When You Were A Witness Did You "Misbehave" ?.....

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  • punkofnice

    The more I think about it is the more I realise the JW life was not for me. I had to force being a JW.

    At Twickenham CONvention I used to nip out. Get the tube and go on a pub crawl with another bro who is now apostate too. We had beer in coke bottles in the coach. It made the JW life bearable.

  • Really?!

    punkofnice - I remember those unbearable conventions at Twickenham too - 3 days of hell, started and finished each day by a long journey on a non-air conditioned coach. I used to volunteer to look after peoples young babies so I could go and sit in some special baby area they had. Meant I had something to do other than pretend to take notes and I used to make it look like I was being really considerate to earn brownie point "sister so and so deserves to have a break so she can really listen to the talks...I'll look after the baby for her"!

  • punkofnice

    Really. Cool. Twickers was crap. Those poor people in the rain covered over with plastic sheeting too.

  • Really?!

    Twickers was shit. Wasn't it supposed to be the highlight of the year?! Got a new outfit and everything...shallow shallow lives. I vaguely remember one year leaving the coach park and as we kind of rounded the corner there was a load of "apostates" protesting with placards. I remember being told to "look away, look away!" like they might burn our eyes or something. I remember being quite intrigued rather than disgusted.

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    I opted in, wasn't born-in, so unfortunately, I played by their rules.

  • ShirleyW

    "When you were a Witness did you misbehave"? Gee Min, I'm sure you're shocked to find out that many folks indeed did misbehave . . . NOT !!

    Oh please, the question should be who didn't misbehave when the were Dubs, which is nothing new I'm sure. There's a bowling alley across the street from Yankee Stadium and although I haven't been at an Assembly there since the early 1970's, the brothers always made a sweep of the place while the Assembly was going on and the funny thing to me is they always left on their badges while they were misbehaving, which is how the brothers could scout them out.

  • minimus

    I did know many Witnesses that really tried to be perfect, poor them.

  • SAHS

    “punkofnice”: “At Twickenham CONvention I used to nip out. Get the tube and go on a pub crawl . . .”

    That reminds me of when I used to go to bars and drink during the district conventions when they were held in Hamilton, Ontario. Once I had a few glasses of wine with my lunch and then had some beer at another bar, and then I bought a pack of cigarettes and smoked a couple or so. I actually got on the local transit bus and went for a nice ride to fill in the time. Then I returned to the rest of the afternoon sessions and sat with my parents with booze on my breath. One other time I went to a different district convention to make up a day I missed while sick (like a good boy). I arrived a bit late and decided to do a little session at the nearby bar. When I went into the convention stadium, I reeked so much of booze that the attendants called the convention organizer over the two-way radio, and they ended up actually calling my dad to come and pick me up. (Not a very proud moment for the family.)

    What else besides heavy drinking and some cigarette smoking: impaired driving (not now, though), lots and lots of masturbating with bizarre fantasies, sex play with other kids (way back when I was a kid, of course), “playing around” with animals (especially dogs), swearing in an extremely irreverent (and creative) manner, watching the worst R-rated movies there are. . . . . Although, come to think of it, I wasn’t really all that bad per se. I mean, I didn’t hurt anybody. And I’ve quit drinking (again).

  • bigmac

    twickers--yeah--back in the 60's---large camping sites. but the best i remember was edinburgh--about 1966?. most of us lads camped at a recreation ground hired for the purpose. many of us were drunk most of the time.

    i recall a line of us standing on a bridge over the main railway line beneath edinburgh castle-----urinating on a train running beneath us. this was after a very wet lunch. a fine witness lol

  • gma-tired2

    I will answer with the same topic I had with my 40 year old daughter this morning. JWs hold on to their young so tight its likea rubberband the harder youu hold it the farther it flies when you let go. ANy one that had a balsa/wood airplane that you wind up with rubberband will know what I am saying. And yes in the 60's we teens did were a lot worse when wewere together than when I finally hung out with "worldy kids'

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