"So you are an atheist. So would you kill me if it were to your advantage?"

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  • _Morpheus

    Otwo- sounds like you work with me.... Half the clowns on my job make me question my intelligence. If they are smart enough to be hired then maybe im not as smart as like to think i am.....

  • OneEyedJoe

    So he can do just whatever the hell he wants to and Jesus will forgive him, but you're the one without morals? I just don't even know what to do with someone who couldn't see the irony there. It sounds like his definition of morality is just to feel guilty about the stuff you do, not actually bother to be a decent person. Anyone that takes a course of action with the expectation that they'll be forgiven for it is about the bottom of the barrel as far as morality goes.

    If you think about it, it makes perfect sense that an atheist (at least a thinking atheist, not necessarily those that are atheist by convenience) would be more moral than a theist - atheists have no expectation in some sky daddy that'll come along and make things right, so we need to try to get it right ourselves. Theists assume that if they make a mess of things because it's easier/fun sky daddy will come in and fix it and forgive them.

  • confuzzlediam
    When I was first df'd, my now x told me he was afraid that I was going to cheat on him (in so many words) now that I had decided I didn't believe in "the truth" anymore. He said that if I didn't believe in God or what the bible has to say, what would hold me back from doing something like that. I gave him an example of an atheist and what holds them back from committing murder, stealing, committing adultery. I said that just because someone does not believe in God or the bible, doesn't mean that they don't have their own set of morals to go on and don't know right from wrong. Besides, there are MANY christians who commit violent crimes in the name of God or the bible. It actually made him think...
  • flipper
    OTWO- What an absolutely ignorant co-worker to have to work with ! You were probably much more patient with this guy than I would have been. But I get it- you were kind of his captive audience since you had to be there working around the guy. Oh my god. I think the brain cells of most religious people have definitely been placed up on a high shelf somewhere to gather dust and cobwebs. For him to tell you that you might commit murder due to not being religious is quite insulting indeed. You handled it well my friend- better than I would have. I might have hauled off and punched the guy
  • Viviane

    As I said earlier today in a different discussion, Christians aren't well known for knowing well the Bible.

  • John Aquila
    John Aquila

    Ignorance: How can you say that? The Bible has been proven to be right?

    OTWO: What part is proven?

    Ignorance: I don't know. But it has

    This world is in freaking trouble.

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  • nicolaou
    Well said statement that you said well there Viv'
  • Viviane
    Thank you, nic.
  • OnTheWayOut

    TTATTelder, it was quite entertaining, not just for me but for others who were listening. The others knew that Ignorance's knowledge of religion and morals would be torn to shreds.

    nicolaou, yes. But I wouldn't want him thinking he was right about atheists killing for advantage.

    galaxie, me too. Me too.

    smiddy, but we agreed that Adam and Eve didn't exist. Just a story. I know, I know- a new can of worms to open.

    Onager, yes. I am not lumping in all of one group in a certain way. Actually, Ignorance is a nice guy. While I don't think he would just murder someone, his answers reveal his own morality in sharp contrast with any "rules" from the Bible. But he's a nice guy other than that he probably cheats on his wife and taxes and justifies taking things that don't belong to him.

    nicolaou, Witness my Fury: thanks for sharing, but too much information. We don't need to know about your dick.

    DJS, maybe you are right. I won't pass judgement that atheists are MORE likely to do the right thing because it is the right thing. But they are highly likely to do the right thing.

    Page 2:

    Morpheus, he's a good worker. Probably good at figuring out how to accomplish something. Just not good at thinking things through on a higher plane.

    OneEyedJoe, I have to agree about the expectation that one will be forgiven. As long as you believe and bow down, Sky Daddy will forgive.

    confuzzlediam, it is exactly like what you describe. Thanks for sharing. I don't think I made Ignorance think too much when we were done.

    Flipper, I have read of you being the most patient person there is....well, next to me. There was no ill-intent to his questions. That probably helped. He just wanted to understand, but I was helping him see that he doesn't even understand any of what he already thinks he understands.

    Viviane, I know. He didn't know the first thing about his Bible.

    John Aquila, your picture says it all. I felt like that was what it was like.

  • Vidiot
    Sometimes you just can't contain the crazy.

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