US Official Predicts End Of World Power Status

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  • scotoma


    This isn't the Watchtower interpretation. The JW prophecies are rooted in dogma. People who are dead now figured they knew what Daniel and Revelation means.

    Economics is not just about money. In this case you have the USA trying to dominate the world and you have players that are going to stop that.

    Look at revelation a little more.

    Babylon the Great is described as being the key consumer of the worlds merchandise.

    Babylon is NOT the churches as the Watchtower claims. Religion makes up only 3% of the ECONOMIC activity in any country. JW's don't understand that the Wealth of any religion is relatively small. They spin this idea that Governments are going to turn on religion to plunder its "hidden wealth". Governments don't need more real estate or objects of art. Some of the poorest countries in the world have plenty of land. Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Germany, Switzerland don't need land. They need people who know how to produce and sell their goods, handle the money.

    Revelation says Babylon the Great's "traveling merchants were the top ranking men in the earth"

    You know what's interesting about that statment?

    You can actually count the "top ranking men in the earth". Well, Forbes magazine does it for us.

    There are 72 people listed on forbes list of the people who rule the world. "Rule the World" good phrase for "top ranking men in the earth"

    29 of the top ranking men listed are Americans.

    Russia has 4 so it comes in 2nd

    China,India,Mexico,Switzerland and the UK come in next with 3 each

    France, Germany, Japan, Saudia Arabia, South Korea come in next with 2 each

    The rest on the list have one person each in which case they are a politcal leader and usually wealthy.

    So if Babylon the Great is false religion wouldn't you expect to see them dominate the list?

    Do you know how many religious leaders make the list?

    Only 2. Pope Francis and Ali Hoseini-Khamenei (Iran)

    I can understand why you may not want to hear these things. Of course you think any discussion of prophecy is absurd.

    But some things need to be explained and not simply ignored. The entity called Babylon the Great whose traveling merchants were the top ranking men in the earth is destroyed by a union of a country that appeared slaughtered to death and a union of10 other countries that never were in the empire game. Putin is trying to build that Union. And he will succeed.

  • DJS


    Did any of you see tonight's CBS 60 Minutes airing of China's Ghost Cities??? China has built several entire cities which stand completely empty. A housing bubble of historic proportions is waiting to pop, it seems. The individuals interviewed by Leslie Stahl indicate that it will be huge, enough to bring the Chinese economy to a halt and set it back for years.

    The apartments and other buildings, based on the report, are too expensive for the peasants to buy. Why do they continue to build them? Middle class Chinese are buying them right and left, which has fueled the building frenzy, for investment. The Chinese can't invest out of the country and their stock market sucks, so they have been plowing their lives' savings into apartments and real estate. The government limited the number of apts. the individual could buy to one, in an attempt to slow it down, but the middle class has found ways around it. The buying middle class are certain the market will continue expanding; they are delusional according to the Chinese developers, who stand to lose everything because they can't pay back massive loans. The government encouraged the building because it buoyed their economy and provided jobs to 60,000,000 or so peasants. Where have we heard this before? It makes the housing bubble lead up to the burst and the '08 US recessioin, which occurred in large part because of the same issue - look like an ant in comparison.

    Major, major problems are in the balance. My comments from this original OP:

    "Re Economics: The Invisible Hand will reach out and touch all nations, just as it did with the Japanese miracle 2 decades ago. The Chinese have a Field of Dreams goal, "If you build it they will come." (60 minutes stole my tag line). It is admirable, but sooner or later the Chinese economy will have to compete directly with the world. Absent serious government support, can it thrive? Do they really have a free market capitalisitic economy? Or is the government propping up currencies, spending on infrastructure and enabling 'capatilistic' endeavors to such a degree that, once it is required to compete mano a mano, it will suffer?? Those are 64 dollar questions. There are others."

    There are no free lunches, and if you dance to the music, sooner or later you will have to pay to the piper.

  • metatron

    Yeah, and people in Detroit are getting their water cut off while their city collapses.

    So, China has as yet empty cities - while billions of dollars in weapons and military assets are now in the hands of ISIS or the Taliban. And so the cities are worse?

    Everytime I read about the advantages of the US, one question enters my mind:

    What about corruption?

    How much destruction can corruption cause? Can it ruin a city? A state? A nation? Yes to all......

    China is making a heroic effort to fight corruption - even executing corporate criminals while many of such aren't even prosecuted in the US. Corruption has become so entrenched in the US, it may go unnoticed - as with revolving door employment of Federal regulators, which some countries would find unthinkable.

    Can anyone consider Obama, John Kerry,or George Bush to be 'the best and the brightest' in contrast to past US leaders? Seriously?

    Beyond that, China is rapidly pulling ahead in education of engineers and scientists. On that basis alone, they may dominate the future, as BusinessInsider has pointed out.


  • hamsterbait

    The underclasses in China are prolly the same % as the US as more and more of the middle class fall through the net into poverty.

    Rural China is like West Virginia, and like in the US habeas corpus and due process do not exist. People at dinner parties dare not express a political opinion.

    I hear social events there are now as bland as your average jdub social.

    BAND - have you been asleep for 14 years? The bill of rights no longer exists. Freedoms you think you have, are now GONE since George Dubya. America is almost a police state run by cartels and monopolies. They claim unconstitutional income tax, and the bankers decide who controls things.


  • AlphaMan

    I have close association with the local Chinese community and at work. Believe me......the Chinese will NEVER overtake the West.

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