US Official Predicts End Of World Power Status

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  • Frazzled UBM
    Frazzled UBM

    Projecting a linear growth in Chinese power and influence is dubious - Chinese economic growth is starting to grow and China's internal securtiy threats are more significant than its external threats so its internal focus will limit its ability and interest in projecting power externally except to use the old tactic of exaggerating the external threat to galvanise internal support and reduce the internal threat. While it is reasonable to see Anglo/US power waning, it is not obvious that China will replace the dominat position of the US. And suggesting tha tthe BRIC countries could be a bloc is rdiciulous - China/India and China/Russia are traditional adversaries. What we are moving towards is a situation where power is more dispersed but the Anglo-US alliance still remains dominant - just less so.

  • metatron

    Oh Look, Russia just thanked China and India for their 'understanding' on Crimea.

    I had to laugh at the typical propagandistic proclamations in the mainstream media about Russia being in serious trouble with China over Crimea. Thank God for the internet so we can tell we're being lied to by some of the biggest news sources.

    Currently, the US is arrogantly angering India in regard to diplomatic immunity issues (strip search scandal) and confrontation about prescription drugs that are too expensive - a subject already being hotly confronted in South Africa and Brazil.

    And the BRICS may come up with their own version of the IMF. It's being discussed. Meanwhile, NATO and the US try to stir up More War.


  • metatron

    Consider this contrarian viewpoint:

    Too many people say, "China is corrupt, we have free markets and a better legal/political system"

    Really? In the US, the biggest acts of fraud in history aren't even prosecuted (PBS Frontline). In China, such behavior by corporate executives can result in EXECUTION.

    And economic growth? GNP? The Chinese reply: 'yes, we are building up debts - to build roads, bridges, rail systems - the US is building up debts to foment war, support food stamps, and engage in financial speculation'.


  • Vidiot

    All empires decline eventually; the US will be no different.

    And you know what? It'll be okay when it does.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    dDon't underestimate the United States of America. We have many advantages over China. Some day our empire will end as all empires end. The day is not coming for a long time.

    Who the heck cares? I don't understand the frequent focus on this. Most studies I read point out the U.S. strengths. I hope this isn't WT garbage thinking.

    Our societies are very different. We have substantial freedoms. The American people will not give up their rights. Is China going to overtake a transparent society? Americans can sue their government and not end up in a torture camp. I don't know how Chinese students here can go back home and keep their mouths shut.

    If the United States becomes second in some measures, what practical difference will it make? Look at Britain's size and its continuing power today. Our alliances are just as important as the United States alone.

    What drives me crazy is how our educational standards are slipping. I recall when it was a patriotic duty to learn science and math to overpower the Soviet Union. My nephew is applying to law school. I assume college cost his parents about $75,000. When I read his essay, I just cried. Perhaps we need objective testing of skills for college graduation.

  • villagegirl

    fulltimestudent - Look up statistics on Worl War Two :World War II fatality statistics vary,

    with estimates of total dead ranging from 50 million to more than 80 million.

    Death toll in World War II that range from approximately 60 to 85 million,

    making it the deadliest war in world history in absolute terms of total dead

    but not in terms of deaths relative to the world population.

    You are talking about 3 million in the Chinese Army ? Persons ?

    Uneducated, badly trained. They do not have free high school in China.

    30 million Chinese died in the 1960's due to Mao Zedong's stupid policies,

    they starved to death in a world of plenty. The Chinese population is in decline

    because of their stupid, kill all the girl babies in abortions policy, there is now

    about 35% more men than women in China = no babies because 1/3 of the young men

    cannot find wives because they were all killed in abortions.

    The Chinese are recently figuring this one out, 20 years too late.

    WHY fewer American Personell?

    Because they are highly trained, educated and

    use advanced computerized equipment and drones.

    American: Total Population: 316,668,567
    Available Manpower: 145,212,012
    Fit for Service: 120,022,084
    Reaching Military Age Annually: 4,217,412 ]
    Active Frontline Personnel: 1,430,000
    Active Reserve Personnel: 850,880

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Prove that fraud is not prosecuted b/c my personal friends have prosecuted it. It certainly was prosecuted when I worked at the U.S. Attorney's Office. Finally, when I did securities law, several federal agencies were sitting on my chest. If I made one slip of the tongue in public, I knew I could go to prison. Some young men who had just graduated from law school got rowdy one time in a restaurant. I sat down as a peer and told them not to assume that the SEC was not monitoring the conversation. My roommate worked in the Frauds unit.

  • DJS

    Mr. Bullard, in this article, also throws India into the equation as a next great power. India has so much corruption and so many entrenched problems that any mention of them as a serious world power contender is, at the moment, more than problematic and some would say delusional. I date a woman from India, so I'm not reading travel blogs for my data. They have to get a whole lot of their crap together before that occurs. And economic power doesn't translate to military power. There isn't another nation that rivals the U.S./West in this area (sorry Met I know you so desire to see its demise). The Chinese are very very far behind in military capability.

    VillageGirl, spot on analysis. I alluded to a host of potential social/cultural concerns for the Chinese in the last OP Met posted on the demise of the West and the immiment rise of China. The only real problem with this post is that its originator has a deep hatred of all things West/U.S./Brisith/Israeli and he hastily posts any news item which appears to support his angst. The thread typically announces the pending doom/demise of the U.S./Brits/Israelis. Sad OP really, not deserving of serious discussion. I am impressed by some of the comments I see today, however.

    Re Economics: The Invisible Hand will reach out and touch all nations, just as it did with the Japanese miracle 2 decades ago. The Chinese have a Field of Dreams goal, "If you build it they will come." It is admirable, but sooner or later the Chinese economy will have to compete directly with the world. Absent serious government support, can it thrive? Do they really have a free market capitalisitic economy? Or is the government propping up currencies, spending on infrastructure and enabling 'capatilistic' endeavors to such a degree that, once it is required to compete mano a mano, it will suffer?? Those are 64 dollar questions. There are others.

  • scotoma

    As soon as you see that The Wild Beast in Revelation is the same succession of kings as listed in Daniel's various visions you will see the whole picture becomes more coherent.

    The seventh head of the beast in Revelation is Russia.

    Babylon the Great is the USA.

    In Revelation who is on top?

    The Harlot rides the Wild Beast. AND has a kingdom over all the kings of the earth.

    The 7th head of the beast is an extension of the Roman empire just like the feet of Iron (Rome) and Clay (Various Nationalities that Don't stick together except for the Iron Roman Style of rulership)

    The 7th head appeared slaughtered. That's the death of the Soviet Union. Think about it. Is there any other major player on the world stage that has died. And now it is back. BOY IS IT BACK! Obama says it's not the cold war. Then what is it. I lived through the building of the wall in Berlin. I lived when Russian tanks rolled into Hungary. I remember the Tanks in Czecholslovakia. I remember the Cuban missile crisis. Whether you want to admit it or not 40,000 Russian troops ready to roll into Ukraine is a serious statement to the West. How does the west react? They dare Putin to do anything. You don't dare a man of impulsive action who is in his senior years. Push. Push. Push. Isn't that what Daniel the 11th Chapter about?

    When the beast that was (Soviet Union) died then suddenly it wasn't. Maps had to be printed to erase all the SSR's after the various territories.

    The beast came back as old fashioned Russia. It looked like a lamb. It spoke of open markets, private ownership. What did Russia get for that.

    What did Russia get for allowing Germany to Reunite. What did they get for pulling their troops out of eastern europe. They had the word of Bush Sr. that those countries would remain neutral and Nato wouldn't move in. Clinton THE GREAT (Liberal? Democrat) pushed Nato into Poland, Hungary, Czech, Slovakia, . Any schoolboy who has studied history knows that Russia would not allow Nato to reach it's borders in Ukraine and Georgia but especially Ukraine - the Birthplace of Russia.

    The stage is set. Let the play begin.

  • DJS


    yyyyeeaaahhh. rrrrriiiiigghhtt. Note to self: ignore Scotoma's future posts. WTF man. How did you manage to take a discussion about global economic theory and make it into a WT study? The post needed to end. Thanks for that.

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