I went to after the drama on Sunday afternoon there was a mass exodus of people who had had enough and just wanted to go home & avoid the traffic , missing the last few talks. These were the same ones who were saying in the morning about " what a lovely assembly this is" and " how grateful they were to the Slave". 2nd / 3rd generation JWs who make up the vast majority of first world witnesses are mainly just in it for social / family reasons nowadays and they know how to play the JW game - they've been doing it from birth.

    In the past JWs would have done what they are told - nowadays the vast majority of JWs play lip service but they'll do whatever they want.

  • Phizzy

    This organisation is gettting so 1984/Orwellian. GB sending out vids ! to command where you go !

    Will the 7 "Big Brothers" feel any guilt if some change their mind and "obey" and end up getting murdered in Detroit ?

    No they will not, as long as the D.C turns a big $$$ profit they don't care about anything else.

  • Jeannette

    Even presstitute media, which most people watch, say that Detroit is a dangerous city. Maybe little enclaves are fairly safe, but most people with half a brain aren't going to Detroit.

    This religion is like the snake-handling churches. People go, take the chance of being bitten because they've picked up a dangerous snake, and if they do get bit, well.....they didn't have enough faith.

    I hope Witnesses "stick to their guns" as it were, and disobey that controlling Govering Body. If they do go, take a gun.

    Why didn't Jehovah protect those 2 women who out doing the "Lord's work' in Oklahoma from being mauled by a pit bull? What was he doing at the time? Protection from Jehovah? HA

  • Pacopoolio

    I literally live across from where that convention will be held, and it's perfectly safe and clean. It's right in the middle of downtown, which is the only area in the city proper fully policed and such. The only people in that area are upper middle class yuppies and hipsters.

    If anything, the convention-goers will be bringing the neighborhood down.

  • Londo111


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